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Performance Appraisals Assignment Help

Appraisal forms are the key instruments used to measure performance. Care and attention are required to ensure that the forms include all the necessary components. Regardless of the specific components included in the appraisal form, there are several characteristics that make appraisal forms particularly effective. These are simplicity, relevancy, descriptiveness, adaptability, comprehensiveness, definitional clarity, communication, and time orientation. Before it is used, each form needs to be evaluated based on the extent to which it complies with each of these characteristics. Discuss the following: Identify, evaluate, and interpret a performance appraisal form. Justify your rationale with academic data. Using the performance appraisal form, create two strategies that will improve the appraisal and capture information about employees that would focus on growth potential within the organization. Determine and measure how your strategies will maximize effectiveness and efficiencies of the performance appraisals while impacting organizational development. 

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Performance appraisal is a required need through which development of an organisation can be identified within an organisation. By the help of this performance appraisal forms, HRM takes responsibility in increasing their salary rate according to the outcome of their performance. This study explains about the issues of performance appraisal process along with two strategies which have taken in order to overcome those issues. Additionally, this study also highlights the impact of those strategies over the performance rate of employees within an organisation.

Identifying, interpreting and evaluating a performance appraisal form

In order to maintain the performance appraisal process, HRM of an organisation is required to use these adaptability skills in order to adopt any kind of situation which helps in improving their performance appraisal process. According to Kamphorst & Swank (2018), time management skills help the human resource manager to understand the current situation of its employees and take relevant steps in improving their performance in order to enhance their performance appraisal process. Effective communication helps in improving the decision making process which helps in managing their organisational tasks in an effective manner. Having simplicity skills, an HRM handles its employees in an appropriate manner which helps the HRM to understand their performance rate. It helps in improving the performance appraisal process within an organisation.

Justification of rationale

In identifying the performance of employees, the role of human resource manager can be stated as significant for providing better opportunities regarding employee performance. The HRM also takes part in increasing their salary revenue depending on their performance which motivates them to give their potential performance. However, the human resource manager faced various kinds of issues while observing the performance of its employees. According to Mohrman & Lawler (2017), biasness is one of the main issues which have been faced by the HRM of an organisation which impact negatively towards performance appraisal process. Therefore, the HRM cannot identify the abilities of its employees properly due to the biasness.

Additionally, the HRM provides scores towards their employees depending on the working abilities and performance which would create a similarity error in this performance appraisal process. As if any employees cannot have enough skills to operate its organisational tasks therefore, it affected their organisational growth as well as it also reduced personal growth of those employees. In the words of Steers & Lee (2017), sometimes, the human resource manager would not treat its employees properly due to lack of performance which reduced the motivation factors for those employees that they would not give their effective performance. It is one of the important issues which have been faced by the employees in this current world situation.

Implementing two strategies in order to improve the appraisal and also collect information about employees to maintain the growth within an organisation in the context with performance appraisal form

The HRM of an organisation is needed to integrate effective strategies which helped in improving their performance appraisal process within an organisation. From the study of Kamphorst & Swank (2018), there are two main strategies such as effective communication and providing effective training which helped in reducing the performance appraisal issues.

Effective communication

The human resource manager of an organisation needs to use reliable communication process such as verbal and nonverbal communication towards its employees. It guides the employees and their manager to understand the views of each other and they operated their tasks effectively. According to the conceptual viewpoint of Mohrman & Lawler (2017), effective communication guides the HRM to analyse their viewpoints and their abilities therefore, the manager provided their organisational tasks regarding their capabilities. It helps in motivating their performance and also implementing a suitable relationship among employees and its higher authorities. It makes benefits for the performance appraisal process within a particular organisation. Utilizing effective communication, the HRM is needed to have simplicity behaviour while handling them that can help in encouraging them to perform their effective performance.

Effective training

Effective training helps in developing the knowledge and skills of individuals which helps in performing individual tasks in an essential manner. The HRM of an association is expected to analyse the performance of its employees. Based on the viewpoint of Pichler et al. (2016), due to the lack of knowledge and skills, the HRM provides effective training towards them which helps in enhancing their adaptability skills. It helps employees to adopt their current situation without having any trouble which helps in enhancing their organisational performance. The HRM also provides reliable information towards its employees about their work related activities. From the study of Cappelli & Conyon (2018), it can be stated that it helps employees to understand their roles and responsibilities while operating their tasks. It also guides the HRM to analyse their performance properly which enhanced the performance appraisal process within an organisation.

Measuring and determining the impact of strategies in order to increase efficiencies and effectiveness in managing organisational development

The human resource manager plays an essential role in improving their organisational performance in order to achieve the targets of their organisation. Effective communication helps in motivating employees to give their potential performance which guides the HRM to recognise their performance weekly and takes steps accordingly for performance appraisal process. Utilizing effective communication, the HRM provides appropriate information about their work related activities. Therefore, employees of this organisation understand their activities and operate accordingly in order to develop performance within an organisation. As per the viewpoint of Cappelli & Tavis (2016), with the help of effective communication, the human resource manager improves their decision making process which helps in understanding the views and perspectives of employees. The HRM also needs to provide the opportunity towards its employees to take their own decision without facing any difficulties. It motivates employees and they give their potential performance in achieving their organisational goals. It helped the HRM to analyse employees' performance which makes benefits for the performance appraisal process and HRM can also increase their salary revenue rate depending on their performance.

Additionally, the HRM of an organisation also takes responsibility in providing reliable training towards its employees on a weekly basis in order to improve their skills which helps in making benefits for the performance appraisal process. Sometimes, employees cannot give their reliable performance due to the lack of skills and knowledge. Therefore, the human resource manager takes initiative in contributing appropriate knowledge about their works which helps employees in executing any kind of tasks without having any trouble. According to the conceptual viewpoint of Kampkötter (2017), it impacts positively over employee's performance growth and also improves the process of performance appraisal. The HRM also provides appropriate knowledge towards its employees in order to increase their knowledge skills while operating organisational tasks.


From this study, it can be identified that the HRM manager improves the employability skills of its employees within an organisation through which performance appraisal process can be maintained. The human resource manager uses effective communication in understanding the perspectives of its employees and takes proper steps in overcoming the issues regarding performance appraisal process. The HRM also provides reliable training towards its employees in enhancing their knowledge and adaptability skills which makes benefits for their own performance. It helps in developing the performance appraisal process and also makes this an added advantage for the organisation.

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