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Research Theory, Design and Methods Assignment Help

Discussion Question

For this Discussion, you will evaluate the purpose statements in assigned journal articles in your discipline and consider the alignment of theory, problem, and purpose. You will also explain your position on the relationship between research and social change.

Alignment means that a research study possesses clear and logical connections among all of its various components. To achieve these connections, researchers must carefully craft the components of their study such that when they are viewed together, there is a coherent interrelationship.

As you read the authors’ purpose statements, consider how well the intent of the study, and its connection to the problem and theoretical framework, is presented. Also consider if the purpose statement reveals the study’s potential for engendering positive social change.

As you know, social change is a distinguishing feature of this University’s mission. Positive social change implies a transformation that results in positive outcomes. This can happen at many levels (e.g., individual, family systems, neighborhoods, organizations, nationally and globally); and positive social change can occur at different rates: slow and gradual or fast and radical.

With these thoughts in mind, refer to the attached Week 4 Journal Articles document for the assigned articles for this Discussion.

Post a critique of the research study in which you:

Evaluate the purpose statement using the Purpose Statement Checklist as a guide
Analyze alignment among the theory, research problem, and purpose
Explain your position on the relationship between research and social change

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Evaluation of purpose statement using the Checklist

1. The purpose statement of the research does start with signaling words, as it states that human resource management has a significant role in furthering the ethics.

2. The statement does not identify the research approach, as there is no mention of whether the study would be quantitative, qualitative or mixed.

3. The statement clearly identifies the intent of the research - that is, to study the significance of human resource management in understanding ethics.

4. The participants have been mentioned. The contact persons for the five industrial companies were the official gatekeepers of the premises, along with members from the upper management of the company, such as the project managers and other team members.

5. The research site has also been mentioned - it is the sub-Saharan area of Africa.

6. The purpose statement has been framed in a way, which shows its consistency with the identified problem.

7. The study employs a mixed method. However, an explicit reason for choosing such an approach has not been mentioned.

8. The characteristics of a good qualitative statement are - it must focus on a single phenomenon, it should have a neutral or nondirectional language, and must be able to provide a general definition of the phenomenon.

9. The characteristics of a good quantitative purpose statement are - it identifies the variables under study, it connects the variables, and helps to identify a theory.

10. In the chosen research, quantitative data has been collected with the help of interviews and survey questionnaires. The qualitative data was then collected by analyzing the case studies of three chosen companies from Nigeria.

Alignment among the theory, research problem and purpose

It is important to have a logical alignment of theory, problem and purpose of the research. Thus consistency starts with the researcher identifying the concepts and constructs of interest, and the literature used usually helps to formulate the topic and purpose of the research.

The research theory usually has the ideas that a researcher assumes or formulates while starting with the work. They serve as a guide to their thinking and paves the way for starting with the project plans. Often the theory outlines the basis on which the literature must be reviewed and states the applicable methodologies. In the chosen research paper, the research theory is that human resources have a very high significance when it comes to ethics. The literature has been based on this idea, and the entire research plan has weighed in on this theory.

The research problem is aimed at justifying the importance of the study, and also outlines what must be done to address it. In other words, the problem statement must delineate just one problem. It should not be a digressive paragraph that rambles on and on about the problem and leaves the reader in a state of ambiguity. This particular research paper is crisp and precise in this aspect - the researcher has stated only the relationship between human resource management and ethics, and has not left any loose ends for the reader to comprehend on their own.

The purpose of the research should also be aligned with the theory and the research. For instance, the purpose of this research is to find out the significance between the aforementioned factors - ethics and human resources, all in the sub-Saharan areas of Africa. The chosen companies are functional in Nigeria and South Africa, and a mixed methodology has been implemented for unearthing the facts pertaining to it. This is in complete synchronization and alignment with the theory as well as the problem of the research.

Relationship between research and social change

Research, especially social research, is an extremely essential foundation for programs that wish to indulge in engaging the communities in change and development, leading to more sustainable societies. It is often observed that a lack of appropriate research results in programs that are based on implicit needs of a community, most of which are merely assumed or deduced at best. Research on communities is the first step that indicates a positive turn towards social change.

This can be said to a credible argument in itself since people do not exist as sole identities, movements or social programs. The overall culture is often focused at emphasizing only the individuality of a person, but community research usually goes to the bottom of the issues and digs deep to find out various truths that are often otherwise ignored by the community.

The integration of research with community and the subsequent research design and process paves the way for a deeper understanding of the cultural contexts that are often unique to the communities they are concerned with. Most of the studies of such community-based research organizations are usually involved with quantitative, qualitative as well as mixed methods. Community researchers often require methodological pluralism and participatory practices, as both are quite reliable sources of valuable information. Having access to a more diverse data pool helps researchers and communities develop a better understanding of the wide range of issues that might arise in ever-changing contexts and social situations.

The forms for social change might be thus diverse, but almost every form of change benefits the world if it is engaged and informed to a significant extent. The easy availability of data has facilitated both individual as well as collective involvement and action, often providing the much-needed set of tools that address social issues for understanding each other and developing their community as a whole.

Working together as a group or community helps develop positive changes and bring forward solutions that overcome barriers that would otherwise be difficult to be toppled by individuals. This manner of change, when catalyzed, initiated and maintained by the people after thorough research, leads to long lasting success, as they consider even the most complex of social situations and realities of the system.

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