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So just how important then, in your opinion, is tailoring the business models? Select a business that that either already exists, or you would love to start, and support your thoughts. Show us why it is, or is not important to tailor the models 

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A business model is defined as the simplest demonstration of the original business idea, by considering the real-world problem (Joyce, & Paquin, 2016). It is important to tailor the business model to bring innovation in it, and match the demand and supply in the existing market. As a new entrepreneur, it is necessary to distinguish from the crowd by introducing innovative changes in the model. 

I would prefer to work on a business model that allows the meeting of the supply and demand within the economy. This business model is already being successfully used by Airbnb and Uber, where they act as a two-sided online platform for providing rented rooms or rides to travellers respectively (Saebi, & Foss, 2015). I would use the same business model to create a marketplace for software designers and meeting them with clients. This business model requires less overhead expense. The business model will be tailored to increase the security aspects, by verifying the details of software developers and clients. To build trust with the customers, the business model will be tailored by providing the facility of insurance. Moreover to compete in the market, new and authorized software developers will be given an opportunity to work at less price and build their brand name. 

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