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MN506 - System Management


Assessment - Server Availability Monitoring and Metrics

The purpose of the assignment is to compare free (open source) server monitoring tools based on the basic metrics of checking availability.

Students will be able to complete the following ULOs:

1. Analyse and compare various server management systems
2. Compare emerging tools and techniques for system management


The main aim of this study is the understanding and analysis of the system management, which deals with a monitoring system or an enterprise wide administration. A system management plan that is properly maintained helps in the progress of petrol delivery of different IT services (ITaaS). This ITaaS is a service, which ensures that each individual employee within an organization can function in a proper manner and be answerable to all the adaptive measures within the business. This system is used to influence the management of the network in telecommunication processes (Andrew, Storkey and Sparkes 2015). Several tools are available which help to maintain and monitor server availability, and these are commonly used by different organization and businesses to manage several activities within the organization such as communications, business processes and different networks. This study also aims to understand the working principles of these monitoring systems in order to better get an idea about their relation with organizational progress and their ability to provide sufficient supports to consumers and users.

Report Format

The report uses Times New Roman font for the purpose of writing in the size 12 for the main text. The headings use size 14 of the same font. Entire text has been reported in English and the referencing style used is the IEEE Referencing Style.

Server Availability Monitoring and Metrics

Question 1. Comparison of the above server availability monitoring tools to check their performance in terms of:

a) Disk usage
b) CPU monitoring
c) Process Monitoring
d) Bandwidth Monitoring
e) Resource Measuring
f) Overall availability


Comparison of different server availability monitoring tools

Nagios core is a tool which helps to support the organization in several ways with their varieties of products and services offered. The entire IT infrastructure is analysed and watch by this server monitoring tool to ensure that all processes, applications and services are carried on without any glitches. The major function of Nagios is to identify failures in the technical system and alert necessary staff about the impending consequences of the failure, so that remedial process can be undertaken. This can ensure that business processes move on smoothly and consumers or employees do not face any issues arising out of the failure. There are several processes and services that are offered by Nagios which enables organizations to function in an easy environment and in a user-friendly manner for better end results (Atalah et al 2016). Nagios also offers an open source community, which helps to incorporate many users from all around the globe along with plugins and addons (Webb 2017). This has integrated several contributors in a single forum and it also helps to provide IT operations in a simple and user friendly manner. The various products used by Nagios are Nagios Fusion, Nagios Network Analyzer, Nagios XI, Nagios Log Server and so on.

The Zabbix is another search tool that helps in the monitoring of server availability in this organization with the help of its several tools and techniques. The process of providing solutions within the organization helps to create a simple and easy to use business operation among various users. It is an open source software with more than 300000 users around the world and it is also a free software. The Xabbix provides server monitoring, cloud monitoring, service monitoring and application monitoring for several operations (Introna et al 2014).

Spiceworks is a software used by the same industry to help users and employees solve issues within the working environment by its tools. The presence of a connectivity dashboard with stool has ensured the creation of immortal reachability of shared devices, web applications and critical resources in a single screen.

The OpenNMS tool which is an open source and carrier-grade tool has also been designed for the same purpose. They have two major distributions for creating Network monitoring solutions. One is Horizons and the other is Meridian. Meridian provides assistant, which helps in long-term stability of the techniques within the industry as well as ensuring proper running of the tool. Horizon is it rule which is very quick to act for the monitoring and understanding of all systems and technologies.


Question 2. Discuss and evaluate in detail the server availability monitoring architecture.


Nagios is used to monitor different kinds of components like service, operating system, web server, middleware and so on. This tool operates primarily on the Core 4 engine and provides a sufficiently good performance level without consumption of high resources.
This illustration explains the various techniques of controlling applications, hardware levels and services SolarWinds is available as a self-hosted solution and a service, which is a quick acting tool depending on the complexity of the solution required. The SolarWind acts by utilisation of the internal staff that is present as well as by gathering and understanding of the operations within the large organization in order to offer VMware support.
The Zabbix offers support of is open source software by allowing, my dreams hours as well as network devices to help up in the betterment of performance extraction.

Question 3. Propose a solution to avoid data vulnerability in server availability monitoring tools.


There are several tools that age in monitoring networks and detecting risks. These are as follows:

Selecting tools
The primary criteria for selecting the tool are having a clear understanding of the many factors affecting usability of consumers. Tool selection is of primary importance because of the functionalities that are required to set the technical needs as well as the business progress in sync (Hisla, Bosua and Helms 2018).

The functionality of this tool depends on the various requirements of individual users and the required outcomes that help to improve the service level in the organization. Each layer within this system aids to analyse the problems associated with the organizational technicality. This helps to take decisions within the organization as well as improve the entire structure of the level agreement data to benefit performances.

Primary aims of the monitoring system are to identify all the risks and threats associated with IT infrastructure as well as to respond to these issues in a quick manner (Allesch and Brunner 2015). This service tool is associated with an alert service, which provides several techniques of allotting the staff in case of any threat arising within the infrastructure so that proper customer help up can we attend to mitigate these risks. This alert service is customisable, supports OS, and integrates the Healthcare systems to identify the bugs in the system as well as to resolve this.

Maintenance and deployment
The several corporate policies of the organization and the deployment methods used by the organization needs to be in sync with each other so that compatibility issues do not arise and the departmental infrastructure and capabilities are used to the optimum level. The evaluation of these techniques tips to collect all the documentation on the data provided and helps to gather necessary information from installed clients, logs and codes and hardware devices.

User interface
The user interface is ideal is supposed to be user friendly and easy to understand so that users do not have to deal with any issues regarding the understanding of the UI. The monitoring tools are available for large periods of time and as a result, good skills are required from the users to create a web interface which guarantees access from all spheres of clientele (Keane 2015).

Cost effectiveness of any product is a part most important because it is the best way to ensure your quick returns and use between consumers and employees. Cost ownership and licensing and hardware costs analysed by this method to get a better understanding of its use


Question 4. Discuss the impact of failure prediction on server availability monitoring.


Server monitoring tools such as Nagios required to create a supportive community which helps to develop additional plugins for better monitoring. These plugins should have enough device Discovery and easy configuration status to ensure improvement in the policies of the IT infrastructure. The Zabbix delivers messages or email notifications that are the cause of threats from external sources. The basic flow of Nagios is the lack of automatic device Discovery and complicated configuration service due to which better techniques need to be evolved and invented.

Most monitoring tools within the IT industry has started becoming obsolete because of various issues faced within the internal software, such that maximum applications have gone on to cloud, dynamic complex and virtual environments for each mindsets. The user interface style required to be structure with the help of computing to ensure better working environment within the industry as well as to manage the scales and complexities of the virtual infrastructures. The IT administrators are utilizing multiple tools that are not complex, computed according to required scope and Limited. This utilization is tough to setup, access and use (Finnerty 2017).


This report has analyse the service availability monitoring tools and understood its various advantages and disadvantages that are seen within the organization . Most important finding is that continuous adaptation is required within these tools to ensure that day improve along with the changes within the infrastructure. All IT officials and managers are required to analyse and compare the various working principles of these tools to understand the issues regarding them and their after mitigating these threats. The IT employees have to undergo complex activities related to service availability monitoring owing to the overlapping and conflicting areas arising out of this issue.


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