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Jury Act Assignment Help

Did the jury in this instance act outside of its scope?

Is there any remedy for the jury's actions?

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Answer 1

In this case, the Jury should act as per the public outrage and he should also consider all the laws which have been breached by an individual (Gavin, 2018). Even though an individual was over-speeding due to which he was caught with Marijuana, a police force should not be negligent of the other crimes and should consider each and every sections and law which would be applicable here.
A jury should act as per the sections, environment and also how a person deeds actually have been before and after the implications. It would be best applied in all the cases, which would have bypassed the certain laws and the sections which have been imposed on the person. As observed how the person has violated the laws of carrying marijuana and also due to the over speeding violation, hence the person should be best exercised for such laws, which an individual has violated. Here the Jury would not act out of the scope.
Answer 2

On the basis of the most modern systems, the enactment and the violation of the laws would also be based on the three alternatives to a trial which are based on the jury – arbitration along with the remedial measures such as the mediation, and trial that has been exercised by the judge. It is also attributed to the sudden phases of the trials that have been done by the combat and trough the episodes of the trails which would be done by the combat. Al these actions are done as the societies have also become very civil and it is also on the procedure of it (Bartol, 2017).

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