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HI5017 Managerial Accounting Assignment Help

1. Identify any three specific examples of the different types of management accounting methods and techniques from the case

2. Are MAS relevant to contemporary organisations? Discuss this with reference to:

i) What evidence is there from the case company? Include examples in your answer

ii) Compare and contrast this finding with one other journal article you will need to find that has discussed about management accounting systems in another real-life company or companies. Did this second study have similar findings as the first chosen article, or mixed and/or different findings? Explain with examples

3. What conclusions can be made about the relevance in today’s competitive and uncertain business environment?

4. Provide four specific outcomes or lessons learned from each of the two articles research findings that will be useful for management accountants in Austrailian companies to learn from and justify your answer

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Management accounting comprises of the inward frameworks that an association or organization uses to gauge and assess its procedures for the appropriate administration of the concerned organization. Financial Accounting manages to provide data to those outside the association, for example, investors and loan grantors. The essential objective of management accounting is to give data to interior basic leadership, with an accentuation on arranging and control purposes. Choices made by the managers depend significantly on accounting information. Thus, Management Accounting System (MAS) is an integrated system prevailing or incorporated within an organization to assess and evaluate the efficacy of the persisting processes of management. From a managerial point of view, the usefulness of MAS lies in the incorporation of the ability to formulate informed decisions.

The investigation of this study categorically depends on two articles in accordance with top-to-bottom semi organized meetings with accounting and financial experts in a worldwide organization that as of late actualized a cutting edge on the modern management accounting framework.

1. Identify any three specific examples of the different types of management accounting methods and techniques from the case 

A tool of management accounting is a system, model, method or process that empowers the executives’ bookkeepers to: improve execution; encourage basic leadership; bolster vital objectives and achievable; and generally, includes esteem. In accordance with the facts and viabilities of the mentioned case study, it has been observed that there has been the utilization of certain specific tools, methods or techniques for enhancing the feasibility of the approach and the matter concerned. It helped to add a tinge of precision to the facts and findings of the study. Different management accounting instruments and methods are efficient in enabling businesses to understand inner and external circumstances and thus help the business adopt policies or manage its accounting facilities to satisfy the organization's requirements. Several instruments are used for accounting management:

Analysis of the flow of funds

Financial planning

Budgetary control

Cash Flow analysis

Standard costing

Marginal costing

The most important objective of an employer is to make sure about the maximisation of income as this device is considered as a best tool for assembly organisational goals. Profit and loss account alongside with balance sheet within a definite duration of time is a useful evaluation device that helps a commercial enterprise to analyse its charge of growth. This can additionally be effective for human beings to deal with the operations that would be assistive for the businesses for looking after the enterprise concerns. Additionally, value accounting is also high quality for evaluating the predetermined fee of data, product or comparable others (Lopez-Valeiras, Gomez-Conde and Naranjo-Gil, 2015). This device is standard for evaluating the statistics and difference of statistics of such merchandise or other aspects. Standard costing is predetermined fee that is used as a yardstick that is used for measuring authentic performance of the company. With the help of marginal costing technique promoting price, determination of satisfactory sale mix, different substances and resources are determined for higher drift of offerings and merchandise inside an organisation. Among other tools and techniques, decision-making accounting technique is viewed to be the fantastic method as this is effective as first-class and worthwhile device for business (Kaplan and Atkinson, 2015). In order to select the fantastic alternative, the companies can get assisted with the afore-mentioned tool. Apart from the stated tools, statistical methods are useful for doing away with administration hurdles. 

To achieve and set up organisational goals, underneath laid are certain positive strategies that are used for countless organizations for future gain of a company.

Constraint analysis

This kind of evaluation is used for identifying precept components related to an organisation and also assist companies to plan bottlenecks so that these are fine for producing excessive quantity of income and profit. two

Margin analysis

This technique is ordinarily worried with the blessings of more advantageous production as this is among the most basic tool within managerial accounting. This additionally entails the breakeven point for optimising income combine in appreciate the merchandise produced by means of the company (McLaren, Appleyard and Mitchell, 2016).

