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Role of Spiderman in Present Society Assignment Help

Research essay about Spider-Man.Compare the role of Spider-Man in today's society and show how the movie expresses our dreams, anxieties, fears or treats a problematic cultural issue of our world or transitions or epiphany.

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Superheroes are an integral part of the modern pop culture that evolved in North America out of comic the books of the late 1930s. However, in ancient times there are many examples of superheroes having supernatural powers, like Hercules exists (Reinhard, CarrieLynn, and Christopher 20). He was strong, amazing and an inspiring personality having exceptional power. Spiderman is also one such superhero in the present generation, who is portrayed as heroic character having supernatural power. Often, he is devoted to fight against evil (Bauer, Matthew, et al 1297). Although superheroes are basically dressed in skin-tight costumes of bright colors having a prominent symbol on their chest, they often do fight against evil. In the supernatural based films, these characters are exaggerated to appeal and fascinate young audiences, just like the 1930’s comic book Superheroes. Overall, heroes tend to create a foundation of ethical behaviour for the young kids who tend to perceive these characters as their idols and to emulate the best traits in them. 

According to Yeo and Ben, superheroes help the children to develop a positive self-concept personality traits and improve their skills, which is further helpful in their overall growth, for these fictional characters convey the message of supporting, protecting, and standing by peers, family, and society (190). Thus, kids are motivated to develop skills like; strong willpower, self-control, loyalty to family and friends, courage, and self-sacrifice. Often, children dream of and dress up like their imaginative superhero character through weaving their specific costumes and props.  Sometimes children begin to perceive that anything is possible in the world of superheroes and in some cases, children unfortunately start to imitate dangerous superhero actions which eventually leads to accidents. However, the overall influence of the famous superhero character Spider-Man reflects the qualities like: courage, fortitude, commitment and love and depicts the triumphing of a regular guy in extraordinary circumstances.  

Role of Spiderman in present society

According to the article of Van, Spider-Man is one of the supernatural character which is found in both comics and movies (Van, Daryl et al 2243). This character is considered to be more relatable in modern society, due to the concept of ‘anonymity’ in the story. The reel name of the character who is Spider-Man in the movie is Peter Parker, who is an orphan and a studious student, according to the script. The basic storyline of this movie is that the ordinary teenage Peter Parker has been bitten by a radioactive spider which induces spider-like supernatural power, transforming him into a superhuman. Thus, in the movie, he plays the role of a dual personality, an ordinary adolescent to a superhero. In general, the real life character is about an individual who lacks confidence and behaves like a nervous individual (Van, Daryl et al 2243). Thus, many kids can relate to his low self-esteem. However, when he wears his costume and Spider-Man mask, he transforms himself into a confident, sarcastic and powerful individual with supernatural power and a snarky attitude. Spider-Man is one of those superheroes who come under the facial mask or capes and prefer to hide his actual identity, which makes the movie more interesting to the common people who believe that they also might have undiscovered powers or abilities. Thus, the youth of this modern society finds themselves to be connected with the dual characteristics of Spider-Man. 

In contrast to other superheroes (like Batman, Captain America, and Ironman) Spider-Man is a regular teenager who continues to be a part of society as a regular human-being, even after gaining supernatural power. Like Spider-Man, today’s youths are also more confident when they are under the mask of 'internet’. When they chat online with others they represent themselves as a strong individual, which is often completely opposite of their real life. The audience also feels more connected to this character because Spiderman uses his supernatural power to make society safer from evil powers, so in the modern dangerous world, such a mythic figure is comforting. Thus, many children often consider the presence of the character in their real life and believe that Spider-Man will save them in their difficult situation. 

Moreover, in the movie, the Spider-Man has been shown to live with moral imperativeness which helps him to differentiate between good and bad actions, so he is able to use his power for a good purpose (Reinhard et al 20). This goodness in him is the result of upbringing by his uncle and aunt, so the movie reinforces the value of parents. Spiderman also gives a positive message to children that morality is required in the pursuit of implementing change with his physical power. Moreover, people can also relate to his personal story, such as his love life, academy career and professional life. Thus, he inspires aunty that any difficulty can be overcome. He put everyone's needs above his own, which has most of the time made him suffer at a personal level. Thus, Spiderman is the story of the normal guy fighting against the supernatural evil powers to save the society under abnormal circumstances which drives the audience's attention. Additionally, Spiderman sequels provides new volumes from time to time for audience entertainment. In spite of his supernatural power at one point his arrogance to pride blinded his desire to do well and his weak moment ended his uncle’s life. From this experience, his uncle’s last words “with great power comes great responsibilities” becomes Spiderman’s mantra. Thus, despite supernatural power, he remains humble ordinary guy who loves his aunt and girlfriend. 

