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MECH0011 Manufacturing Technology And Materials, Middle East College, Oman


Introduction: A door is a panel that is used in covering an opening of a room, a building of a vehicle. In most cases door are made of a hard to break, semi-permeable hard to break substances. Most doors are made of wood or metal, however at times this may consist of just a strong glass window that is fixed into a frame to which the screens are fitted. In most cases, doors will be attached to hinges on the frame. To operate, the panel will be moved in different ways by sliding on the plan, parallel to the frame and through folding the middle angles for large doors(Neyses& Sandberg, 2015). At times this is also made possible by spinning towards a particular axis so that egress or ingress is prevented. For a good design it is often advice that the interior design of the door should march the exterior. However depending on the individual preferences the person can had different designs. The design of the doors will also communicate a lot of messages about the user as most often these doors contain with the symbolic, aesthetic or ritualistic purpose. For example when an individual is given a key to the door, it also means that they have been given a particular status in the group from becoming an outsider to an insider(Larson, 2015). Usually the doors and doorways will appear in arts, literature and allegorical or metaphorical import as part of change. The following task will come up with a door design for a main door of a house. The design in to only going to use the material that produced better results but will also consider materials that promote the user privacy, insulation, and guarantee that the property will remain secure. 

In this regard, the project is going to consider various aspects of door designs like the durability, usability and the cost benefits. The design will also be very innovative in regard to finishing, choice of Color, hinges and security purpose. When it comes to performance we shall also loom at the ability of the door to resist deformation due to different climates and manhandling. This is especially important since the door design is intended for public use.

Question 1: Product Analysis

Answer: In this case the door is going to have a locking mechanism that will restrict the number of people opening and closing the door. This means that the door will have doorbells or knockers that people outside will be using to announce the summon and presence(Larson, 2015). The project will consider three types of doors; wood, steel and steel aluminium doors.

Wood - for ages the wood design door has been used to make door frames however nowadays people prefer steel frames. The wooded door are good because they are light, easy to mound and are poor conductors of heat. This makes them the most preferred type of doors for a cold season(Biron, 2016). However, they pose a danger like catching fire easily and are easy to break in to.

Steel - Steel doors have come to replace the wooden doors as a sturdy option for internal and external door designs. The design is either solid or hollow. Usually the designs will come from pressed plates of channels, angles and steel(Biron, 2016). Also steel frames are economically feasible and used in most city house due to safety. During construction the mild steel sheets are going to be welded or riveted to frames that contain an angle iron or channel section which is adequately braced. The engineering of the cold rolled steel is designed in a way that ensure the steel doors are of high quality.

Steel and Aluminium - these are the most preferred doors in apartments and places that need resistance from high corrosion and mechanical damages. The mechanical constructions also may not be necessary when it comes to structuring and advanced design and there may not be compromise when it comes to the product architecture to the interior(Biron, 2016). Also good quality powder coating might be helpful to ensure the product adapts to different environments.


Question 2: Pictures


MECH0011 Manufacturing Technology And Materials.jpg

Exterior door design

Question 3: Existent Material

a. Introduction about the materials

Answer: In reference toBiron, (2016), the current demands looks at the main door and commercial residential property as itemized below:

• 100% Water Proof

• 100% Termite Proof

• Dimensionally stable

• Alkali/Acid Resistant

• Maintenance Free

• Flame Retardant

Question 4: A listing of common property

Answer: Based on the above requirements, the following are the technical specifications.

MECH0011 Manufacturing Technology And Materials 1.jpg

Question 5: Manufacturing Process

a. Raw Material

Answer: The wooden door manufacturing starts by choosing the finest materials available. In most cases the most preferred would is the Honduran Mahogany also scientifically known as the Swieteniamacrophylla which produces a superlative outlook for manufacturing of external doors due to its stability, natural beauty and does not decay easily. There are however other fine species to choose from that include Douglas fir, Spanish cedar, White Oak, Walnut, Larch and Black Cherry. However this will usually depend on the project demand and the customer desires(Wang, Cui, & Zhang, 2008).

b. Primary Manufacturing

Answer: The primary manufacturing process for the manufacturing of wooden door will include the cutting, molding, bending, assembly and laminating of different wooden materials. However the production process for wooden door will also including the shaping of the wood, molding different plasticshapes and extruding. Also the fashion and design trend is going to play a very important part of the primary process of production(Wang, Cui, & Zhang, 2008). The integration of the design will also look at both the functional qualities as part of the manufacturing process.


Question 6: Secondary process

Answer: During manufacturing each lumber slab will be hand selected for testing and grading to ensure that it has the right moisture content. It is critical to check the moisture content since excess moisture will make the final door product less stable and will be prone to twist, warp sell or shrink beyond the required tolerance. 

The next step is to ensure that each peace has hand faced, this means that all the twists and natural curves are going to be removed by hand at 1/16"at a time before any form of lumber or processing. This is a painstaking process by it is important as it ensures the production of fine wood for the door. Facing will ensure the door is flat, square and straight in both sides. It will later be reassessed for any defects to ensure it has met all the quality and standards. The lumber is them machined to ensure that the final shapes for different components of the door comes out("Review of Design and Material Selection for a Hybrid Vehicle," 2016). The carpenter will select from international best class meaning there will be n compromise in terms to quality assurance and precision.

As part of the process, the carpenter will utilize the insert tooling between the main pieces of equipment. This means that the tooling heads will be interchanged between the door equipment for completeness. Ensure that there is consistence in profiles and cuts whether it is 1 piece or 100 or it is a straight or curved area of the door. In regard to the process the knives will be computer matched and cut to ensure zero tolerance in regard to deviations. To also ensure reduction of tolerance issues, knives should not be re-ground which will affect the ultimate quality of the product. It is important to ensure that the product deficiency and scrap is kept at the maximum low(Neyses& Sandberg, 2015). This might me expensive and painstaking process by t in the end the final product door is assured to be long lasting and resistant to changing weather patterns.

Question 7: Tertiary Processes


MECH0011 Manufacturing Technology And Materials 2.jpg

In regard to the above process, the tertiary process of manufacturing will entail 15 procedures. The first step is to get the needed materials then the carpenter will check for the quality of materials. Due to the fact that this is wood, it will then be required to dry as required. Then third step will be to first manufacture the door frame which will include the manufacturing or rails and stiles and then assembling them. The third, fourth and fifth steps will also be done simultaneously(Neyses& Sandberg, 2015). It is important for one to first manufacture the center part of the door that is also referred to as the core of the door as part of manufacturing the window. Forexample Ply wood bands will be placed on different side's then hot press glued to the core board. The sixth steps will then assemble the parts from the third and fourth step. The sixth step is about curving and cutting. Then the door will be cleaned and sanded and cleaned so that it can be ready for lamination. The face lamination veneer is used in protecting the core to ensure the decoration of the door. After the process of lamination, the veneer edge will then be lipped with edge bandings. It will also protect the veneer from being ripped from the door. The next step will ensure cuttings for the lock, hinges and holes where curving is also done in the steps as well(Ota &Enoki, 2010). The door will then be sent to the painting department to add to decorative and protective paintings. This will be done in three layers of normal painting. After the painting is dried the door accessories are installed. This installation will also depend on what the customer requires.

Conclusion: In conclusion the design andmanufacturing of doors is a strenuous process and entails different steps and procedures. It is important to consider different aspects like the costs, measurements among other factors.

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