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1. Why do I want to be a Military Officer?

2. What does society expect from me as a Military Officer?

3. What are three of my responsibilities as a soon to be Military Officer?

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Question one

There are several reasons that I have for joining military. My first decision is based on the fact that I love assisting in promoting an environment that aims at quality judgment in everything an individual does. Apart from that, I am an individual who enjoy team building and assisting other people to ensure that my country achieves its goals. Apart from that, my urge to become a military officer is prompted by the fact that I had shown my capability as an individual that can lead, perform responsibilities as per the direction of the authority, and accept the different situations and environment in which military soldiers are always exposed to in the world of today. I have passion of serving my country and making it a greater place for others to live and do their daily business.

From the work I have done and the areas I have served, I believe that I have a command and skills in leadership, however, being a soldier will assist me to be exposed to multiple scenarios that will strengthen my leadership skills according to Robinson, (2017). I believe in following what my leaders do and I hid to the instruction. From what I have learnt, military is about following instruction. My passion to serve my country in challenging moments cannot be successfully without following instruction and using the experience to innovate better ways of doing things.

Question two

The expectation varies from one society to another depending on the situation and circumstance. However, the common things or character traits that the society expect from me as a military officer include good leadership. By good leadership it means that the society expect me to carry out in an organized manner in every circumstance. For example, I should be able to take my responsibilities and provide solution to challenging scenarios according to Johnson, (2015). Apart from that, the society expect me to uphold the meaning of a great community which is guided by morals. When am the one in command I should in a position to direct other individuals to do what they are expected to do at a particular. The second expectation is my capability to defend the nation any time there is a crisis in reference to Rapp, (2015). The ability to defend means being competent at all times. Therefore I should be able to learn my surroundings and react as fast as possible. The last expectation from a military soldier is ethics. Ethics deals with doing what is right at any particular time.

Question three

The following are the three main roles that and responsibilities that I will do as soon as I join military:

i. Enforcing the army standards

Like any other organization that depend on standard the military has specific rules that every member should focus on when in the team. Therefore, it will be my role as an army officer to ensure that I work according to the standards given by the authority according to Gibson, (2016).

ii. Accomplishing mission

Mission refers to a specific duty that the military has to do at a specific period of time. When assuming the responsibility of a military officer I will be given mission to tackle. It is the expectation of the leadership that I should accomplish the mission according to the rules and guidelines.

iii. Defend

Defending the country against attack and other enemies. Defense is one of the primary role of military. When defending one should apply multiple tactics to ensure that the enemy do not succeed in attacking the nation. You cannot be an army and be friend to the enemy of the country. The main goal of the nation protecting the country is to ensure people live peacefully.

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