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Market Segments and Distribution Channels Assignment Help

This week's chapter discusses the various market segments and distribution channels for the MCOs. Outline the market segments and identify the most successful distribution channels for those markets. Use some outside research to support your statements. Why do you believe each distribution channel successfully reaches the targeted market?

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Managed care organization or MCOs are the organizations that look to the company or employers as their target market. The identified target markets by the MCOs are classified on the basis of the number of employees that are under a particular employer. The market segments that are identified on the basis of the classification are Individual employer group, Small employer group, and large employer group. In the individual employer group, there will be only one employer under which there will be 50 employees working. This can also be further divided depending on the number of an employee of up to 10 and 10 to 50. For this type of market segment, the direct channel will be beneficial which caters to the small size business. In such MCOs can so this catering by themselves. Second, small employer group consists of an employee base of more than one or two yet not more than 100 employees. In this, the owner can be single depending on the state policy. For this type of market segments, the online channels that are provided by the internet services can be very beneficial to cater to the need of the small employers. Last, a large employer group is the group that consists of more than 100 employees on average. For this type of market segment, the brokers and consultants are the proper distribution channels that can cater to the bigger organizations ("Distribution Channels in Marketing | Marketing MO", 2019). Distribution channels successfully reach the target market for they are made and developed over a period of time-based on the knowledge gained on the needs of different types of organization or employers. Above that, there are legal issues which can be catered by MCOs easily.

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