Existence of Spiderman in real and reel life

In the present generation, vast improvements in communication through the presence of mass media, and the internet. It have increased the popularity of Spider-Man to a wider population. Moreover, the audience is also able to convey and present their feelings, opinions, and expectations regarding Spiderman on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. This information is further being accessed by the film director and writer and is often reflected in the future sequels of the movie. Perhaps Spiderman appeals to the teenagers who imagine the possibility of becoming a superhero. Like Spider-Man, they also wish to climb walls through their web-shooters and fly high in the sky. However, scientifically this character cannot exist in society. According to the research by James Smith, it is not possible for a human being to behave like a spider under the influence of spider bite (Reinhard et al 20). Moreover, wall-crawling would require a light body weight with extremely large feet and hands. Still the impossibility of becoming an actual Spiderman does not detract from his mythic possibilities. 

The movie has represented several forms of evils that have been defeated by Spider-Man. These supernatural villains include Doctor Octopus, green goblin, the vulture, the venom, sandman, and Carnage. However, these virtual negative characters also cannot exist in the real society. However, these evil characters are the outcome of our dreams, fear, and anxieties, which further forces us to imagine the existence of good supernatural powers like Spider-Man as a saviour. 

Although the existence of a real life Spider-Man is near to impossible. The myth provides hope of overcoming impossible odds. It is hard to imagine an individual swinging from one building to the other and sticking to a flat vertical structure with his palm. Moreover, being bitten by a spider can provide him extraordinary power for climbing buildings and flying, but it cannot make him fight like an expert. The movie is a combination of the writer's imagination and audience expectation, which eventually makes it exceptional and outstanding. With the help of modern digital technology, the editing director, other technicians and 3D features do make the scenes more realistic. 

One such real Spiderman in our society is Alain Robot and is one of the best urban and rock climbers in the world. He has climbed the Eiffel tower (313 meters) and the Sydney tower (319 meters). However, he doesn't possess any supernatural power. Instead, he believes to have strong mental and physical power which made him fit for tackling towering skyscraper without a rope. Although this human spider cannot shoot webs like spiders, he can climb walls and stick to buildings, unlike other human beings. 

Impact of Spiderman on society

The virtual existence of the superhero has both positive and negative impacts on society. Many children have a deep desire to become their favourite superhero who will save the world from the clutches of evil power. One of the most positive messages in superhero-based movie is that superhero help and save people, which indirectly influence children to adopt these good qualities and affects them in positive way. Thus, children observe their favourite superhero and begin to help people in need. 

Besides this, Spiderman also has a negative impact on society as well (Hebets, Eileen and Alissa 147). Children follow each and every detail of Spiderman, which might be either his polite behavior or his fighting skills. Thus some want to fight like him all the time, which eventually makes them aggressive. For, superhero based movies contain a lot of violent actions. When young minds get regular exposure to the violence these movies, also start to do violent behavior. They also try to imitate some of the dangerous acts of role model, ‘Spiderman’, like climbing and jumping from a building, which creates potential risk to their life. Children hold a belief that they will be saved by Spider-Man, and nothing will happen to them in real life. Thus, it is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to make sure their children are aware of the existence of a superhero at an appropriate age, so as to avoid disillusionment of the child. Additionally, very young children should be made to understand the difference between fictional and real characters existing in the world. Apart from idolizing the example of Spider-Man, they should be taught about real-life characters, like freedom fighters or other successful personalities.


In summary, the main influence of the superhero 'Spiderman’ in the present society is to illustrate the possibility of the existence of hope in real life. Spider-Man is a fictitious character that has been shown in the movie to reflect the dreams, anxieties, and fears existing in the world. Scientifically, such imaginary characters cannot exist in society. However, despite being a fictional character, Spider-Man has a high positive impact on the youth of society. The young generation and children get influenced by him and learn to become successful. It has boosted confidence and empowerment in real-life situations. In this respect, teachers and parents take the example of superheroes while teaching good moral values. They teach that good always triumphs over evil, and use superheroes to motivate the children to do the right thing. Young people also gain confidence from superhero characters. They avoid following the wrong path, like taking drugs. Those children who follow their superhero, choose to eat healthier food options under the influence that their favourite superhero also likes these food items. The negative impacts of Spiderman on society include the children who get easily influenced by the dangerous stunts in the movie and try to perform the same, creating a risk to life. Children who become violent and aggressive from imitating the fighting scenes in the movie. In conclusion, superheroes are projected as a wish-fulfilment fantasy in most of the movies. Overall superheroes inspire personal empowerment of hope for a better future through overcoming evil in the world. 

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