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Reflection Paper


Question 1: What did you find out about yourself?

Answer: The findings of myself, that I am more like the participative type of the leader, I also found that I keep the team central while considering any decisions, All the decision are directly influenced as per their perceptions, implications and the consequences. In case of any issues or the challenges, as the participative leader, I take along my group towards the goals and the objectives of the companies. I keep the employees to be important also allow them to have an opinion, brainstorm the discussion and also be able to find a solution (Chan, 2016). There is always a push towards the goals and the objectives and I am always able to find recommended solutions after taking in the group views. As a participative leader, I am ready to embark with the new independent journey and be able to include all the changes. I do not resist changes and always welcome the new policies and the procedures. As a leader I also keep the employees motivated and also focus on employee involvement along with the participative decision making. As a leader, I always also encourages my team members and keeps the involvement of the stakeholders at all levels of an organization. To understand the new perspective and to understand the analysis of problems, it has also developed the scope of the strategies, and implementation related to the solutions.

Question 2: Do you agree with the results?

Answer: Yes, I definitely agree with the results, as it has allowed me to know the true perspective of being leaders. Initially, I was thinking of myself as autocratic leaders, who can just impose their decisions and be able to apply to the team workers, but after going through the tests and the related test, it has allowed me to understand the true meaning of the leadership and how as a leader I am constantly evolving and has a democratic style. I able to relate with the team workers emotions and the mental caliber and because of the decisions taken includes the team workers. The recommended solutions and the challenges foreseen are considered, after discussing with my team members and after which we are able to implement the changes (DeCenzo, 2011). The questions styles and the asking were more like an assessment of the type leaders approaches in the given situation and how as a leader one can react and be able to justify the solution. I also agree as a leader one should include all the customers, stakeholders which are the important people who would be delivering the work such as the subordinates needs to be included in the final decisional pointers. Over the years, it definitely helps in making it as a necessary approach as the autocratic style of the leadership or in my views to have a laissez-faire style of leadership can result in the failed results or can prove to be successful only in the certain situations.

Question 3: How will you use this information to help you in the future?

Answer: The information shared here would be important to understand my own perspective about myself and it would be engaging with the others. It is always important to understand the strength, weakness and be able to match with the team workers strength and the key attributes. My making them engaged helps in the long term perspective and the deliverables (Brown, 2016). The core goals and the objectives of the organization would be an additional insight which would help to understand and relate with the necessary outcomes. This information would be best used to improve and also be able to integrate the training elements and keep the decisions informed while working with the team.


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