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Worldview of Philosophy Assignment Help

1. Which philosophical worldview most closely aligns with your perspective and the way that you view problems in the world? How so?

2. How does understanding the connection between philosophical worldview and research methodology assist in your research approach?

3. Compare/contrast research philosophical worldview with that of a Christian worldview. Are there any areas that are problematic or do most philosophical worldviews appear to be congruent with a Christian worldview?

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Post Positivism philosophy

In Philosophy and scientific background, post positivism philosophy refers to an approach to confine knowledge on the basis of the nature of reality. This systematic framework approach consists of various important aspects of worldview such as epistemological and ontological overviews. This is an inevitable approach that allows understanding various problematic patterns of worldview along with as a critique of positivist approach. Critical thinking and logicality are significantly important factors in the world. The proper use of critical thinking and logicality leads to the development of decision, plans and strategies in organisations and communities. Additionally, this approach productively confines both interpretivist of social sciences and constructivist of social realities including concept, values, beliefs and ethics (Panhwar et al. 2017). Therefore, it contributes to the operations of various organisations, thought processes and lifestyles of people all over the world.

On a personal note, post positivist approach in an inadequate method to resolve various purposes of the problem statement and social issues while establishing foundation on the basis of reality and science. This approach can help to include logical thinking in own researches, thus resulting in scientific and logical deductions of various results. This process allows the use of logicality in order to evaluate the cause of a factor and present its effects more efficiently. Moreover, the use of logical thinking can also help to present new ideas and concepts that can be effective in dealing with various situations in research as well as real life processes.

Post Positivism philosophy and Research Methodology

Post positivist approach is a contemporary paradigm that argued about the existence of single reality under the human being's sensory and intellectual limitations. However, the use of post positivist approach in research methodology confines a set of prediction and explanation of the objectives. The main contrast of post positivist approach is creating bridge between new findings and existing knowledge within specific demographic characteristics. Unlike positivist, post-positivist describes that any predisposition can affect the objectives.

Post positivist approach to research methodology allows demonstrating various data in appropriate order. As per Dedeurwaerdere (2018) research conducted within post positivism paradigm is mainly quantitative where specific hypothesis is examined while the researcher remains objective and needs to be separated from the area of investigation. However, the researcher is already a part of research area which embedded same beliefs and concepts to conduct the research. Secondly, the focus of the research needs to understand the purpose of the research is to develop new pattern to emphasize flexibility within understanding existing reality. Post positivism includes perspectives and perceptions of different objectives and it can be described as a testimony of different segments of realistic knowledge while implicating objectives measurement process and standardized questionnaire (Dedeurwaerdere, 2018).

Comparison between post positivist worldview and Cristian Worldview

Christian worldview mainly confined a specific framework that consists of ideas and beliefs that allows Christian individuals and groups to interpret various happenings within world context. Christian worldview mainly developed from biblical concept and it demonstrates a set of beliefs to incorporate ultimate elements of the world and its consequences (Van der Walt, 2017).

The relationship between post positivist worldview and Christian worldview varies within different segments of perspectives and beliefs system to emphasize the reality of sociological growth and consequences. Christian worldview presents thematic views of religioustic beliefs that cannot be replaced. However, post positivism approach of worldview allows incorporating new perspectives to enhance knowledge growth about significant objectives. Christian worldview consists of limited concept which overruled the idea of congruent with post positivism philosophical approach as post positivism philosophy is designed to provide realistic views where the purpose of the research can be described within scientific and logical conceptual framework.

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