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IT Policy Assignment Help

1. What is the difference and relationship between policies, procedures, guidelines, and standards?

2. Why is IT policy important?

3. Think of a situation that could have been or can be prevented had an IT policy been in place;

please explain.

4. List and briefly describe five features for structuring good policy?

5. What elements should be contained in your policy outline?

6. Why is it important to have a policy waiver process established?

7. Explain the difference between IT policy dashboard and reference matrix. Secondly, explain the

importance of each in effectively managing IT policies.

8. Outline the core steps involved in creating a procedures?

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Question 1

Policies are defined as a formal statement that is created as well as supported by senior management. Standards are regarded as mandatory movements that provides formal policies support as well as direction. Procedures are regarded as detailed step guidelines that aims to accomplish objectives (Peltier, 2016). They are proposed for internal departments thus adhering to strict change. Guidelines acts as recommendations to individuals that are used when particular standards do not apply.

Question 2

IT policies are imperative as they play a decisive as well as strategic role in order to make sure that corporate information are kept protected. IT policies are pertinent to both physical as well as electronic information (Safa, Von Solms and Furnell, 2016). The policies helps to deal with the requirement in order to safeguard information from unauthorized access as well as corruption.

Question 3

The IT policy will be able prevent a situation that deals with threats. In other words, it initiates the widespread usage of computer networks that poses threat to the business integrity. The proper use of the policy is likely to destroy corrupted information that are created by particular websites. The threats will be eradicated after putting the IT policies into practice thus gaining safety from external threats. This in turn will develop transparency as well as effectiveness.

Question 4

The five aspects that are required for structuring a good policy involves a clear authority line, minimum managerial levels, suitable control span, adequate authority delegation as well as flexibility. It helps to create a framework of relationships that involves individuals operating at multiple levels (Weimer and Vining, 2017). This helps to accomplish common objectives as it deals with a systematic amalgamation of individuals as well as physical abilities.

Question 5

The elements that requires to be contained in the policy outline includes a purpose that will help to establish a general approach to the policy. It includes scope that requires to address all systems, data as well as tech infrastructure in a provided company without exception. The third aspect includes information security aims that strives to initiate a working information system policy. Authority as well as access control policy is also a part of the elements that indicates that inferior employees are usually inclined towards not sharing the minimum amount of knowledge unless they are authorized explicitly.

Question 6

It is important to have a policy waiver process established as it deals with a proper statement that helps to carry out a state business. The responsibilities that are related with the waiver policy involves the chief information officer who will be responsible to enforce the policy. Those looking for a waiver are not allowable to carry on with their preferred outcome (Clarke, Swinburn and Sacks, 2016). It is expected to initiate corrective movements that requires to be undertaken to convert to a predicted standard as well as policy.

Question 7

The IT policy dashboard involves a pie chart of policy compliance status that are put forward by agent count. It deals with a policy status that is displayed by a policy status. On the other hand, reference matrix is a page that displays status of the policy related to all machines. The importance lies in the fact that they are directly assigned to the machine (Wang et al., 2018).

Question 8

The first step in creating a procedure involves understanding the way to put forward Standard Operating procedures (SOPs). The second step is to gather relevant stakeholders. The third step is to initiate the purpose and the fourth step is to determine the SOP structure.

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