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Unit Code: MN621

Unit Title: Advanced Network Design

Assessment Type: Individual written report and group demonstration - Assignment 2

Assessment Title: Network requirement analysis and plan

Learning Outcomes:

This assignment is designed to assess students' knowledge and skills related to the following learning outcomes:
d. Apply concepts and theories of human factors as related to network design and implementation;
e. Evaluate performance metrics and dimensions according to specifications

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Throughout the whole world, most of the persons are used the network computing device, the networking has use by many types of devices includes like phones, tablets, and the robot. Maximum person's usage the application of the computer. In the modern period, the computer applications are most important. In this report, we have studied about computer networking. After that, we have discussed and supposed the networking. We also have set up each and every component by using the computer network. After that, the components are correctly aimed at computer networking. The networking is nothing the types of computer department or computer science. Then in networking, I have totally discussed and studied the hardware of the computer. In a modern year, all the persons have used the computer for the connecting to the world. The computer networking is very important to connect with the world. By using networking we can easily find out the business service, and it is useful for the industry, companies, and business. For all the purpose, resolve the problems by using the computer network its help.

Part I: Information collection
Develop a questionnaire to gather requirements from staff members, IT members and management.


» Users question

a) Is the security of the network important in your critical situation?
b) In your company, the antivirus is used or not. If used the antiviruses, which one of antivirus is used?
c) What are the levels of the OSI reference model in your company?
d) Which one of the protocol is used in your company?

» Management questions
a. What happens if there is a problem with the existing design network?
b. What is your opinion about the new network design?
c. How do the stakeholder also the end authority of the operator's network issue?
d. Do they recognize about means to troubleshoot them?
e. Do you intend to increase your business in the coming years?
f. Must your company business have internet construction and the actual determined of the connection sets up? (This is to gather the data over a network internet connection).
g. What is the selling price in computer networking?
h. How are many contact users sharing the network user with other workers?

» Staff questions
a. What are the reasons for driving clients from your company?
b. What are the issues by using the current network designs that affect your availability?
c. Do your plan to organize the system in your company?
d. How are the tools, and which tool is used in your department?

The section of User Questions

Question No             



For the networking the bandwidth is essential


It is necessary to create the system and changes of the system.


It is very useful and important for complete the work of the network.


It helps to require the service of the post server.

Management questions

Question No     



The users make the idea for computer network design.


To establish the current complications in networking.   


Recognize all the computer users' knowledge. What of the kind of problem of computer networking they can resolve the problems and maintain the level of the team in the design network.


Recognize the company requirement with the network design


For the companies, there is the development of departments in the upcoming year.


Requires the connectivity of internet network


There are used the sharing computer network for the limitations

Questions for staff

Question No     



Acquire the connectivity of networks and the use of an operating system.


Acquire the prospects of client


Done the details of a protocol


The network pattern helps for by the computer network

The plan of Validation and verification

Verification plan: verification is used to verify the object by providing every requirement of the customer.

Some of the verifications systems executed the organizing of the system. It helps to studies the methods that are must have to test all the system for the completion of operations. For the verification, there are most of the ideas used to performed many operations and done by the process of verification. Finding the output, the various department has tested the operation and check the outcomes. Check the various functioning of the peripherals. There is the step of the confirmation that fill every condition are studied. In this verification, there are different systems for the working of all the plans.

Validation: It has been decided that the developed system meets the expected support and the operator for it has been developed meets the necessary requirements. The validity process is used to the end of the whole work. Validation is Use for the process to understand what the system uses for this purpose. Clients' needs for the purpose of the conference in the company.

Many phases of action involving Validation. Every test in the simple workplace that are available to the system are complete that are improving the system and suggests with the validation process. By using the operating system, in the validation process, there are no limitations in the system. The organization of verification and authentication also check the output have been considered.

Part II: Network redesign and Demonstration

This is a network redesign and demonstration section.

Computer design network with the help of protocols and there presentation

In the computer networking, I have discussed the network design and it is helpful for the customer. In the networking, most important point of design of networks such that we can easy to understand. The design network is used to make with the satisfaction of the client expectations. The network system is established on standard growth on future of business. The industry is decided to improve networking with the network design and then they are selected. The computer network design is used in the application. For network communication the IP/ or TCP protocol is used. And the "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)"is only helping to send the mail. And the FTP protocol is used to transfer the application or the assignment or the files. The network design is tested and accomplished by using the packet tracer. The switch helps to associate to shift the data with the packet.


Network requirement analysis and plan.jpg

» Switch



» Router


» PC1


Conclusion: -

We have discussed and studied computer networking, computer networking is a type of topology in computer science and it is the help to client for communication by using the computer networking. The computer networking is helps to design easily. It also used for the development of the network. And computer networking is very important for the business, companies, or other to improve the service of business and the increase them. In this assignment, I have totally found out the information about the networking, for the use of components of the computer network. I have to use the router and switch in this assignment because the switch and routers are the part of networking. Switch and routers are very important of the networking because this router and switches are most popular in networking. And they are handling the load of networking. And not crush the network. Also, it includes the computer hardware. In the computer hardware networking, there are also used the routers and switches. The networking is organized properly, after that the network I used to the handler the customer requirement.

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