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Development of the Mesopotamian Civilization Assignment Help

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Choose one geographical area in which civilization first developed (Mesopotamia and Egypt). Why do you think that a complex society emerged in that particular geographic area? Then list and explain three features that make them a “civilization.” Support your opinions with specific examples.  

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There are few ancient civilizations of the world, which were referred to as the cradle of human development. Of all these civilizations spread across the world, the Mesopotamian civilization is particularly interesting.

The Mesopotamian civilization came across the banks of the river Tigris and Euphrates (the present day Kuwait and Iraq). The Mesopotamian civilization is ideal in all sense to be considered one since it had all the governing characteristics of a civilization: government, art, writing, religion, social structure and cities (National Geographic, 2017).

Like all ancient civilizations such as the Egyptian and the Harappan civilization, the Mesopotamian civilization too developed around rivers, and prospered as one of the most ancient and advanced civilizations of the world; gaining a name for developing languages, architecture, poetry such as the Gilgamesh and pottery!

The civilization revolved greatly around farming, and this is how it gave birth to an entire society feasting on social norms and growth (Rochberg, 2014). The civilization grew into a society which was advanced of it times and was among the first to have embraced organized religion as well. Babylonia has witnessed several such religious marvels in the forms of murals, temples and gardens. Their belief of a flat earth to the existence of heaven have been very meticulously engraved in various of their carvings and inscriptions; giving us an idea of how the human thought evolved- both scientifically and philosophically and eventually emerged into something entirely different. The society was formed on an axiomatic point-of-view and ontology. These basis of the civilization are evidence of how spiritually advanced the civilization was, unlike those of today.

Furthermore, the civilization has witness organized architecture of the cities, which again was subjected to the social hierarchies which included the king, the army and the peasants. This is how the society was divided and subsequently reflected on the social norms and structures as well.

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