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BUS 322 Organizational Behavior Assignment - "What Makes ______ the Best Place to Work and Why?" - Strayer University, USA

Choose one (1) company that you believe would be an ideal company to work for based on working conditions, salary, opportunity for advancement and work involved.


Q1. Evaluate the fundamental driving forces that shape the organizational environment of the selected company. Be sure to address the following: competing in a global marketplace, workforce diversity, ethics and morality, and technological innovation.

Answer - Fundamental driving forces that shape the organisational environment.

With the term "organisational environment" it refer to the condition in which the care practice is being carried out. In particular, the driving forces that shape this environment at LeBonheur Children's Hospital, can be divided into three categories, viz. the internal environment, task environment, and external environment.

The internal environment mainly comprises of the board of directors, employees, and the work culture. The board of directors currently comprises of Drs. R. Anderson (president), J. McCullers (paediatrician-in-Chief), J. Spotts (chairman), and K. Todd (chief financial officer). Notably, all of these members have more than 15 years of experience in their respective field, and continuously work to maintain the hospitals financial stability as well as to retain the standard of healthcare in the organisation. The members of the board of directors are known for their innate support and advocacy for the financial programs as well as services at the hospital. LeBonheur Children's hospital currently comprises of 255 bed dedicated for paediatric care (Armour, 2019). The hospital have more than 700 medical staff comprising of 45 speciality dimensions in the paediatric field. The active functionality of the hospital can be estimated with the fact that more than 170 paediatric patients are being admitted every day to the hospital. This enables the hospital care unit to offer care facility for more than 14,000 patients every year including almost a million visit to the emergency unit and approximately 10,000 surgeries per year. It is also interesting to note that the hospital was considered as one of the best children's care unit in United States, in the year 2017 by World Report and US News. These factors clearly indicates that the hospital is one of the best unit for healthcare professionals in US, which not only offers a diverse interdisciplinary team to work with, but also offers unique opportunity to collect immense experience (Armour, 2019).

Considering the task environment, LeBonheur Children's Hospital, offers training in paediatric as well as in super speciality of areas. The financial asset of the hospital accounts for $340 million which makes this the largest paediatric care facility unit in the state. Moreover, according to the prestigious list of Fortune 100 best companies list in 2018, the hospital made its entry for consecutive second year (Armour, 2019). Other competitive Institutions include Scripts Health Institution and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The hospital is also best recognised as workplace for women and diversity. Since, Hospital pays full attention to the regulatory measures such as the educational background of the intern, experience and recognition for the senior health professionals, and have standardized policies and practices for the activities (Phillips, J. H., Hedequist, D. J., Shah, S. A., & Yaszay, 2018).


In conjunction to the external factors, the economic dimensions has been discussed in the previous context. The hospital manages the health expenditure with the personalized insurance and other government measures. Insert a record of more than 90% of experienced staff retirement, which suggest that inflation period, and other financial burdens are not affecting the employment criteria (Cochrane, 2016). The staff pay full attention to the socio cultural dimension as well as to the demographic and diversity characteristics of the patient. This makes the care unit and attractive centre even for the overseas consumers and indicate the standards of conduct in the positive direction. With respect to the political legal dimension, this Hospital is first among its kind to initiate a collaborative effect with University of Cecil, School of Law, focusing on the social impact and legal dimensions of patient health and the required advocacy as well as education for children and their family. Technology wise, the hospital contain all the latest equipment as well as the IT communication tools for its functionality. The excellence of service with respect to the use of technology can be recognised with the fact that the hospital gain recognition in a speciality in paediatric sector (Kimura, 2016). Moreover, according to the US News the hospital receives gold standard with reference to safety, clinical outcomes, family centred care, and technology utilisation (Phillips, J. H., Hedequist, D. J., Shah, S. A., & Yaszay, 2018). Overall, these factors collectively suggest that the hospital is one of the best you need to work for physician, nurses, pharmacist, and other allied health professionals. The work environment in the hospital provides ample space to gain evidence-based experience and conduct the care practice in a positive and diverse environment.