Product costing and stock valuation

The product costing signifies about the calculation and delegation of the overhead prices on the products of the company. Inventory valuation is all about identifying and comparison of real costs of the commodities and different inventories of the company.

Forecasting and trend analysis

Trend analytics and forecasting are concerned with identifying the sample and trends of prices of the merchandise with the assistance of unusual variances from the forecasted values.

Accounting cycle

This is a holistic technique that caters to file and procedure financial transactions of an agency and then it is presented as a monetary statement. Hence, in order to keep the process, it is crucial to observe the accounting cycle (Rikhardsson, 2017). 


Figure 1: Accounting Cycle

(Source: Rikhardsson, 2017)

Considering instances from “The Case of a Newly Implemented Modern Management Accounting System in a Multinational Manufacturing Company”, occasion of Company A, equipment and techniques of administration accounting, the company regarded the tools and methods for meeting the choice making needs. The business enterprise additionally makes use of such tools for placing overall key performance indicators (KPI) and cope with operational process of decision-making (Ismail, Isa and Mia, 2018). Additionally, such methods are used for strategic decision-making, tactical and operational process of decision making. However, it has been found that the management accounting has countless challenges that adversely impacts the accountant is in staffing, tax reform, cyber security and commoditization. These are positive principal issues that are required to be viewed via the accountants of each and every organisation. It is critical for the accountants to evaluate specific tools and methods that can be fantastic for enhancing their administration accounting process (Watts et al., 2014).

2. Are MAS relevant to contemporary organisations? Discuss this with reference to:

i) What evidence is there from the case company? Include examples in your answer

From the concerned study, it can be evaluated the distinct association as Company A is to protect the identity of the enterprise and their elements that has been chosen for the scope alongside with it get admission to in 27 nations that includes income to around 100 countries. The relevance of the organization in the precise find out about that information from the manufacturing organizations used to be procured for comparing and to defining the presence of the organisation in the global firms was once procured for contrasting and to assist in defining the presence of the employer in the international market. The information that has been handy for Company A can help to depict that the organisations is amongst the pinnacle 10 organizations in capitalization of the market along with gross sales. As opined by Watts et al., (2014), the implementation and proper utilization of the management account structures in a multinational agency to grant a realistic point of view on the techniques by which enterprise can perceive the relevance of administration accounting. In aggregate with the requirements to management with desirable utilization alongside with the several kinds and scope of the MAS which can help to triggering to organising for incorporation for imparting a suggestion that management accounting statistics for concerned organisation which can preserve certain existence however now not relevant at the strategic level (Watts et al., 2014). The most distinguished relevance can be derived when the Company A can take decisions in order to pressure again to the point of initiation alternatively than making positive transformation to the new systems.

The organization listed in this research has included the management account scheme which includes a range of organizational transactions, but the choice of technologies that Company A can use can assist to comprehend and comprehend the technique and methods. The Management Accounting System choice was chosen to integrate a number of methods to execute the organizations. The JIT, TQM, benchmarking and standard costing can be created with SAP R/3 technologies. Each person involved in the scheme can search for data based on any technique. The system can enable these methods to be used

ii) Compare and contrast this finding with one other journal article you will need to find that has discussed about management accounting systems in another real-life company or companies. Did this second study have similar findings as the first chosen article, or mixed and/or different findings? Explain with examples

The important findings that have been derived from the first find out about is that the management accounting preferences that can assist them from to be extensive. The chosen of an inappropriate approach can help in unsafe effect on the strategic and operational functioning alongside with positioning (Messner, 2016). The Company A has integrated a system that can help to encompass performance that encompasses various enterprise functions which can be regarded to be useful however in terms that are actual and can truly assist to furnish records that is required for the users. Utilizing the applied sciences like SAP R/3 can help to grant guide to the operations of the concerned organization and rationalizing a variety of unique systems that can be regarded to be the most outstanding triggers. The improvement of the device alongside with quite a number of materials two of management accounting systems can supply upward jostle to complexities for Company A. The complexities that can be related with administration account structures can be beyond some managers. This can yield to lack of pride of the customers and inflicting issue to the effectiveness of incorporation of SAP R/3 (Quattrone, 2016).

