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Social Psychological Theory Assignment Help

Write a 3–4 page assessment in which you use research articles to examine how social connections and support can promote physical and mental health. Social psychology can help us understand our relationships with others. accepts instant and short deadlines order for Social Psychological Theory Assignment Help – order today for excellence!


Social psychology is one of the most significant concepts to understand social relations and social reactions. These are impactful on the human relations and interaction. The study will evaluate the importance of research findings to understand the effect of social psychology on human relations. The attribution theory and self-perception theory will be utilised to find out the influence of social psychology on human relationship. The implementation of proper data collection and research design technique will be evaluated to understand social psychology to develop proper mental health of a person. The promotion of proper mental health can be beneficial through the development of social connections.


Importance of research finding in social psychology to help understand the importance of the relationship
The effective utilisation of the research finding techniques can be beneficial to evaluate the social relations on the context of social psychology (McDougall,2015 ). The evaluation of the social relations on the context of social psychology can be impactful for the betterment of the physical and mental health. The betterment of physical and mental health on the context of social psychology can be traced by analysing the attribution theory and self-perception theory (Woosnam et al., 2018).

Attribution theory

The attribution theory is concerned with the way an individual behaves with a larger community. This theory has distinguished socio-psychological events into two parts: external situation and internal situation (Kim et al., 2015). The external situation determines the impact of the external factors to evaluate human relations. The internal situation indicates the causality to the internal factors within the individual while rejection results in poor psychological healthcare outcome. Polite behaviour is capable to draw people towards each other. The human relations are portrayed as the external factor of social psychology where the induvial develop their social connection and relationship for the betterment of the physical and mental health (Rogers & Pilgrim, 2014).

The social connections create a cognitive positivity in the mental health which can promote cognitive development. For example- a socially detached person always has the more possibility to become unsocial than a person having a strong social connection. The promotion of the mental health is influential on the betterment of the physical health. Thus, the attribution theory has attributed the impact of the external factors and social relationships to mitigate the physical and mental health issues (Sorokin, 2017).

Self-perception theory: The self-perception theory is a determination of the attitude and preferences of the individuals according to his behaviour. The social behaviour and social relation can be properly developed utilising the self-perception theory (Woosnam et al., 2018). It indicates the importance of behaviours and social relationships to develop the physical and mental health of the individuals. Social interaction is one of the valuable parts of the self-perception theory. The social perception evaluates the social interactions and behaviours and its effect of the individual health. It is influential in developing social relations to shape up the psychological aspects of the individual. Hence, the development of social relationships influences the cognitive growth of human beings.

People draw each other's attention when they face issues in their social relations. The issue in social relations makes people self-oriented and incapable of social perceptions. Hence, the person detaches himself from society and withdraws from all kinds of social interactions. The detachment and rejection create a mental health issue. The self-perception theory can be impactful to show warm behaviour to the person and helps him in developing his social relations (Rogers & Pilgrim, 2014).

The utilisation of data collection method in social psychologyto promote physical and mental health

The social psychology is one of the most valuable concepts of the psychological research which researches the thought, emotions and behavioural aspects. The traditional approach of data collection of social psychology is the case study data collection. Various psychological case studies are analysed to collect socio-psychological data (Strijbis, 2014). The case study data can be helpful to analyse the importance of social relations to determine the healthcare improvement of the individuals. Naturalistic observation of the psychological case studies is capable to bring out authentic data regarding the impact of social relations, social behaviours and social perceptions on the physical and mental health improvement. The identification and evaluation of the authentic data are impactful in precepting the healthcare behavioural outcome and helpful fore future research on the impact of social relations and behaviours in healthcare promotion (Strijbis, 2014).

The research design used to study social psychology for physical and mental health

Experimental research design can be utilised to track the importance of social relations and social perceptions on healthcare issues. There are two variables in the experimental research design of social psychology: the control group and the experimental group. In the case of the control group, a single variable is used for research design. However, a single variable is not influential for the treatment of research baseline (Stadlmann et al., 2016). For example- conclusive evidence cannot be gathered by observing a single sample of healthcare promotion. On the contrary, an experimental group evaluates as many variables as possible. It is helpful to understand the effectiveness of the social relationships among the target audience for healthcare development.

Thus, the development of the social relationship is essential to mitigate the physical and cognitive health issues by reducing violence and aggressive behaviour. The experimental research design surveys the impact of both aggressive and polite behaviour on healthcare issues and development (Houghton & Houghton, 2018). Moreover, the design is capable of bringing out the most possible research outcome.

Research finding used in social psychology

The research has found out that social relations and behaviour have a strong impact to promote physical and mental health issues. Rejection or poor behaviour towards an individual may result in negative health outcome of the person. Polite behaviour can be impactful in promoting physicaland mental health. On the contrary, violent or aggressive behaviour has an adverse effect on healthcare promotion (Houghton & Houghton, 2018).


The study has discussed the impact of social behaviours and relations to promote physical and mental health. Attribute theory and self-perception theory are utilised to evaluate the behavioural impact of social relations in healthcare promotion. The case study analysis has been used as a research method and experimental design has been used as a research design. The social perceptions and behaviours are always impactful on healthcare promotion.

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