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Research Proposal: Impact of Global Warming Assignment Help

Description: In this assignment, you will create a research proposal consisting of three sections: 

Section 1: What is the topic?

Section 2: What is the controversy? Include paragraphs that detail both sides of the controversy. 

Section 3: Your tentative thesis statement (one sentence) 

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Section 1: Topic

On acknowledging the environment around the changes that has been observed in it, the cause of it has been quite broad in nature but the main ingredient has been the global warming. The changing weather conditions along with the earth's geological, biological and ecological alterations has brought in the focus exploring the Impact of Global warming and how it would be impacting the future generations too. The topic has been selected through acknowledging the importance and the need of saving the earth from the hazardous impacts.

Section 2: Controversy: Positive and Negative

Positive Aspect

The positive impact of global warming has been that that it would provide greener rainforests along with enhancing the plant growth in the Amazon, it also increases the vegetation in the northern latitudes, and this would actually increase the plankton biomass in particular parts of the ocean. The ice free Arctic passage between Atlantic and the pacific Oceans provides some of the positive results to the commercial zone (Darwin, 2017). The positive impacts of global warming has been narrow in view bit it could actually be utilised by the people in order to regain the climatic as well as other benefits from it. The positive aspect of global could be considered but, the negative aspect has been quite huge which has been overlaying the positive one.

Negative Aspect

The negative aspects of local warming has been wide in nature and this has been impacting almost every aspect of the country be it geological, economical or biological. The areas impacted in a negative way majorly by global warming could be summarised as agriculture with partial positive impact, health, polar melting, ocean acidification, melting glaciers, sea level rises, environmental, economic and many others (Freeman et al. 2018). The environmental impact of the global warming has been wide and it has been growing at a higher pace which has been the matter of concern for the entire world. Global warming needs to be explored through multiple perspectives and the negative impact demands much more attention than the positive one in order to control the environmental hazardous.

Section 3: Tentative Statement

The impact of Global Warming is to be explored through the geological, biological and ecological aspects. The research would provide the critical aspect of global warming and thus, this would help in providing with some solution to control the global warming.

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