The administration accounting can assist to enhance the influence of innovation and improvement to decorate the overall performance degree of organisation. The perspective of sustainability that can be discovered in the 2nd paper can assist to set up that sustainable innovation can also help in enhancing the overall performance of the enterprise in a vast manner (Soderstrom, Soderstrom and Stewart, 2017). The company in order to make a successful introduction to the market requires administration accounting systems to play a principal role so that a perfect linkage between sustainable innovation and the needs of customers (Busco et al., 2016). The use of the equipment can assist to boost systematic perspective on advertising that can help to facilitate the introduction of innovation in the international market. The sustainable improvements like exploration and exploitation innovation paradox desires to be developed in the corporation empirically. two the find out about can assist to furnish administration accounting structures can be categorised into sure kinds like modern and regular can help to create sure average impacts on the relationship between sustainable innovation and global performance. A stronger and moderate effect of the management accounting systems as in contrast to ordinary management structures has been more wonderful (Chenhall and Moers, 2015). 

3. What conclusions can be made about the relevance in today’s competitive and uncertain business environment? 

Organisations face exceptional issues due to environmental uncertainty or lack of factual or ready information. This makes every organisation cautious about maintaining a high-quality organisational shape in order to manage exterior and inside components related to the organisation. It has been found that developmental issues over time have been time-honored in the general area of administration accounting (Andersén and Samuelsson, 2016). Management accounting is also discovered to be high priced and therefore it additionally requires skilled and well-educated enterprise owners or assistants who would be in a position to deal with the management and company activities of a corporation in running process. It is additionally integral for the managers and leaders to manage the procedure of disseminating monetary statistics associated to the organisation (Bromwich and Scapens, 2016). Updates in administration accounting manner also require time and cash for supporting new applied sciences within the businesses. Constraints signify that the management accounting is required to be operated underneath unique constraints. Constraints signify sure advantageous policies and pointers under which the financial expenditure can be carried out. This consists of budget, petty cash book money owed and different authorized owners or directors. Inaccuracy in asl place of the management accounting may purpose the proprietor over-cost of the person goods and offerings that are produced by way of the employer (Curtis, Lillis and Sweeney, 2017). However, it is critical for the accountants to create sales of manufacturing with the help of unique fashions and theories applicable to management accounting. This can be used for enhancing economic circumstance and also managing the incorrect selection making procedure of an organisation.

GAAP Compliance is observed to be amongst the largest issues faced in administration accounting techniques with the assistance of exceptional compliance and principles. For instance, activity-based costing that provides correct costing facts and helps the decision-makers to discover specific ways for product development. Adaptability is additionally among the main issues of the choice makers and accountants as it is indispensable for them to get acquainted with the advanced applied sciences and its utilization (Hopper and Bui, 2016). This would be effective for them to collect in-depth insights of the exterior and inner environmental information. Being bendy is also amongst important risks of the management accounting the place the accountants may face various inconsistencies whilst imposing the management accounting strategies (Nitzl, 2016).

