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ISY00243 Systems Analysis and Design - Case Study Assignment, Southern Cross University, Australia

Assignment Title: Organic Farming

Case Study - "Eat Organic Food"


1. What fact-finding techniques, apart from interviews, do you recommend to find out the requirements for the new system?

2. Include the recommendations for other fact-finding techniques, in your Report. Provide enough justification for using those techniques.

3. Identify at least two staff members with different primary job roles of interest to this project for interview.

4. Prepare a list of questions for an interview with each staff member. Identify the time anticipated for the interview. Review your topic on creating interview questions, and make sure you include suitable question types.

5. Include the interview plans (before, during, and after) in the Appendices for your Report.

Answer - Fact-finding techniques for new system requirements


1. Fact Finding Techniques:

The major objective of the Fact-finding techniques is to distinguish useful and non-useful things. Fact-finding methods other than Interviews are

Sampling: This involves the activity of gathering records, documents, and forms. Chart of the organization, documents which will help us to know the problem, the standard operating procedures that are followed presently. There are mainly two techniques for sampling, Randomization which will not have a specific plan for sampling and the other is stratification by where the difference in the estimates is reduced.

Observation: in this process the systems analyst joins in the works and observes how the works are performed in the organization. This technique has both benefits and defects. Advantages are the analyst can observe clearly what is happening and he can gather data by his own but the disadvantage sometimes there may be a chance that the analysis may miss observing some of the tasks.

Research and Visits at the site: with the help of this process one can know how to solve the problem as they will be getting exposed to many types of problems in their research and by this, the researcher will be updated with the advancements that are existing in the current scenario.

Questionnaires: This technique involves the collection of opinions and information from different groups of people. This method is a very inexpensive one which helps in gathering data from a large group of people and this can be analyzed very easily. The questions that can be given in a Questionnaire are of two types: Free format and a fixed format. In a free format, more freedom will be offered to write the opinions whereas in the fixed format for a given question a set of choices will be provided from where the respondents have to choose the answers.

Prototyping: This technique involves in building a working-model which contains the requirements of the user and this helps others to discover or to go in other ways to meet those requirements.

Interview: Through the interview one can get a specific answer as they have to answer the question in a short period of time. But the essential thing required for the interviewing techniques are communication skills as they are very important in questioning and answering for the questions. This technique can be considered as more accurate one but at the time some difficult task.


2. Here are the examples for the questions in questionnaire in free format and the report regarding the questions.

Questions that are listed in the Questionnaire for Ruth. These questions are asked to ruth to know whether he has a clear idea regarding the methods and practices of organic farming.

a) What is Organic farming?

b) What are the main steps taken by you to manage fertility which is important in organic farming?

c) What made you to think organic practices are necessary?

d) What is the main thing needed in organic farming?

e) What are the methods to prepare good compost?

Questions that are listed in the Questionnaire for Frank. Questions are asked to frank to get the opinions and to know the advantages of organic farming as he is using those products.

a) How can you explain that an organic product improves the health of individuals?

b) Can you please explain the benefits of organic farming?

c) What are your recommendations regarding organic farming?

d) Any change is there regarding the taste of organic products and products produced by mass production?

e) What is your opinion regarding the cost of organic products?

Interview Report:

What is Organic farming?

The main aim in asking this question is to know whether has a clear idea regarding the practices of organic farming and it the answer given by Ruth is organic farming is a practice where the farming practices completely involves the natural methods and through this technique one can reduce the pollution in atmosphere and at the same time one can improve the health of health of individuals through these techniques.

What are the main steps taken by you to manage fertility which is important in organic farming?

The main aim in asking this question is to know the methods that re followed by Ruth in her practice. The response given by Ruth is the main practice followed by to improve the fertility of soil and to improve its structure is by using the compost which is prepared by the natural methods.


What made you to think organic practices are necessary?

The response given by Ruth is now days we can see the people suffering from different disease which we don't know the causes also and in my opinion i believe that prevention is better than cure by following some healthy life practices and by taking the healthy food one can prevent the occurrence of these diseases. One of such practice is organic farming.

What is the main thing needed in organic farming?

The opinion given by Ruth is the main essential thing that is needed in organic framing is the certification in organic farming because by certification one can differentiate between the real and fake practices.

What are the methods to prepare good compost?

The methods to prepare a good compost is a pit has to be dig in land at slight higher level and the waste materials has to be decomposed in the pit to obtain the compost.

How can you explain that an organic product improves the health of individuals?

The answer given by Frank is definitely I support that organic farming products improve the health of individuals because in mass farming techniques so many chemicals and fertilizers are used to get the yield in a very short time which in turn effect the health of the individuals because so many people will not follow the stringent conditions to clean the vegetables and due to these practices they will consume the veggies along with the chemicals present in them which will damage their health, due to these reasons one has to encourage organic products which will not contain any dangerous chemicals.

Can you please explain the benefits of organic farming?

Answer given by Ruth is benefits of the organic farming are environmental pollution will be decreases and the health of the individuals get improved.

What are your recommendations regarding organic farming?

My main recommendations regarding organic farming is the first one is some measure has to be taken to differentiate between the certified farmers and the fake one in order to improve the practices. The second one is home delivery practices have to be adopted by the farmers as it is not possible to everyone to collect the products by going directly to the farms.

Any change is there regarding the taste of organic products and products produced by mass production?

Answer given by Frank is lot of difference is there regarding the taste of organic products and the products produced by mass farming techniques.


What is your opinion regarding the cost of organic products?

