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Power,Politics and Decision-Making Assignment Help

As a business leader, it's likely you're continually looking for ways to make better decisions. If so, you might want to take a look at the book Thinking Fast and Slow by Nobel Prize-winning economist Daniel Kahneman. 

Kahneman's book is an interesting look into how people think and make decisions and the biases that affect us as we do. Psychologists, in studying how we think, have theorized that our mind has two systems that control different types of thinking—System 1 and System 2. System 1 operates automatically and quickly, with little or no effort and no sense of voluntary control. System 2 allocates attention to the mental activities that demand it, including complex computations. How we think individually and as a group obviously affects the decisions we make. Decision making is critical to our success. Gaining a better understanding of how the mind works and the biases we bring to our decision making will improve the outcomes we achieve.

1. Read the article in the link to learn more about your 2 brain systems that you are using to make decision. Interestingly, it had established a proposal of conducting a pre-mortem in order to make better decision. Relate to your own experience, do you agree or not? What is your biggest favor of the pro-mortem concept if you agree? What is the biggest concern if otherwise?

2. We make fast decisions every now and then because it's in our system. It's easy to see that our personalities affect how we make fast decisions. Illustrate one of your personality that you think will empower your decision making and how.

3. Take a few minutes to do another self-assessment on the webpage of Kent State University to find out more about your decision making style. It might not reference the same concept in the textbook but it will help you to know more. Comparing to the one we took in the class, does it describe you rightly or wrongly? Share with us how the result resonates with you. 

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Answer 1

As per my experience, the pre-mortem concept helped me in making relevant decisions while working with my team members. This particular concept provides an opportunity for individuals to share their concerns (Effective decision making requires two brain systems. 2017). It also helps in changing the decision and identify the genuine issues that may occur in the future. One of the significant concern of using pre-mortem concept is that it creates various potential risk while building positive relationships with the team members. As a result, using this concept may fail in the future.

Answer 2

I recognized that one of my personality is an openness that helps me in making effective decisions. This helps in decision-making by creating an environment of respect and trust. Openness in decision-making helps me to create a sense of belonging and feel connected to the big picture. Making effective decision through openness helps in creating organizational stability and consistency more efficiently and faster. It helps in improving and making an effective decision that, in turn, helps in bringing success.

Answer 3

Based on the test result that has been conducted in the class, it can be said that I always interruptions and postpones the evaluation. It has been observed that I like to organize the information in an organized manner. Moreover, based on the result of the self-assessment test that has been conducted by myself, I acknowledged that I am an external and systematic decision maker where I like to collect information before making decisions. I am very much cautious regarding making effective commitments and set desired goals and objectives. Before making any decision, I always like to discuss the issue with others. It helps in making a relevant decision regarding important factors (Discover Your Decision-Making Style | Career Exploration and Development | Kent State University. 2019). Therefore, I believe that the test conducted by me rightly demonstrates my strengths. accepts instant and short deadlines order for Power,Politics and Decision-Making Assignment Help solution – order today for excellence!

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