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Automation Business Assignment Help

a. Identify the occupation and the percentage ascribed to its &quot;Automation Potential.”

b. Assess the occupation in terms of 2 or more of the 6 activity types.

c. Discuss steps, building on your likely strengths and growth opportunities from the IPIP Big Five Personality Assessment, that will assist you in achieving your occupation and career


1.0 Introduction

Automation process dwells in exercising information in order to reduce the cost of the processing and funding. Yet it needs to fulfill the criteria of the quality improvement. The main criteria of this process are to improve its productivity. Thus the main purpose of this process is to increase the speed of the job without compromising with its quality.

2.0 Main Body


A process of automation of jobs is in demand. Many sectors are following this tactic. This process can bring a revolution in the business.

Moreover, the initiation of this process can reduce the workload to a considerable level. This is not about being entirely technology dependent, but human inputs are also required simultaneously. Many activities are associated with this process. Namely, reduction of workload, bringing up practical ideas, drives new methods (Acevedo et al. 2016). Shortly, this process is going to have a thorough command. Leading institutes are working on their success rate s. However, there may be apprehension in human minds.

The graph relating to the workforce represents the fact of how much automation could be generated potentially in different kind of sectors. Many sectors depend on a human. These areas of sectors are not technically viable. This sector depends on human efforts. There are very few sectors which depend on total automation. The range is about five per cent. More than half of the sectors depend on human Endeavour. The percentage of these sectors is more than fifty per cent, and near about 30 per cent of their workload is an automobile. [Referred to Appendix 1]

2.2 Overview

Future of work in Automation process would have a change. However, that does not prove the fact that there will be unemployment issues (Chui Manyika & Miremadi, 2015). Only the factors that can come on board are that the method of working may go through a sudden change.

Though there can be some declination in occupation, as the machine will perform more efficiently the work in lesser time than a human, also as a machine would get generated in the workplace so would evolve a significant modification.

The evaluation between the current and future job on the prospect of automation is done on the job that involves production. In this aspect, much work is dependent on machines. Currently, many sectors are using automatic manufacturing tools to increase their product production (Dunlap & Lacity, 2017). This sector has been able to reduce a lot of work pressure and has been able to improve the quality of work. In future also this sector will indulge them into an automacy process so that the work pressure is reduced.

2.3 Action

In five to ten years I would like an alignment towards the job in financial sectors.  It requires. In this sector, there is much scope in developing automation. More relevantly the alignment of automation in the banking sector would be a huge success, as it involves a direct connection between customers to the bank service manager directly. This automation can be profitable. A digital transaction will help to gain customer satisfaction, but there can be a threat to it.

Manage in automation potential helps to transform a complex work into a simpler one.

Expertise in automation will help in gaining practicality and productivity in work.

An interface in automation helps to upgrade the work feasibly.

Unpredictable physical: Unpredictable jobs like forestry, construction requires a tremendous amount of interference of the machines. [Referred to Appendix 2]

Predictable physical: Predictable real jobs could be cooking, soldering welding requires a large amount of human interference.

Collect data: Collection of data is more comfortable and almost perfect if there is a support of automation.

It requires less time.

Process data: Processing of data is faster in automation. IT gives an immediate result.

a.The occupation and the percentage ascribed to its "Automation Potential.”

Automation potential is more visible in the occupation of production. It involves machines to increase the quality of products and would involve less time and efforts (Willcocks,  Lacity & Craig, 2017). Percentage of this process is more than 90%.

b.The occupation in terms of 2 or more of the 6 activity types

The activity types of production automation are:

Intact automation: In intact automation, the series of production is fixed. This is also known as hard automation.

Programmable automation: This automation involves the production in groups. The range could be smaller to higher.

Versatile Automation: This is skilled automation that involves high productivity.

c. Discussing steps in regards to strengths and growth opportunities from IPIP Big Five Personality Assessment

IPIP big five personality test is the most ordinary but famous test to develop. This test involves following steps like experience openness, sociability and positive attitude, neuroticism, dependability towards fulfilling organizational goal which contains 50 points with the record where one is equal to disprove  five is equal to approve, and three is equal to neutral. This marker would be helpful to develop my personality as it will look upon my following qualities i.e. my receptiveness, my pithiness, my psychoneurosis, and my power of agreeability. 

3.0 Conclusion

Automation system should be incorporated in a business with proper preparation. There should not be any sort of hesitancy while incorporating this process in a full- fledged way. The main aim for applying this process is to get the result of any operation faster. Thus we conclude that this process supports time management, cost reduction and efficiency in work.


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