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You are working for the police department of your city. When hiring employees, the department uses a physical ability test, in which candidates are asked to do 30 push-ups and 25 sit-ups, as well as climb over a 4-foot wall. When candidates take this test, it seems that about 80% of the men who take the test actually pass it, while only10% of the female candidates pass the test. Do you believe that this is a fair test? Why or why not? If you are asked to review the employee selection procedures, would you make any changes to this system? Why or why not?

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To determine fair test hours needs to be applied on the basis of their abilities describing the applicants and the needs to discriminate on the basis of their sex which should be different (Doorey, 2016). To further analyze how the Men and woman would undergo the given test, it has to be based on the physical strength along with the capabilities men's which would help to determine how they are stronger enough in comparison to the woman. It should be analyzed in light of physical strength. To further describe how there would be an ability to choose employees that describe the physical selection criteria's that would be based on an obvious approach to defining the number of men which would help to describe a qualified approach that can help to recruit a high number of the women's.

To further evaluate how there can be a good police department that relates with the needs of the people require an ability to exercise their brain and show their physical strength that can create a choosing criterion and relate with it.

For any police department, it should be able to choose the physical ability test which would be based on the gender like games and it would describe the categories depending on the gender, weight, and height. It would be based on how their needs to test which would be inclined towards women and it would describe on the basis of the physical ability test that would equally be less hectic than men and it would be considered to be more and more potential women that would examine the join the force along with the efforts to serve their country.

In my views how the 30 push-ups along with the 25 sit-ups, relate with the climbing that would depend on the 4-foot wall that would be done by the better policeman. In a view to describe how there can be a review to consider the employee selection procedures, and there needs to be supporting efforts to change it on the basis of the physical ability test along with the basis of the extra advantage relate with the physical ability test describing it on the basis of another test relates others (Manitoba Government, 2019).

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