Q2. Examine the selected company's specific practices or policies. Speculate on the major influences that these practices or policies have on individual and organizational outcomes.

Answer - Examination of specific practices and policies.

For LeBonheur Children's Hospital child is important and the focus at them a healthy and safer childhood. The hospital is considered as magnet-designated facility which is attributed to its high quality patient care. Moreover in 2017, the hospital is considered as one of the most competitive honours Hospital for its safe paediatric care practices. This hospital was best known because of its family centred care practice, in which they reach to the families and ask them to become partners (Kimura, 2016). According to their policies, they speak about the values and beliefs with the parents, share complete and unbiased information, and solicit the help received from parent partners to make the clinical outcome success. From the legal perspectives, advocate all the care concern issues with the local, state and Federal government. For example, they pay importance to assess evidence for quality healthcare for children (Cochrane, 2016). Also they have the basis of states children's Health Insurance program bill and affordable care act including the denial of coverage for children's with pre-existing conditions. Some of the important things that motivate the employees and this hospital include, self-scheduling, flexible working hours such as three days working and four days of weekly, and the staff include highly qualified nurses. Other major accomplishments that recognises best care practices at the hospital are (Kimura, 2016):

- Parents can stay with children even during surgery.

- Staffs were advised on routine basis through their family faculty program.

- Clear communication with parents for all type of cases.

- Parents helped the staff to design the patient room and make the state comfortable.

- The practice guidelines complies with the new state law of Healthcare passed in spring 2013.

- Since 2013, LeBonheur Children's Hospital participates in the national field test in conjunction to the consumer assessment of Healthcare system, for paediatric care practices.


In addition to this, the hospital also focuses on "patient experience", as a measure to estimate the feedback from patients and family for the care standard implemented and delivered. this survey help the hospital to avail the information, which further was used to implement the changes regarding the services, air delivery, and the diversity issues during the practice sessions. As discussed and, framing partnership with the families also provide safe, healthier, high quality care delivery, and an overall nurturing environment to maintain track record of positive clinical outcome append healing Herbs of the families. Overall, the standards of care practices at this Hospital is of high standard, and the experience that will be gained by the nurses and other professionals will be of recognition.

Q3. Determine which practices related to work attitudes in U.S. organizations are most strongly affected by diversity and suggest a strategy to address the effects.

Answer - Practices related to work attitudes in U.S. organizations that are strongly affected by diversity and suggestion of strategy to address the effects.

The most important work attitude at United State organisation is related to practice workforce diversity and its inclusion into the system. The practice of inclusion ascertain that all employees from the diverse background and engage in the company, with all the possible opportunities for self-enlightenment. The work attitude of US Also believe that women are easier to be integrated in any department of the organisation and they have equal opportunities to share as like their male colleague (Cochrane, 2016). LeBonheur Children's Hospital is well known for its policy of equal employment opportunity and diversity in US. The policies and practices tendered at this Hospital are committed to maintain and environment which pays prime attention towards respecting the individual differences, contribution of each employee towards the additional objective, and values as well as personal beliefs. The same standards were also applied while handling the patients from diverse background. This commitment of the hospital is grounded with reference to their faith based mission and the power of one cultured to deliver outstanding paediatric care and render family based care practices. The equal employment opportunities is aligning weight the federal and state laws which does not account for any type of discrimination with reference to age, race, colour, sex, gender, nationality, disability, and genetic characteristics. The violation of these principles and policies in any form, leads to immediate corrective action including suspension or discharge. The hospital also have provision to report any form of patients, to the human resource department, for accountability of the corrective measures (Gallan, 2018). Although, the hospital transparent diverse policies, the authority can further adopt policy together feedback from the employees about the diversity matters. Certainly, a survey from the employees in this regard will be helpful for implementing any possible measures that will be helpful to abide the regulation related to the work attitude practiced in US (Gallan, 2018).

In summary, the above description provides a clear framework with reference to the driving force shaping the work environment, the practice standards and policies, as well as the working attitude with reference to the federal and state laws of US. Based on this information, it will be sufficient to argue that the hospital is a best place to work for nurses and other healthcare professionals.


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