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Paul and Jesus Assignment Help

Discuss Paul’s background and the events that led to his support of Jesus. What was his usual missionary technique? 
Describe Paul’s reasoning on his position about whether new converts should keep Jewish laws. What was Paul’s understanding of Jesus?
Why is Paul sometimes considered the cofounder of Christianity? 
How do you view Paul’s contributions to Christianity, as distortion or necessary extrapolation?

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St. Paul was previously a persecutor of Church as a Pharisee, and afterwards, he became the follower of Jesus. He became Jesus's follower when he was on the road to Damascus and knocked on the ground when he saw the dream of Lord Jesus raised from death. After this incident, Paul became one of the most prolific and successful advocates of the Church from its chief antagonist (Bockmuehl, 2017).
His usual missionary technique was designed to reach the most significant number of people with the highest effectiveness. It was mainly focused on big cities, especially the vital seaports and preached in Rome and Athens, the cultural centres of the world. Paul's aim was not to teach each place by himself but by setting up centres of Christianity in significant locations where the Gospel can be spread to the regions (Gathercole, 2018). The cities where he established churches were centres of Greek civilization, Jewish influence, Roman administration and many other famous commercial places.


Paul argued on his position that the new converts should not follow Jewish laws as according to him these laws were entirely worthless for gaining salvation (DeVan, Lamb, Strauss, Richards, R., & O'Brien, 2018). He challenged the concept of the Jews as the chosen ones and allowed Christianity to prosper. He also arguednew converts did not need to obey the customs, dietary restrictions of the Jews.
Paul owned a level and breadthof sophistication and theological training unsurpassed in the early Church of the Christian. Paul's understanding of Jesusmostly focused on Jesus's resurrection from his death and his glorious return in the future (Ellens, 2016). Paul also affirmed that Jesus was a human being who was born of a woman under the law. The centre of the understanding of Paul of Christ's gospel lied the conviction that Jesus was sent to Israel by God to fulfil all the promises.  


Paul is sometimes considered as the co-founder of Christian religiondue to the ways he blended the teachings of Jesus and his interpretation of them to create a practical religion with the great appeal. Another reason is that Paul did more for creatingand spreading the teachings of Jesus and his supportersthat hegained through revelation than any other Apostle apart frompossibly John the Beloved (Ellens, 2016).Paul, as a citizen of Rome and anex-devout Pharisee of Jewish, was in a unique position, to travel and get respect from several different types of people.Jesus is regarded as the founder of Christianity as he taught vital teachings to his Apostles. But Christianity is all about having faith in death and rebirth for salvation, and as it was Paul who first conveyed this belief, he wasregarded as the co-founder of Christianity.


Paul's contributions to Christianity was a necessary extrapolation as the doctrines, and the teachings of Paul set the development of Christianity to become a widespread religion all over the world as it is at present and in this way, the contributions of Paul to Christianity is exceptionally vitaleven at the current times. (Gathercole, 2018). He challenged the concept of the Jews as the chosen ones and allowed Christianity to prosper. He also has a significant role in setting up churches and enhancing the communities of the Christians in places like Philippi, Galatia, Corinth and Ephesus. He also illustrated the way the Christians must live their lives, provided motivation to the new followers that metanoia experiences were possible to undergo and regret the earlier actions. These teachings of Paul continuing to influence the communities of the Christians even in the present times.

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