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The H.J.R 38 generally is considered as the joint resolution in proposing the overall constitutional amendment regarding the prohibition of the income tax on individual basis. In such aspect it resolved the legislature of Texas by Section 1(c), Article VIII, and the constitution of the Texas which amends with a taxation that are intangible in nature. There is also imposition of the taxes which owes to occupational taxes with the natural person upon specific corporations. This are also included with the corporations and the natural person. The municipal corporations and business of the respective states are also an important aspect of the legislation. The specific legislature also provides tax on the incomes which are associated with the municipality and also with the corporations. On the other hand, the person involved with the mechanical as well as the agricultural occupation who are levied from the payment of such kinds of occupation tax (statesman.com, 2019). 

The Section 2 of Article VIII, in the Texas constitution is amended with the specific addition of the section 24 – a within it. The Section 24- a generally proclaims that the legislature may not impose a tax on the total income of individuals and also in the share of partnership with the association of the unincorporated association (texastribune.org, 2019). 

The Section 3 consisting of section 24, in Article VIII, of Tax Constitution is repealed over here with a proper throwback. On the other hand according to the Section 4, the proposed amendment that is constitutional in nature shall be purely submitted to the voters in case of election that are to be held during the November 9, 2019. In such cases the ballot should be printed to the specific voters in order to have a proposition regarding the specific prohibition of the amendments which are being imposed by the income tax in a varied way. This also includes in the imposition of the individuals shares in a partnership as well as in the association related to the unincorporated tax. 

The Repeal of Stream Protection Rule was also known as the House Joint Resolution which was introduced by the United States House of Representatives by Bill Johnson of Ohio on January 30th, 2017. There was only one author that is Bill Johnson who introduced it and it was signed into the law by President Donald Trump on 16th February, 2017. The resolution generally nullifies the regulation in the Department of Interior, also known as Stream Protection Rule. It can be said that instead of proposing the real gun violence prevention and its legislation that co associates with the H.R. 38 in jeopardizing the health and also with the well being of the communities (nationalreview.com, 2019). 

On the other hand, the joint resolution specifically eliminates the deadline for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment that prohibits the discrimination that is regarding sex. It was also proposed to the states in House Joint Resolution 208 of the Congress on 92nd part which was agreed on March 22, 1972. In such cases the amendment is generally a part of the constitution which was earlier rati9fied by the legislature of the states by three-fourth. It was found that the NPCA sent some positioning to the Senate and also to the House of Representatives who was basically anticipated in the floor votes by both the chambers. The joint resolution that was formed currently disapproved the Stream Protection Rule. This is because there are more revisions needed for the overall regulations of the coal mining which operates under the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act (SMCRA) (dallasnews.com, 2019). 

The rule that is finally made generally protects the health of public, streams and rivers, including the national parks where people come to explore. In such aspect it can be said that the protection solely aims in the providing of the modest safeguards which would protects the access of the coal. It does not permanently safeguarding the damaging of the natural resources in the recreationist like park visitors. In such a way, it disapproves the Stream Protection Rule. 

The committee wishes to have a testimony from the private individuals, groups and representatives in concerning on the matter of study. The committee generally invites the witness’s potential in concerning with the indication of appearing interest. Therefore it can be said that the miners were against the rule whereas the general public supported the rule which safeguard the different areas form getting into an unaudited areas (texastribune.org, 2019). 

If I was a part of the Texas Legislature, I would have voted on the basis of the current voting styles that will be provided to the legislation department. This is because not a single person is allowed to dismantle the law that is formed and passed by the judiciary department. In such aspect there was no other way left than voting through the ballot or other methods kept for the voters. There may be a huge revolt by the voters in the month of November, 2019 when the next voting will take place. This is because the early prevailing system needs to be changed in order to substantiate the re modification that are necessary for a proper voting to be held. This will change the present scenario of imbalance that are going on inside Texas.  This is because earlier there were severe problems that were being encountered while maintain such functions effectively (governing.com, 2019). 

There can be absentee and early voting which can take place on the day of voting. In such aspect there are three kinds of substitution which can be done in order to make the voting smooth. These are like early voting, absentee voting and also mail voting. The early voting involves that any qualified member can cast the vote in the ballot in a person while the designation of the Election will be held (texastribune.org, 2019). In such aspect there are no excuses or justification required. On the other hand, absentee voting involves in the mail of absentee voters on a request of certain aspect while on the day of voting. The return can be done by the voter on the same day. This are only required and are fulfilled by the people who remain absent on the specific day of voting. In such cases the absentee ballot is also sent to the specific individual for the purpose of casting the vote (texastribune.org, 2019).  Lastly, the mail voting refers to the ballot that is automatically mailed to eligible voters. There are different sites which are kept, where log in should be done in ordwer to cast individual votes. These are some of the additional facilities provided to the voters in order to cast the vote. In such aspect it is the duty of the states in mailing the ballot to each and every citizen who holds the membership and are eligible to cast vote. 

Therefore, it can be said that these are the voting alternatives that can be imposed on the citizen of Texas, if there are problems of individual candidates in appearing to the votes. It can be said that each and every citizens have the right to vote for each and every aspects that will go on in their country state. 

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