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Religious Beliefs and Basis Assignment Help

Is there any reason why the Buddhism and the Hinduism believe in what they believe, who is God to them? What think that way and what did it make you think that way.

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Hinduism and Buddhism both do have origins from several thousands of years and they are some of the most popular religions in south East Asia. There are millions of followers for these religions and they have stood against the spread of the Christianity, Islam and other major religions into these countries. One of the key reasons for the sustenance of these religions for such a long time is the fact that these religions do have strong foundations and they are quite convincing too. Many philosophers from Hindu and Buddhism religions have given their influential impact on people from long times and the legacy is still continuing too through the network of the religious associations who have taken up the divine task of spread of the knowledge and belief about the religion. The following part of the report is about the believes of these two religions and the basis for thinking in that direction? What makes up God for them? Why they believe so? Further self reflection is presented on their believes (Coomaraswamy, 2011).


Hinduism believes in the karma at the core of their religious philosophy. They believe that the human soul is eternal and it will take up births again and again till it gets salvation (Moksha) in god. Further they believe all living creatures do have this soul (atman) and they are part of the Brahman soul (super soul). Most of the Hindus believe in single god; however they do accept the fact that there are numerous ways to reach the god. The people in Hindu religion believe in karma philosophy, they believe that the current life and status is direct result of the karma performed in the previous life, and the karma of this life will impact the future life. This philosophy is accepted by Hindus as it is powerful conception and it keeping the lives of the people in order from the ancient days. People with the fear of karma will refrain from doing evil things in line. Right from the ancient times, religion helped to keep the people to stay on the right track. When they do have fear of god and reincarnation with poor life, people feared from committing sin and law and order in the society is thus managed in order. Hindus believe in Vedas, puranas and Brahmanas too (Elliot, 2019). They are too rich in information and they have variety of rituals and information to keep the society in order. Several walks of life and professions and their duties are prescribed in these religious scriptures and they were providing direction to the human beings from long times on this planet. For Hindus there is belief that all gods are equal and all paths lead to Brahman. This was to facilitate different people to seek different channels to reach out to super soul (Brahman) as per their lifestyles, attitudes and living conditions. 


Buddhism also does have similarities with Hinduism. Infact they are both highly related.  Lord Buddha is believed to be reincarnation of Vishnu as per Hindus. Buddhism believed in Reincarnation which is similar to the Hinduism. Buddhism preaches the four principles which are supposed to be presented by Buddha after getting enlightment.  Buddhism has evolved to address the dukha in life (suffering), what makes up the suffering, what is dukha? How to mitigate dukha? What are the procedures to cessate dukha are the four principles put before by Buddha. They are readily accepted by the society and implications of following these principles kept the society in order (Gray, 2016). The key difference between Buddha and Hinduism is the fact that the Buddhism does not believe or appreciate the caste system which is promoted by Hinduism. The reason being the change of times and people attitudes. When Caste systems is proposed in 1500BCE by Vedas, the prevailing conditions are different, however the times have changed and by 7CE, at the times of Buddhism, there was no much need to demarcate the people with caste system for keeping the society in order. Infact Buddha believed in equality and believed in society with no differences with human beings. For Buddhism there is no such thing like fixed god as in Hinduism, they believed in preachings of Buddha. Buddha mean enlightened one. The belief is mainly based on the fact that the society needs pathway to get out of suffering and this is to be achieved by enlightment but not by godly interference. Buddhism wanted people to follow the pathways of cessation of dukha and this is expected by getting enlightment and practice, but not through just prayers to the god.

Self Reflection

Both the Hinduism and Buddhism are strong in their preaching and they perfectly met the needs of the society of their times. They are highly successful in keeping the society functioning positively and proactively. At the times of anarchy and no proper legal systems in place, religion is the only pathway which provided conscious to the people to stay in righteous path (Ramstedt, 2018).  There is no need to question the authenticity of these religions as well there is no need to critique their believes and rituals. They have guided the mankind on righteous path from several generations and they are still sustained by millions of people across the world. 

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