Considering situations from the case study, it has been determined that at operational level Company A had catered to set operational KPIs for increasing the manufacturing capability, this makes choice making system for the production easier alongside with short timeframes (Shields and Shelleman, 2016). Implementation issue from the standpoint of a third-party manner is observed to be hindering the success and implementation of new accounting process. It has been analysed about the cutting-edge management accounting strategies and other options handy for managing the accounting strategies within an organisation. In the views of Uyar and Kuzey (2016), it is crucial for the managers and leaders to ensure about the competencies and skills they possess to deal with the new and upgraded management accounting strategies that would advantage their employer with increased pace and efficiency. Instances of Company A have been taken into consideration to provide an explanation for the implementation of administration accounting for the in-addition advantage of the company. As per the views by means of Ossimitz, Wieder and Chapman (2016), no matter various hurdles, administration accounting has supplied a number of organizations huge advantages like planning, controlling, offerings to customers, organising, coordinating, improvisation of offerings for the customers, motivation and verbal exchange have been regarded as certain foremost elements that would assist a corporation to deal with its operations successfully and additionally furnish appropriate services to its customers. In the words of Sedevich-Fons (2018), the system is additionally used for integrating data about the merchandise and offerings that are provided by an organization to its customers. The device additionally lets in the organisation to hold track of the raw substances and other assets that are required for the production of the products and services. With the assistance of referred to equipment and methods of management accounting, the groups would additionally be able to prepare economic statement highlighting the influx and outflow of cash. 

4. Provide four specific outcomes or lessons learned from each of the two articles research findings that will be useful for management accountants in Australian companies to learn from and justify your answer 

The effects that can be derived from the first supplied article that can be useful for administration accountants in Australian companies are as follows:

Key performance indicators can be hooked up for a variety of manufacturing facilities. This can be beneficial in choice making related to issues of production that are often quick time period timeframes. The administration can utilize the system in more than a few methods so that they can enhance the impact of their managerial tasks (Wagenhofer, 2016). The essential outcomes or have an effect on that administration accounting gadget has on the enterprise is that it can help in creating the selection making for the enterprise in a holistic manner.

The KPIs that are developed can be calculated on internal and external standards of benchmarking that are based on positive abilities of planning and tactics of provide chain (Shields and Shelleman, 2016). Incremental improvements can assist in constantly sought and can be measured inside benchmarking. The provide chain of the organization can be optimized if the acceptable technological know-how can be carried out along with the management accounting systems.

It can additionally be concluded that management accounting systems can be a critical issue tactical decision making. The wellknown of decision making that can be derived from inner statistics alongside with the facts supplied by the systems of administration accounting (Sinaga et al., 2019). This can assist in creating techniques for the organization in enhancing the performance of the operations of the organisation.

In order to deal with the problems related to furnish chain and client chain. The general of administration has restricted preference however to encompass the external statistics into the decision-making procedure (Bedford, Malmi and Sandelin, 2016). This can assist in developing a database to maintain a report of the greater records that can impact the provide chain and improve strategies in order to limit have an impact on in a good-sized manner.

The classes that can be discovered from the 2nd article in order to depict essential conclusion for the management accountants are as follows:

The important outcome that can be derived is that applicable innovation in employer can be developed with the assist of administration account systems along with choice making, planning, evaluating and monitoring which can make sure to obtain the goal in a considerable manner.

Benchmarking can be a device that can help in facilitating the managers in developing competitive evaluation and evaluating their function in the market in order to enhance strategies for higher pride of the consumers (Malmi, 2016).

The use of administration accounting gadget is that it can assist to measure the capability of the employer in order to measure and manipulate the interaction among the organisational operations, surroundings and society.

Management accounting systems can help to develop a relation between sustainable innovation and globalisation of the company. Internationalization can be measured with the assist of presence of the company in the global markets. 


From the above study, it can be concluded that imposing managerial accounting would enable the organizations to acquire advantage in special sphere. It has been mentioned about distinct methods and tools of the cited gadget to beautify the corporate activities. It has been explained in the research about describing instances from the given case scenario and also helps the findings from applicable journals chosen. Two Comparison of articles has additionally been a predominant issue of the learn about in order to recognize the value of MAS into real lifestyles organizations. It can be beneficial affords rapid facts to managers and decision-makers in an organisation.

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