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The Compliance Issues Assignment Help

- What are your roles and responsibilities as the compliance officer?

- What is the process for a patient to file a complaint?

- How do you deal with civil versus criminal complaints?

- What moves an internal compliance issue to have to be reported to law enforcement, CMS, or a health plan?

- What are the most important or common risk management issues for your organization?

- What type of accreditation issues do you work on?

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The issue taken is the

1. Treating patients after a professional license has lapsed


Healthcare Compliance is also a continuous ongoing process that would also be obliging the meeting or exceeding and also has to adhere to the legal, ethical, along with the professional standards applicable (Drolet 2017). It tends to control a particular healthcare organization or provider. It is important to adhere to the main purpose that would be obliging the OIG-HHS is to set standards along with the set of the guidelines, and enforce from the healthcare compliance. The main duty of the compliance officers is also obligated to ensure the process to be abided by the attorneys by trade. It is an obligatory duty and also an abidance to make the compliance officer to be arrived along with the three ways which would help to make the healthcare organization healthier. The issue taken here is of treating the patients after the healthcare license has lapsed.


In here the individual doctors whose certification or the license has lapsed would have to be reviewed under the procedure of the practicing and adhering to the other medical boars, else if found violation, they may be prosecuted and can be barred from the practicing apart from canceling the license.

Background of the Case

It has been notably seen, how the physicians do exercise their practice, without renewing their license. They sometimes also hold multiple state license, but as per the laws, the state laws are restricted to the certain boundaries of the state, and cannot be violated.

Compliance Issue

The notable compliance issues, in such cases, is practicing without the state license and each license holder have to renew it, after going through certain tests, revisions of the basis and then getting an approval. They cannot also use the other state practicing license in another state. To practice in the given state, they have to hold a license, obliging to the given state and cannot violate it. In case they are debarred from the given license board, they would not get approval from the other state board. Their medical license would be put on hold and rejected (McKnight, 2016).

The possible outcome for the situation that you chose

The doctors can be charged under the Medical Negligence act and can be tried under the consumer protection Act. The doctors are obliged as per the duty of care, dereliction, damages and the direct causes. If found that the doctors are not able to oblige the certain protocols, they can be tried under the malpractices.

Compliance officer Action

A compliance officer should verify the given situation, documents of the doctors and also report the matter to the boards. it should be documented and then reported to the state boards under which the case would be tried.


It is also a purpose of compliance programs that can help the promote organizational adherence in relation to the applicable federal along with the state law. This would be more specific on the basis of the private payer healthcare requirements. Form the effective framework, the effective compliance program would help to make and also proceed to protect practices against fraud along with the abuse, waste, and also inline of the potential liability areas. It is important for the compliance officer to enact quickly in the situation like these, as not only it would help to save lives, but also it would help in saving patient's lives and also correcting the medical errors done by the doctors. It is important to ensure at every point of time that the patient safety are not compromised and the doctors abide by their disciplines and practices (Carter, 2017).

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