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Write an essay on Consequences of cheating.

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The essay primarily revolves around the intricacies and implications of the concept of cheating, which clearly and indisputably is a contentious topic which has grave and adverse ramifications. It seeks to furnish and delineate an overarching and comprehensive analysis of the grave and vicious repercussions fraught with the act of cheating by delving into various aspects of the same. Just to provide a context, it encompasses and addresses the ethical, academic, credibility, societal and career issues that could crop up through the vicious act of cheating. The discussion will be underpinned and validated by relevant and credible references in order to further reinforce and add impetus to the topic.


P1:- Ethics and Integrity

TS- Cheating is morally and ethically unpropitious and futile as it thwarts and impedes social integrity, undermines trust and transparency hence menacing the society and demeaning the integrity and conscience of the individual perpetrating such a horrendous act(Kaufman, 2008).

DSR- Apparently, in this day and age, owing to the cut-throat competition and result-driven society, cheating has become rife and ubiquitous in all walks and aspects of life. It might provide momentary success and short-lived gratification, but in the longrun, it certainly takes a toll on the self-conscience and integrity of the perpetrators according to extensive research.

While harping and dwelling on the subject, there is some kind of conjecture and obscurity that exist surrounding the bone of contention, Cheating. Some authors apparently contended that cheating might be detrimental in general, however, in the context of marriage accounting for negligence and indifference from the partner cheating may not be a vice(White, 2019).

SLS-In hindsight, any form of cheating irrespective of the circumstances leads to impaired and undermined self-integrity and ethics, which is occasionally beyond the conscious comprehension of humans. The root cause of cheating needs to be identified and eradicated like for instance, focusing on the process more than the result should be inculcated into the students in order to mitigate the grave abject implications of cheating.

P2:- Trust and Credibility Issues

TS- One of the critical and cardinal factors to ponder over is the trust issue that creeps in due to cheating in an almost imperceptible way and has a significant bearing on reputation, family life, friends, relationships, employees, employers, students and teachers.

DSR-Trust and credibility are the two pivotal and indispensable factors that act as catalysts in holding and binding abond or relationship together. However, trust issues gradually creep in and snowball intodiscrepancies and rifts in 5 sequential stages which are enumerated as follows:-

- Doubt- Doubt sows the seed of distrust in individuals and is like the stepping stone to question or be dubious about the credibility and trustworthiness of someone.

- Suspicion- Doubt gradually snowballs into suspicion which creeps upon the individual which implies a tweak in the behavioural pattern without the presence of any conclusive evidence to validate it(5 Stages of Distrust and How it Destroys Your Relationships, 2019).

- Anxiety- The third cog in the trust issues wheel is anxiety, which crops up on the back of the aforementioned stages and causes a bit of nervousness and agitation.

- Fear- This stage implies a tricky situation where an individual manifests some qualms about exposing his/her anxiety and vulnerable side despite being subjected to distrustful behaviour.

- Self- protection- The final stage sheds light on the way the individual bottles herself/himself up by being reclusive, reticent and elusive(5 Stages of Distrust and How it Destroys Your Relationships, 2019).


Untitled picture.png

Figure 1

SLS- All the erstwhile stages are reminiscent of the way cheating breeds trust issues, which in turn are detrimental and menacing to the well-being of family, friends, employers, employees etc.

P3:- Academic Issues

TS- Cheating undermines the academic prowess of individuals by incapacitating and inhibiting their personal, academic and knowledge development, thus creating a creative and academic blockage.

DSR- Blatant and gross academic cheating can lead to grave repercussions including suspension and repatriation from the university, college, school, examination on the back of continuous infringement of the academic protocols and regulations(Consequences of cheating, 2019).

A comprehensive survey as contended by Kessler further validates and corroborates the conspicuous and blatant academic cheating which has proliferated in leaps and bounds over the years. As many as 300 students were part of the survey, and a staggering 86 % confessed their indulgence in academic cheating(Senthilkumar, 2019).

Ironically, as opposed to the trend in the past where cheating was primarily a strategic weapon for the low-grade students, the well-accomplished students have manifested their disposition to cheating to rack up higher grades(Senthilkumar, 2019).

SLS- It is paramount to deter students from seeking ways to cheat in academics by not condoning their actions and instilling a fear of the grave ramifications of the same.

P4:- Societal Issues

TS- Cheating can be a menace to society as it leads to a plethora of cultural issues while thwarting and impeding the unhindered growth of knowledge and society.

DSR- It can be inferred from extensive research that academic cheating and societal issues go hand in hand and are interconnected in a lot of ways. Apparently, students coming through a collectivist society manifest greater affinity for cheating than students coming through an individualistic society for respective reasons, which makes cheating a global societal hazard(Crittenden & Hanna, 2009).

SLS- Cheating spawns a deluge of societal and cultural issues and is malignant to the growth and advancement of the society; therefore, the country which needs to be nipped in the bud.

P5:- Career Issues

TS- Cheating can be dreaded as one of the potential impediments and hindrances to the undeterred and unhindered career development and enhancement of individuals.

DSR- One of the primary and cardinal causes of cheating is workplace deviance, which in turn breeds an air of despondency, dejection and frustration, creating quandary and a precarious situation. People descend to contentious acts like rustling office equipment, uninformed leaves, procrastinating tasks allocated, outright defiance, creative blockage, incapacitation in manifesting skills and erring in concentration(Graves, 2008).

Workplace deviance has ballooned and mushroomed over the years, thus underscoring the prevalence and profound impact of cheating, which can be counter-productive and detrimental to the career growth and evolvement of individuals.

SLS- Cheating acts as a potential impediment to the undeterred and unflustered career advancement of individuals causing workplace deviance, which should be rooted out of workplaces.


While rounding up the discussion, in hindsight, it can be inferred and reaffirmed that cheating has become rife and ubiquitous which is entrenched deep down in the society and heart of few individuals seeking a short cut to success. However, this success achieved is delusional, short-lived, unpropitious and futile. The aforementioned moral and integrity issues, societal issues, lack of trust and plausibility, academic dishonesty, workplace deviance and counterproductivity are some of the vicious implications and ramifications of cheating which need to be addressed and redressed in order to make the world a better place to live and sustain.

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