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COMP30018 Systems Project Management, Middle East College, Oman


Task 2: Write a scope statement for the selected project. You can read the article "Improve Project Success with Better Scope Management".

1. Justification: A brief statement on the business need your project addresses.

Answer: The following project will address the business need for an interactive mobile application that can be used by school teachers for sharing knowledge and information. This kind of software would be useful for teachers, as they would be able to interact with each other seamlessly, and enjoy endless benefits from it.

For instance, if any issue arises regarding students or their academics, the platform will enable them to consult other teachers, both within and without their educational institution to find out the best ways for mitigating it. Moreover, since almost every aspect of our daily lives is being promoted through digital media and the internet (Hargittai and Hinnant, 2008), having an interactive application designed exclusively for the teachers would help them easily look for the resources they need, and access the information that is relevant to them.
Furthermore, it will help the teachers to grow as individuals, since they will have the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences with hundreds of other teachers, both from their campus and across others. This will help all the teachers grow together as a team, and minimise the existing skill gaps (Jackson and Bruegmann, 2009). It will also motivate them as their confidence grows, and increase the job satisfaction.

Pre-existing knowledge will also be preserved, together with the encouragement of social connection and interaction between the teachers. They will also be able to further strengthen their team-building by reaching out to those felloweducators who need their assistance (Pawan, et al., 2003). Teachers are perhaps the most important part of any society, as they are the individuals responsible for taking care of the young minds that would tomorrow run their country (Cherng and Halpin, 2016). Thus, such an initiative to enable them to increase the operational efficiencies while reducing their redundant efforts would be a very welcome move.

2. Objective: the goal and measurable objectives of the proposed system.

Answer: In order to justify the objectives of the project, the SMART framework would be used to explain the different facets -

Specific: This requires that the objective of the project must be specific, focused and well-defined(Jung, 2007). In this case, the objective is to help teachers in schools create a strong network among themselves for utilising the available information and resources to the maximum extent in the best possible manner. This will in turn enable them to be better educators, thereby helping the young minds they are responsible for.

Measurable: Any business project that is undertaken must have a clearly outlined objective that is measurable (Bjerke and Renger, 2017). The lack of numbers or measuring systems will only make it more difficult to assess the degree to which the intervention has been successful. In this case, the measurable part comes into play regarding the objectives for the software initiative as the software will collect the permitted data from the users and evaluate it to assess how they have been helped by the knowledge-sharing platform. This data will later help make the necessary changes within the application to enhance their experience and also to get rid of the bugs.

Achievable: It is important to ensure that the goals and objectives set by a project is realistic and achievable. If the business plan is not feasible, then there is no point in going forward with it (Tofade, Khandoobhai and Leadon, 2012). In this case, the Muscat ICT Systems Development Company will intend to develop a seamless mobile application interface to help teachers share their knowledge and experiences, and the target would be to increase the number of users to at least a hundred within the first week of the launch.

Relevant: The business goals that are achievable are based on the relevance they have with respect to the current business climate, the market, and other realities (Jung, 2007). In Oman, the education industry is an ever-booming one, especially now that many women are also coming forward and empowering themselves. The launch of this software is therefore very much relevant to the current conditions.

Time-Based: In this regard, the objective of the project would be to gain at least a hundred users within the first week, with goals to increase the number exponentially over the next couple of weeks. The setting of specific time frames will further help to keep track of the project's progress.

3. Product scope description: The characteristics of the products, services, and/or results your project will produce.

Answer: Product scope definition: The characteristics of the application can be listed as -

1. Every teacher will have to login to the application portal by using a unique username and password. This password shall have to be changed every 28 days after which it will automatically lapse.

2. The portal will also request the users to enter the name of the institution they are affiliated with. It shall be verifiable by clicking an automated link that would be sent to their institutional or official email ID.

3. Teachers will be able to ask questions, share their answers, and participate in numerous discussion forums. This can be done via either text messages or through voice interaction.

The results of the application development can be specified as -

1. The need for changing the password every 4 weeks will be introduced to help maintain a strong security across the platform. It will minimise the risks of the accounts being hacked.

2. The elaborate system off verifying the ID via mail will ensure that only genuine users get access to the knowledge-sharing platform, thereby reducing the risk of spammers and internet trolls.

3. Teachers will be able to increase their scope of knowledge by interacting with hundreds and thousands of other educators. The option of choosing either text or vocal responses will possibly be preferred by many, especially by those who are not very tech-savvy and find it a little inconvenient to type queries on the small mobile screens.


