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Managing Project Changes Assignment Help

Why is change management a necessary component of project management? What processes or strategies do you think would work best to analyse changes and perform a change request on the project in the given/approved case study? Recall any tools or techniques you have used to stay organised and keep professional projects on track. How have these tools and techniques helped you to manage changes?

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The necessity of change management

The change management is considered to be the vital part of the project management as it contributes towards the overall success of the concerned project within the scheduled time.  Moreover, it involves the execution of formal strategy, gathering of useful tools, skilled and experienced employees and better tracking mechanism. The case reveals that there was a lack of float in the schedule and work processes, due to which the work delayed.  There were delivery delays regarding providing materials and irregular tracking system which affected the overall project.

Processes/strategies to analyze and perform changes 

The Lewis Project was entirely based on budget, and the company was facing issues as the project was not able to satisfy the needs of the customers. The process that could be used to analyze and perform changes includes, describing the change, reason for a project plan, scope, resources & work, cost, durable & schedule risks and quality required for executing the entire project. Moreover, there will increase the utilization of a project software like Project Libre or Microsoft project to monitor the progress.   

Tools/techniques to stay organized and keeping professional projects on track

The tool used for keeping professional projects on track is Project Libre. Project Libre provides a Gantt chart type of visualization for the concerned and assigned tasks (Abramova, V., Pires & Bernardino, 2016). The horizontal bars present the visual of the amount of the work that has been done against the assigned works for the defined period.  Moreover, it helps me to link one task with another based on their type. It follows simple drag and drops action based on the preceding tasks. Furthermore, the dependent tasks can be marked in red, whereas the independent tasks can be marked in blue and thus, it makes it simple to identify the execution and progress of the task.

How these techniques managed the changes

The tool used for professional projects has helped in identifying the progress of the tasks with the provided time frame. It also helps in identifying the difference between the dependent and the independent tasks which are marked in different colours for proper identification. The use of Project Fibre has helped in monitoring the files, tasks and the resources that are required for the task (Serra, & Kunc, 2015).  Moreover, the use of this tool also helps for calculations related to the project such as costs, overtime rate etc. It also helps me in evaluating the project breakdown structure, along with the PERT graph creation in different languages.

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