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Article Review : Role of Emotions in Brain Activation Assignment Help

Conduct an article review using the Baker online library (have your library number handy before beginning). Click the Library tab, then click Find Articles and Databases, scroll down to Psychology and click on it. Using Gale Virtual Reference library, Proquest Psychology Journals, and/or PsycArticles (Proquest) locate a peer reviewed journal research article (be sure to click the Peer Reviewed option before searching) that focuses on motivation and/or emotion related to a specific brain structure. Complete the following using the article: Briefly summarize the article information. In your summary identify the particular area of the brain, the concepts related to motivation and/or emotion researched, the study participants, methods used, and results. Discuss how your chosen article relates to the seminar readings/materials covered this first week of the course. Incorporate specific concepts related to brain structure functions, motivation and/or emotion.

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This paper examines the different brain regions that are likely to respond to emotional stimuli. Moreover, this article also examines the different personality measures that affect brain activities and structure. This paper uses Magnetic Resonance Imagining for testing whether an individual has different brain reactions to emotional stimuli that are correlated and interlinked with the neuroticism and extraversion. This article provided evidence that personality and emotion are related to brain activity and reactivity.

Study participants

The study participants that are fourteen right-handed female aged 19-42 years participated in this study. The data were collected from the participants to analyze the role of emotions and emotion memory on activation patterns in the brain (Canli et al. 2001). The reason for selecting women in this article is the women are likely to experience more intense emotions as compared to men. The other reason for selecting women is they are likely to show psychological reactions as compared to men.


The methods used in this article are manipulation and emotional stimuli check personality measures. In addition, the other methods used in this study are Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Correlation Maps. In Emotional stimuli method, the participants were requested to see 20 positive and negative pictures. As explained by Canli et al. (2001), Negative pictures include anger, crying and guns whereas the positive pictures include happy couple and puppies. In a method, Magnetic Resonance Imaging in which data was collected using in 1.5 General Electric MR Imager. In Correlation Maps method was used for analyzing the correlation between negative pictures and brain activity and positive picture and brain activity.


The results found in this article include negative emotions are related to different parts of the brain such as Left frontal lobe and left middle gyrus. In addition, it is also found that the negative emotions are related to different parts of brains such as right frontal gyrus, precentral gyrus in the left, temporal lobe and cingulate gyrus in the right, globus pallidus in the left and amygdala in the right. In this article, it is also found that positive emotions are related to brain parts such as temporal and frontal gyrus in the middle of the left side.Another part of the brain that is associated with positive emotion in the brain is the frontal gyrus in the middle of the right side. The different personality measures such as neuroticism and extraversion are significantly correlated with activation in the brain. As discussed by Canli et al. (2001), extraversion personality is associated with the positive emotion thereby impacting the brain location such as cortical and subcortical. In addition, it is also found that neuroticism is associated with activation of negative emotions in the brain. The different parts of the brain that are affected by negative emotions include temporal and frontal lobes of the brain. Moreover, it is also found that the part of the brain that is influenced by both negative and positive emotions is frontal cortex that is the middle frontal gyrus in the left part of the brain.

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