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Role Of Mitochondria In DNA Formation Assignment Help

Mitochondria have their own DNA, which is inherited only from one's mother, although new research has come out in the past year saying in rare cases it might come from the father.  

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Mitochondria is an organelle that are seen in very large numbers in most of the cells, where the biochemical processes of respiration and production of energy takes place .Mitochondria is made up of 2 membrane so it is also known as a double membrane structure in which the inner layer is folded towards the inner side to form several layers also known as cristae.

There is a common saying that a when a child is born, the DNA of the child is achieved half from the mother and half of it from the father, but this is not exactly the truth. There is one small piece of DNA that is inherited from our mother to the child which has a unique circular strand therefore it is known as mitochondrial DNA. It is true that the sperm also contains its own mitochondria which help the sperm to generate energy to travel from the vagina to the ovum, but as soon as the sperm is on the entry of the ovum the male mitochondria dies which in result does not contribute in any DNA formation.

Secondly, every individual have mitochondrial DNA inherited from their mother who herself inherited the DNA from her mother and so as back the generations the cycle goes on. But there are differences in DNA of individual even of the same family. The reason is that there is a mutation that takes place in this formation which changes the pattern of the DNA. For example, if one million women are pregnant and from that one million women one thousand women give birth to new mutation daughters this means that there are one thousand new DNA formation that have occurred. Because of this there are various strands that are different and cannot give the exact information of the ancestors.

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