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BUS 430 Finance Seminar, this course covers 3 Credits. Using readings and case studies, learners study the understanding the types of analysis performed & decisions made by the financial managers of corporations and it is focusing on valuation concepts and managing for value. learners also get the points specific financing & investing decisions made by the firm's management to mitigate corporate risk using insurance / financial derivative,  valuation of real options; issues and methods of corporate financial management in an international environment, real estate investment decision;. Prerequisite of this course is BUS 405.

The BUS 430 Finance Seminar course situates its principal focus on how corporation managers and executives analyze and make critical decisions while concentrating on concepts of valuation and value managing in running their companies. The course examines students through readings and studies to gauge their knowledge. How to avert business risks through the utilization of insurance covers and economic derivatives via judgments in real estate based on finances and actual options examination is also another area of interest in the BUS 430 Finance Seminars course.

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