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PUBH630: Determinants of Health Assignment Help

1. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the different types of health determinants and their significance to public health practice.

2. Evaluate social, political, ethical, economic and ecological considerations and their impact on public health interventions and practice.

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Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the different types of health determinants and their significance to public health practice

Health is wealth.

In the recent times, the growth in public health practices is evident from the growing responsibilities. Previous days the control of public health used to be in control in the spread of infectious diseases such as smallpox or cholera which caused death. But in recent times as these chronic health issues got reduced public health focus shifted to issues relating to obesity, smoking related issues-and how to prevent the type 2 diabetes and other cardiovascular health issues. In the recent times, there are a lot of public health issues which are being caused by the hurricanes or cyclonic storms and even by the terrorist's activities which are known to spread chronic diseases among the people.

In this paper, we will deal about the different types of health determinants and their significance to the public health practice. Here we will deal with the public health and how the public policy helps in improving public health. Public health is linked both directly and indirectly to population health. The different determinants of health include the social and economic environment, the physical environment and also a person's characteristics and behaviour. The health determinants are linked to factors like

Income- The more the income of the person the better is his chances or staying healthy in comparison to the needy person. The more the gap between the rich and the poor in terms of social status the greater the difference in health.

Education- Education is also linked with health. A person will low education will have poor self-confidence, prone to more stress and thus in term lead to poor health status (Davidson et al. 2012).

Surroundings- Surroundings or physical environment plays a big role in a person's healthier life. Safe and clean air, water, healthy workstations and cleaner places to live leads to healthier life for the people.

Social networks - Support from family, friends and other surroundings is also linked with a healthier life of a person. The different traditions and customs too affect the health of a person.

Genes - Genes play a big role in determining the health of a person. A person at times seems to inherit a lot of diseases from their ancestors. Thus in that case, a good behaviour, balanced diet and active life full of exercises, no smoking and, practices to cope with stress can help a person to lead a better life.

Gender - Gender too plays a part in determining your health status. There are differences in diseases among men and women.
Thus the different social determinants of health include non-medical factors which affect the health of a person. The public health focuses on the communities' desire and effort to improve the health condition of the total population at large by taking the help of the government, different private sectors and by drawing focus on the different determinants of the population health. In order to do so, different public policies have been implemented to take care of the problems concerning the health of the people.
Impact of Social, Political, Ethical, Economic and Ecological consideration on Public Health Interventions and Practices
As has been said earlier the social determinants factors which include the non-medical factors affect the health population. The factors include social, political, ethical, economic and ecological issues which determine the health condition of the people.

Social - The support from family and other relatives seems to play a big role in improving the health of a person. Family support could help in curing a lot of health problems. Family violence can have adverse effect on the health of a person and can lead to severe health issues especially on the women and children (Berman, Kendall, & Bhattacharyya, 2014). There are certain groups formed like American Cancer Society which takes care of different types of support groups for those who are affected with cancer and their friends and families.

Political - The political intellect is a great way in determining the nation's public health standards and is significant in the public policies that are laid out in consideration with the health of the population. Initiatives that include both macro and social factors play a great role in shaping the health of the population and a bigger political agenda is required to improve the health of the people at large.

Ethical - In modern times there are efforts which are meant to widen the ethical ways in health care. These health care issues deal more with public health factors. In relation to the age old patient doctor relationship, the modern times ethics deals with the focus on the various designs and implementations which deals with monitoring and improving the health of the people.

Economic - It has been seen all around the world that the people with better economic status seem to be in better health in comparison to the people who are not. Very little effort has been taken by the government in diminishing these socio economic status gaps and thus in turn improves the health condition of the people (Macinko & Starfield, 2011). NIOSH has intervened in order to improve the work place condition of the people by helping them in reducing the stress level and improving the safety measures especially among the coal miners.

Ecological - The human health and diseases are related to many complex factors. The health threats can emerge from different animals. The various zoonotic diseases can be caused by the increasing risk of getting affected by diseases from coming in contact with different animals and even from contaminated food, water and environment. The harmful effect of environment on health of the people should be reduced with the promotion of eco-health literacy program which promotes "One Health" vision under the Ecological Public Health Model. This program is meant to sustain the environment and to make mother earth a place of being for all beings.

Thus all these measures play a huge part in maintaining the health standards of a person taking in consideration the public health practices and interventions which are carried on by different government institutions.

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