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SBAR Proposal Assignment Help

- Review the document for Gemba walk and data collection. 

Especially in the healthcare profession, effective communication (understood messages between sender/receiver) becomes extremely important where specific information is communicated in ways that will help senders/receivers to interpret the situation. 

The SBAR (Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation) model provides a framework for ''effective'' communication that contributes to understood messages. Also, with a structured model format, SBAR addresses ''efficient'' communication, use of resources when communicating. 

Effective and efficient communication were both discussed in classroom board discussion. With knowledge studied for understanding, and then applied, the jargon at the workplace might now just change from:  great or poor communication,  to:  effective and efficient communication.
Consider, tools in one’s academia toolbox are meant to be used; SBAR is a communication tool, where it just might be used in the workplace to get that work done; where it just might be used in a Kaizen effort: where it just might be used in a Capstone project. 
Select one short-term executable project supported by the Gemba and data collection.

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Efficient and good communication, cooperation and collective work process have been underlined as main determinants of client safety. SBAR or abbreviation of situation, background, assessment and recommendation is considered as an important communication methodology by WHO and Casterton Memorial Hospital. This is systematic tool for communicating crucial information, which needs immediate actions and attentions, underwriting to efficient development of management and superior patient safety (Achrekar et al., 2016). To be precise, it is the proposal showing implementation of SBAR in Casterton Memorial Hospital.


To underline the effectiveness of implementing the SBAR communitarian method in a serious critical situation in Casterton Memorial Hospital.

Methods or resources used

At the initial stage of this process, neonatal nurses and medical professional at Casterton Memorial Hospital, would be called in focus group and would be provided with a questionnaire asking facts based on the current communication methods and processes in this healthcare setting. neonatal nurses and medical professional would be then offered with effective training to use SBAR.

Possible Results

It would be assumed that telephonic audit will help in underling the development of SBAR implementation by registers from around 30% to 70%, when communicating with consultants for help after the training session, the majority of hospital employees would agree that this tool is a helpful one for increasing communication, work place unity, teamwork and quality of patient care. There are other qualitative evidences exist of the SBAR implementation and success for creating better promptness in care of ill patients and communication between departments and will help in interpreting the acute situations (Panesar et al., 2016).


Implementing the situation, background, assessment and recommendation analysis and tool would be related to perceived development in communication among healthcare professionals and in the service quality as well as safety of client care. This is understood that this simple yet useful and efficient tool will be introduced to various causes and cases at Casterton Memorial Hospital.

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