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Workplace Situation Assignment Help

1. Describe a situation when you made wrong decision at your workplace and what was its result?

2. Do you usually make better decisions alone or with a group? Why? When do you ask for help?

3. How can you improve your decision making?

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Answer 1

In a situation, where I have made a wrong decision at the workplace was applying an expensive software called as a Tipalti, while in the similar framework a better, cost-effective and more efficient software were widely available (Hartnell, 2019). Not only it resulted in the high costs, but it also resulted in the loss of the revenues, apart from the implementation time and the cost of bearing the training part. It resulted in the delays, lags and also resulted in the issue of facing the brunt of low productivity and quality. Due to the new business decisions, it results in the lack of synchronization of the team efforts but also resulted in the confusion, chaos and also conflicts. During this phase, I have learned how there needs to be better coordination, collaboration and also a joint team effort.

Answer 2

I usually make a better decision with the team as I have a participative leadership style. I believe in combining joint efforts and also working towards common goals and objectives. I usually ask for the help, when I seek a new strategy implementation, decision making and also working one situation which would yield better results (Hartnell, 2016). To also reduce confusion, conflicts and to eliminate a stressful environment, it is advised to keep the communication transparent and precise.

Answer 3

To improve the decision making, it is advised to have a better team effort, coordination, collaboration and make the team feel positive towards one cause and goals of the organization (Fitria, 2017). To do proper research, write down business goals, alternative plans, expanding one own choices, future outcomes and involving stakeholders are some of the parameters. To follow up on the plan, devise a critical path and also synchronize towards a common goals are some of the given effective factors.

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