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MR2226 Competition Team Operations Assignment - Team Operational and Compliance Review, University of Central Lancashire, UK


This assignment assesses the following Learning Outcomes of this module:

1. Plan for, and comply with, industry & legal compliance regulations.

2. Evaluate and assess team and car performance.

3. Asses drivers role as a professional sportsperson

REQUIRED - Write a report evaluating the performance of the whole team for one of the motorsport events in which you participated during the year. The event you review must be one in which you played an active member of a motorsport team.

Answer -


Motorsport is defined as a group of competitive sport which involves the utilization of motorized vehicle for competition in the race track. It is an integration of manufacturing, mechanical and electrical engineering to be presented in one field. It encompasses the competition of two-wheeled or four-wheeled motorised vehicles under the banner of a motorsport organisation. In January 2019, my team has participated in Formula 1 car racing which was sanctioned by the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR). Since it was four-wheeled motorsport, it was governed by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). There are many types of Motorsports that are governed by the organization viz., low-speed trials on the slippery hillsides and high-speed circuit racing (Couto Lai Tang and Boyce 2017). However, the competition we have participated in is a high-speed circuit racing. In this event, I was the car chief of my team. The report outlines the regulation and industry standards for the race event and also describes the role of driver and team members for a successful car race.


Team compliance with legislation, regulation, and industry standard during the event

The Motorsport event was executed according to the local transport regulation with ensuring safety and fair play with four wheelers Motorsport. These regulations were proposed and designed by specialist committees and then further analysed by the Motorsports council. All the participants of the team are required to abide by these assigned regulations of the event. They have a specific Code of conduct, which represents the guidelines and expectations with respect to the behaviour and conduct of the team members. Some of the prescribed guidelines by the Code of conduct includes our preparedness, honesty, good sportsmanship, road safety, and compliance with the law (Sambuco 2018). It expects all the drivers to drive cautiously, mindfully, and carefully by abiding with the law. Control of noise is also considered as an important segment of maintaining regulation. All the governing and regulatory bodies for the sport defines the rules and regulations to promote consistent competition within the race teams and maintain safety on the race track. The team members involved during the practice, qualifying, and actual Motors sport include driver, car chief, crew chief, engineers, technicians, and spotter. Being the car chief, I was responsible for supervising my team and ensuring that the sports car meets all the specified standards by NASCAR. In addition to this, I was also actively involved with the pit crew on the pit stops. The driver of the car is considered as the central communication link within the car to the other team members (Lowes 2018). He is regarded as the on board computer who relays the updated information to his team members. The assigned regulation plays an important role in their decision-making strategy. During this car race, we were strictly instructed to follow the regulation or else we will be disqualified. This regulation was applicable during practice, qualifying and the actual race. It is evident that during high-speed racing, the communication between the driver and the team decision-maker plays an important role in a successful performance (Haynes and Robeers 2019). Hence the entire success of the team is mostly dependent on how well the car chief and driver communicate with each other, as well as on other human behavioural components. These behavioural components include mental modelling, communication, and situational awareness. Federation of International Development l' Automobile (FIA) is considered as the sole international governing body whose regulations considered for international sporting code (ISC) (Næss 2017). It sets all the rules and regulation event of international status which are consonant words safety and fairness for the team members. All our team members abided by the instructed rules and regulations during the racing period. In addition to this, there are also some other standards to be cleared prior to the actual race such as health and safety standards, driving standards, and noise test standards (Owen King and Lamb 2015). All our team successfully cleared the specified industrial standard and qualified for the actual car race.


The management, technical, and commercial aspect of team operation during the event

