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Question 1: Explain the position of President Trump in Border Security Issue.

In the Border Security Issue, Donald Trump has declared the national emergency, and he directed to build a wall on the southern border of the country. The total expenditure on preparing the wall is about $5.7 billion along the US-Mexico border, which is about 1954 miles long. The edge consists of vast deserted land and mountains in California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.  Donald Trump has also overstayed the visas of 606,926 people, who have entered the United States legally due to the cross border issues. Also, he had also apprehended the permissions of 1.6 million illegal border crossers at the end of 2017 (Robbins 2017).

Question 2: Actions taken by the Texas Governor or other state executives in this issue

Greg Abbott, who is the current Texas Governor and a representative of the Republican Party, has never mentioned the national policy disputes, but he has said that the border walls would be effective for the further development of the country. Moreover, Robbins (2017) stated that the Texas republicans have all supported the shutdown, directed by the president of the country and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has suggested that Texas has the capability to oversee the main construction if they were given the money. 

Question 3: Have the federal courts interpreted the rule changes? If so, what is the latest court ruling? 

It is a right that the federal court or the Supreme Court of the country has interpreted the rules changes in the border security issue.

Supreme Court has launched a new case and interpreted the changed guidelines of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), for regulating the H-1B visas and other issues related with Immigration (Trump 2017). With the help of the case, Kisor Vs Wilkie, the Supreme Court has decided about the amount of deference the government agency officials should receive to interpret the need that would go beyond the reading of the statute and the policy memos of the agency. 

Question 4: What policy changes would you recommend? 

In the State Of Union address of President Trump, he addressed to build a wall in the US-Mexican border. He had also invited Tommy Fisher, who was given the contract of making the long wall in the edge. 

In order to make border security stronger than the present state, the country should use the Analytic Network Process (ANP) for creating the decision-making models for the specific border issues. In the Analytic network framework policy, the security of the United States should consider the political, economic, environmental and social problems (Trump 2017). In the State of Union message presented by the Donald Trump, he said to build a wall in the US-Mexican border and this Analytic Network Process should be applied in both building the wall and in deploying the additional troops in the border area. 

On the other hand, the American President has directed for the instant deployment of additional 5900 troops for strengthening the border security of the United States of America. After the midterm election campaigns of the country, Donald Trump decided to deploy the additional army force and made Lieutenant-general Jeffrey Buchanan.  As stated by Payan (2016), the troop will also assist the Custom and Border Protection (CBP) force at the same point of time. 

Question 5: What may other types of border security measures be useful? 

The other types of border security measures that may be effective for the US forces are as listed below.

Renovation of the land entry ports and 48 Mexico borders through which millions of people crosses over every day. 

Application of the Border Patrolling process for improving the sensor and the communication technologies, which will not raise concerns of the civil liberties for the residents who live in the border zone

They are providing different inducements, for retaining the security personals of the border (Cordesman 2018). 

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