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Purpose and hypothesis of the experiment

1. Describe the purpose and hypothesis of the experiment. (What are you trying to prove or see?)

2. List/show the materials used.

3. Describe the procedure. (Describe the steps of the experiment and what you did so that a classmate could replicate if they wanted.)

4. Describe and display the results. (What happened? Hint: Some of the data may be easier to show in charts or with graphics.)

5. Answer the following explanatory and interpretative questions:

- Why do you think you achieved the results that you did?

- Did anything unexpected happen?

- Do the data/results support the hypothesis? Why? (Show using specific references to the data.)

This Lab Report may be submitted in any format: Video, PowerPoint (with notes pages as needed or screen capture as wanted), Word Document, etc., or any combination that would allow you to show not only the details of the experiment and data but what you have learned from doing it.


The purpose of the project is demonstrating that water vapor is provided off by the plants for photosynthesis

Lists the materials used

The materials used in the project can be listed as followed.

• 1 potted plant

• Cellophane

• Petroleum jelly

• 2 Bell jars

• 2 glass plates

• 1 Control pot without a plant

• Anhydrous copper sulphate for testing  presence of water

 Explanation of the procedure

There will be nearly 10 minutes for setting up the apparatus as well as 1-2 hours in order to carry out the observations.  The first step is covering the pot as well as base of stem (Flexas et al. 2016). After the process, it is required to repeat the control pots on each plate. It is required to invert a bell jar over each of the pots. At the last step, it is important to leave outside the laboratory under sunlight.  In addition, it is required to note that the base process is required to ensure that soil does not have any impact on the results of experiment.

After an hour, the colorless drops are generally seen inside bell jar. It consists of plant as well as any drops of water that are generally found in the control set up in plant (Medeiros et al. 2016). Testing specific liquid that has anyhrous sulphate causes color change in blue. Plants include waxy cuticle on the leaves in order to prevent desiccation and drying out process. Carbon dioxide use as well as closing of stomata. After opening stomata, it allows the gasses to cross surface of leaf. On the other hand, the plant loses water vapor to atmosphere. Photosynthesis is one of the procedures by which plants, some of bacteria as well as Protestants utilize energy from the sunlight in order to generate sugar that cellular respiration can convert into ATP. On the other hand, the fuel used through living things include conversion of sunlight into chemical energy (de Oliveira Silva et al. 2018). It is related to the actions of green pigment chlorophyll. In addition, photosynthetic process utilizes water as well as releases oxygen that stays alive. The plants are considered as photosynthetic organisms to have the leaves. Apart from these, the raw materials of the process includes water as well as carbon dioxide and enter cells of the leaf. In addition, the products of the entire process include sugar as well as oxygen. Hence, it is important to focus on the process.

Cross section of the leaf showing anatomical features that are significant to photosynthesis. On the other hand, the land plants need to guard against drying out as well a leave the leaf. In addition, oxygen generated photosynthesis passing out leaf by the opened stomata. 

Describe and display the result

The color change of anyhydrous copper suphate is seen from white to blue. It confirm that liquid is water. The results will be helpful to justify hypothesis of the report taken for the research. 

Explanatory and interpretative answers

The reasons for achievement

The project has been successfully completed as demonstrating that water vapor is provided off by the plants as a result of photosynthesis has been successful. The success is obtained from the observation and seeing the result. It is important to understand the procedure can be helpful to watch real environment results (Chang and Chen 2018).

Unexpected happens

There was any unexpected things happened in the project. It is important to understand the project can gain success in the process.

Results supporting hypothesis

The results demonstrates that vapor is provided off by the plants as the outcome of photosynthesis. Hence, the assumed hypothesis is justified.


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