4. Stakeholder: Identify and analyzing the benefit and impact of the stakeholder.

Answer: A list of the possible stakeholders, and the benefits or impacts they will have on the mobile application can be summarised as below -

1. Experienced developers: These are not the individuals who would be involved with the project or the development of the mobile application itself, but those who would be using the application with full knowledge of how it has been constructed or programmed.

2. End-users: These are the teachers who would be using the mobile application for informational and knowledge-sharing purposes. They will form the most important stakeholders of this project, since they are the direct customers of the service that is being provided.

3. Mobile phone users: Individuals who use mobile phones will also have an important impact on the application that is being developed. This is because mobile users would have the scope of learning about the application from their peers and through advertisements, and might convert into potential customers for the project.

4. Users of competitor's software: They can also be categorised as the potential future customers. If the project is well-received by the target markets, there is a high chance that these individuals would switch to using the new platform.

5. Limitations of the proposed system.

Answer: There are limitations for every proposed system, as no project can ever be truly accurate. For instance, in this project, the individuals or the teachers who would be involved with the platform will be able to learn through a collaborative learning system (Mancilla-Amaya, Saninand Szczerbicki, 2010). In other words, the information shared will be done so by a large number of people, making it difficult to detect and filter our answers that are irrelevant or inappropriate.

6. Interfaces of the proposed System.

Answer: The interface of the proposed software would be extremely simple and lucid. The code will be so designed as to make the user experience free from hassle of any sort. The security features implemented will be strengthened over time to protect the data of the users. They will be provided with the option of choosing whether they want to share their information with the developers or not, thus giving them more control over their privacy.

7. Cost, timeline and budget.

Answer: The cost of making the app has been set at 10,500 OMR. The timeline for the project can be explained with the help of the following Gantt Chart -

COMP30018 Systems Project Management.jpg

The table below describes the budget breakdown of the project -




500 OMR


2,000 OMR

In-app purchases

1,000 OMR


500 OMR


5000 OMR

User profile

1,000 OMR

Report abuse

500 OMR


10,500 OMR

(Table 2: Budget allocation for the project)

Task 3: Upon review of the scope presented in task 2, the management of Muscat ICT Systems Development Company decides to include sustainable factors into the project. Identify, Analyze and present five factors to be included in the scope document of task 2 to make the project sustainable.

Answer: Five factors for making the project sustainable: Sustainable development of a project relates to the management of policy changes and assets as related to the project itself (Redclift, 2002). The economic, social as well as the environmental impacts of the project are important sustainable factors that should be considered to make the project sustainable. In fact, they are often referred to as the three pillars of sustainability.

1. Economic: This will require that the development of the application must not violate any norms pertaining to the economic guidelines of Oman. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the project managers and developers to ensure that the resources are used efficiently, and the profit incurred is used to sustain the activities in return (Saravanamuthu, 2004).

2. Social: The aim of social sustainability is to achieve stability and harmony and work towards the social well-being of the entire country as a whole (Littig and Griessler, 2005). This is an extremely important aspect that must be considered in this case particularly, as the application will have numerous implications on a social spectrum.

3. Environmental: This implies, that the project being developed must remain within the limits of the natural resources (Melville, 2010). In order to ensure this, it must be maintained, that there is no indiscriminate consumption of any resources, be it exhaustible or not, during the application development process.

4. Business strategy: It is more than important to just understand the organisational goals, etc that must be taken into account while progressing with a particular project (Figge, et al., 2002). The developer must create a plan for identifying as well as understanding the environment of the business, while instilling unique value propositions and developing a business strategy or model that I sustainable and supportive.

5. Capacity for delivering: The talent, infrastructure, and other facets and processes that are necessary for the execution of the business goals are to be taken into consideration (Brinkerhoff and Morgan, 2010). These are important since they will determine the social impact that the development of the application would have. In other words, the goal of the development must be in alignment with sustainability.


Task 4: The Risk Management Plan: Identify the risk can be arise based on the following scenario and explain the way of mitigation from those risk.

Answer: Risks and strategies to mitigate risks

Speed: Snappy reaction to the solicitation is legitimately corresponding to the end client fulfilment. A great deal of business people sell their thought with speed being one of their essential selling focuses. Along these lines speed can likewise be a piece of business chance. So how to address the speed related dangers?