The primary objective of our racing team is to reduce lap times by increasing the speed. This objective during a race event is achieved by sticking car tires to the race track surface when the car driver drives on both sides of the race track, either on the straightaways or on the corners. The driver of the car holds the maximum responsibility for our team success. Being the driver, he has to make a balance between the tires parameters, fuel performance, speed, and mechanical equipment reliability. According to the theory of engine horsepower, tire grip of a race car is directly proportional to the speed of the car in corners and race track turns (Couto Lai Tang and Boyce 2017). In a racing event, three concepts are taken into consideration, that is, race track, race car and driver (Owen King and Lamb 2015). However, these concepts keep on changing constantly as the psychological, environmental and mechanical condition changes. There are basically two types of issues that arise during handling a race car, 1) push and 2) loose (Cammaerts Morse and Kidera 2019). The push situation arises when the rear end of the race car consists of more grip than the front one, and the loose situation arises when vice versa occurs. Other factors which have an impact on tire grip are race track condition, the weight distribution of race car, track bars, sway bars, casters, springs, and shocks. A careful and optimal adjustment of these described factors has helped in improving race car handling. From my experience, the suspension springs in the race car were affected by increased speed as well as angular track taken by the car. However, the driver did some optimal adjustment to the spring which resulted in enhanced speed and reduced elapsed time of the overall car. Our team was able to build an effective and synchronize bond with the driver, race car, and race track. The race event was broadcasted publically on the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) for commercial purposes (Melzer and Zech 2018). The team uses radio from communicating with each other in between the noisy race event. The radios used for this event are of a durable, robust and high broadcasting quality which can facilitate clear communication. Moreover, for increasing the aerodynamics and engine technologies, the ongoing race car research team continuously explains, increases and troubleshoots the race car issue. When the race car stops at the pit stop in between the racing event, our team especially the engineers and mechanics do a technical discussion with the driver, related to race even set up at the race track (Van Leeuwen de Groot and Happee 2017). The effectiveness of these discussions are found to be effective when the time duration for completion of race is minimum and there is a sudden change in track condition, and there is an increase in pressure to make the critical adjustment. Apart from this, we have also evaluated and enhanced car performance. In this context tires, kinetic energy recovery system (KERS), Energy efficiency, carbon filter, and technological equipped are checked and mortified during the practice event (Yildirim-Yenier Vingilis, and Wiesenthal 2016). Our team members are potential to deliver appropriate communication and decision making skill in a high-pressure situation, which depicts a perfect example of effective teamwork. All the team members including the driver, crew chief, engineers, and other technical staffs possess the appropriate knowledge related to car seat off, driver perforins, car performance, and driver performance. Each of them has a clear intention to assess more intelligence and deliver the same to the driver on the race track and make him win.


The team's impact on competition performance and results during the event

The primary goal of our team is to win the car race as well as win the championship. Our team spent months for designing, developing, examining and fulfilling each aspect of the car. The chemistry within the team is described as how they function, interact communicate and agree. There should be an effective, accurate and meaningful transfer of information between the driver and the crew chief along with other team members (Hassan and Harding 2018). For effective communication, the crew chief and driver have adopted specific terminology as well as dialectic expression. This form of communication makes them understand what changes are required for their race car during it is driven around the race track. Further, the communication is also translated into particular miserable and quantitative raising attributes which helped the team to make mechanical adjustments in the race car. During the event, the driver made the translation of precise mechanical cognition into effective articulation to describe car performance to the other team members, which ultimately helped in increasing the chance for proper adjustment of the car. The final output on the racing track can be called as the combined effort of teamwork. At the decisive point, the driver of the team who puts all his knowledge and experience on the track related to the racecraft and car to pursue victory. Our team comprises of 16 + who are expert in their task at the pit stop. Out of them, three-member are allocated to each wheel. One member is assigned for the front and rear jacks while an additional member is given the responsibility of engine start gear and the remaining lollipop man to hold the driver in the pit (Wertman Gaston and Heisel 2016). Perfect teamwork helps the driver to get into and out of the pit stop speedily and win the challenge. Despite our enormous effort, we were able to achieve the runner up position in the race.



After analysing the practical experience in several motorsports event, it is conclusive that there is still several scope of improvement required in motorsports events in different aspects. It is no doubt that the racing drivers require multi-faced cognitive and physical abilities to perform multitasking situation. The organizers and other nongovernmental agencies should provide opportunities and facilities to the participating team members for improving their fitness and performance. The brand which ensures the team for commercial purposes should also invest in the physical as well as technical development of the team members. With the increasing demand for Motorsports, training programs and testing physical conditions required for long distance racing should be conducted. The organizers should also plan to increase the number of audiences and attract more tourism on the basis of Motorsports (Yildirim-Yenier Vingilis, and Wiesenthal 2016). Thus, the strategy of investing in Motorsport tourism will not only benefit economically but also will boost the confidence of the team members. All these factors are important to be considered, however improving training and other facilities for the team members should be the prior objective. Motorsports is all about the game of speed and, the car manufacturers should focus on designing race cars having more power and improved fuel efficiency. Moreover, to maintain the relevance of Motorsport in the future, there is a need to transform the car from force power to cognitive power for developing it into an intelligent and efficient tool. Hence, the organizer and automobile industry should take into consideration the environmental aspects in relation to the event. Powertrain technologies in a sports car should be introduced which promotes less fuel usage and liberates less carbon dioxide to the environment (Fatemi Ionel and Popescu 2016). Otherwise, they can also improve the car engine by using superchargers, air filters, cold air intake kit, and making lightweight.


The report summarizes that motorsport is a combined effort of team members towards designing, manufacturing and executing parts of the final car which will represent the team. The team victory is an overall product of effort of each member, who is trying to make the maximum utilization of resources and money spent. It is believed that the recommendation provided in the report will be useful and beneficial for motorsport organisers in the future. Further, other areas for improvement within the racing environment should also be taken into consideration by local authority and event organisers for its smooth functioning.


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