Hazard relief systems for speed related dangers:

• It is critical to ensure that the execution targets are the end client prerequisites and not some director's goals

• One ought to dependably think about the reaction time numbers and execution of framework with its prior discharges/contender's practically identical counter

• Execution test must re-enact the generation conduct and subsequently the remaining task at hand ought to be structured remembering the creation load on the framework

• Execution test results from the prior discharge must be utilized to take choices in regards to the application, framework structure and design

• Execution tests must incorporate exchanges that devour more (than others) assets, business streams that are most execution basic and exchanges that are additional time-basic

• Have generation like information volume in the execution test database to reproduce creation condition conduct while testing

• Make arrangement for execution of execution tests amid occasional exercises like every day clump runs, and so forth.

• Execute different rounds of tests to guarantee consistency in results

• Execute tests under various exchange load levels and in various situations

• Ensure that the information produced/put away in the database amid the test pursues the business tenets and rationale and no information is adulterated

Versatility: Versatility is another basic viewpoint that one considers while planning the application and keeping in mind that directing the execution tests. Each group tries to assemble a versatile application that doesn't flop under anticipated high loads. In such situations, one's objective is to not demonstrate any blunder to the end client and not lose information.

Hazard relief methodologies for adaptability related dangers:

• Test the application under shifting number of client loads and think about the outcomes crosswise over various tests

• Take a stab at repeating generation load and execute the test with same burden at ordinary and pinnacle levels

• Configuration tests that can legitimately co-relate this present reality business issues

• At the point when come to at emphasize point where the application breaks, steadily decrease the heap and note the execution numbers for every one of the heap volume. At that point distinguish the heap (greatest burden) at which the framework can meet the business SLAs (regarding execution numbers)

• After the test guarantee that the application has made substantial database passages and front end reaction posttest execution

• Continuously go marginally past the normal pinnacle load and assess the conduct of the framework under such a heap

Security: Security includes unwavering quality, uptime and recoverability. Security issues are distinguished out of execution, stress and long span tests.

Hazard moderation techniques for strength related dangers:

• Perseverance tests must be arranged well and those must reproduce long span situation for the application like that underway

• Screen servers for their key counters (db use, memory usage) while directing pressure tests

• Cut down one part of the framework (or foundation) while leading execution tests and measure its effect on the framework amid the test.

• Apply a fix to the framework while being execution tried

• Reboot the whole foundation and after that test the framework. Contrast these outcomes and tests without reboot

• Power negative tests amid the execution tests

• Accordingly utilizing these key alleviation methodologies, practically all framework and business related dangers can be tended to.


Performance test environment (mis)management: The performance testing environment must be fit for purpose; otherwise you risk misleading results. You need an accurate understanding of how the environment differs from production in terms of configuration, horizontal and vertical scale, and database content. There must be a reliable process to restore the environment to a known state and, perhaps most important of all, test environments should be centrally owned, managed and provisioned. Finally, unless you really have no choice, try to keep performance testing environments for performance testing, as shared usage greatly increases the risk of environment inconsistency.

Not creating an accurate workload model: The workload model (WLM) is the foundation of any performance testing requirement, so it must be an accurate reflection of anticipated application usage. Taking short-cuts with the design risks invalidating your testing. You should consider the WLM as the blueprint for your performance testing requirement describing all the assets that need to be created to performance test effectively. It should always be based on empirical data collected by the business and validated by solution architects. The WLM must describe load distribution across use cases for volume, stress, and soak test scenarios, including realistic pacing and an appropriate distribution and provision of load injection. Where possible, it should also describe the performance metrics to be collected and trended, particularly those specific to the application tech-stack.

Lack of environment metrics: It is vital that you monitor the environment when performance testing. The current crop of performance test toolsets provides plenty of useful analysis from the perspective of the application client; however, to effectively triage problems or establish a meaningful performance benchmark you must understand how the load you generate impacts the hosting infrastructure. At an absolute minimum monitor CPU, available memory, disk, network I/O, and any additional metrics identified as part of the WLM. As a final note, make sure the monitoring interval you select will provide enough data for meaningful statistical analysis. I recommend a minimum of every 30 seconds.

Conclusion: Effective performance testing relies on an accurate workload model, a dedicated test environment that is truly fit for purpose and confidence that you are monitoring, and capturing all the essential KPI metrics that relate to your application. If you choose to short-cut any of these key requirements you risk a misleading view of your application's true performance and scalability, which could result in a very black Friday.

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