Answer given by Frank is when compared with the products of mass farming organic products costs are more but I am satisfied with the cost of organic farming as they will save my cost to hospital care.

2. Case Diagrams:

These diagrams are useful to represent the connection between the customer and the organization.

Brief Use Case Diagram:

This gives a simple representation which helps us to know the interaction between the user and the system like how the cropland, conditions are related to the farmer and it also evaluates the income to the farmer through his practicing methods.

Fact-Finding Techniques Assignment.png

Full Use Case Diagram: Detail information about the practice or the organization can be known with the help of this diagram. The information like what are the physical methods, what the biological controls are practiced for disease management, weed management, supplying the balanced nutrients, pest management, practices to improve the soil fertility and at last how the crop and animal health is improved.

Fact-Finding Techniques Assignment1.png

3. Activity diagram:

Through this the functions that are happening in a system can be clearly known. For example in farming the conditions like climate, Hydrology, spatial settings and which crops are grown and which crops are more required for the house hold purpose. These all activities can be known through this activity diagram.

Fact-Finding Techniques Assignment2.png

4. Entity Relationship Diagram:

This is the source which helps one to know the relation between an entity and the resources that are connected to it. For example in the organic farming the main resources that are employed are, the land which is essential for farming, initiation of a person towards the work in land, having a knowledge regarding the methods of organic farming, capable to motivate the workers or the labours to practice organic farming as per norms. Keeping some objectives regarding the work and practicing accordingly to that and adopting some new techniques regarding the farming practices. Because in every work technical knowledge is important as it will help in carrying the work with some simple steps and also save time to the farmer. His Vies on agriculture is also important because without preparing the mind regarding the work no one can involve completely in the work this reason he should have view regarding agriculture. Because farming is not a easy job and lot of efforts and hard work has to keep by a person to be successful in that field.

Fact-Finding Techniques Assignment3.png


5. Data Base scheme:

This involves information regarding what is the objective, description and influence of organic farming in the society and on the individuals.




Another technique without the use of chemicals and fertilizers to reduce the pollution in the environment

Can enhance the soil structure fertility and at the same time health of the human beings.

Depending on local products and freedom from the volatile prices for the agricultural products.

Making land more attractive and increasing its fertility

By creating Micro habitats and by using the natural manure

One can avoid degradation of land and can improve water retention which helps at the time of droughts.

6. Codes Format:

If the proper practices are not followed in the coding practices it may result in the mixing of different products which leads to the confusion to retailer. Because of this reason proper practice should be there for a person allotting codes for the products in organic farming and this job will be perfectly carried out by a person who is certified in organic farming as he will be aware of all the rules related to it. This gives the difference between the individuals who are having certification and the fake practice.


7. Sample data:

This is the data which provides information about the schedule and the tasks which they are going to perform and this type of schedule is very important to plan everything accordingly and by following the plan one can complete their works in time to achieve the better results.


Start Date

End Date





Selection of Land




Preparing pit for Compost

4 days



Preparing facilities for water

4 days



Digging the land

3 days



Wetting the land

3 Days



Providing manure to the land

2 Days



planting the seeds

4 days

8. System sequence diagram:

The objectives and aims of the farming are mentioned in this diagram. One can clearly understand what the aims are and what the outcome of the process through this diagram.

For example the main aim of farmers in their practices is first one is to meet their goals through the good practices, second one to meet the market requirements, according to the requirements producing the sufficient quantity by balancing the soil fertility and adopting some techniques like crop rotation.

Fact-Finding Techniques Assignment4.png

9. Software options:

An efficient soft ware which can give all the information relating to the farming practices and day by day activities is important because in the organic farming as there will be number of practices and number of substances are employed documentation of all those information and storing that information is a very essential thing as this will make farmers to track each and every information in a very easy and effective manner. Eg: Agrivia. Soft ware can also be adopted regarding the home delivery of products and tracking of those products from time to time. E.g.: as the tracking Process in Flip kart and Amazon.

10. System Options:

Options like weed management, fertility management, and rotation of crops have to be adopted by organic farmers. The most important technique is crop rotation because by growing the same plants for all seasons the nutrients in the soil will get exhausted and the soil will not support the growth of plants this is the reason one has to change the crops in a land in order to replenish the nutrients of soil. For example corn is a plant which require more nitrogen because f this again in the next season corn should not be grown and in the place of corn soya beans are grown which will deposit the nitrogen in the soil. Effective strategies have to be adopted to control the weeds.


11. Recommendation:

According to me the main recommendations for organic farming is the first one is encouraging the farmers with organic farming certification this has to be followed in order to differentiate between the real farmers and the fake farmers the second one by following practices like home deliveries one can increase the supply of organic products to everyone as it is not possible for all to go fields directly for collecting the organic products, the third recommendation is the cost of organic products are too high in such a way that a normal man cannot afford it may be the prices are high as the practices followed for its cultivation requires so much cost but even steps has to be taken to reduce the prices of organic products such that they will reach to everyone in order to improve the health of the society. Government should also recognize these practices and measures has to be taken by them to encourage farmers for these cultivating practices by providing subsidies and loans for them and also providing some encouragement to the farmers. The last recommendation is regarding the farming practices to farmers as the organic farming showing its benefits to the farmers and also to the individuals in the society the farmers have to follow correct practices as per norms and have to grow the plants they should concentrate more on quality of products rather than quantity such that they meet the demands in the market. Once people get awareness regarding these problems they will opt for like these products only as they reduce their cost for hospital care.

12. Conclusion:

The current paper discusses about the different fact finding techniques involved for new system requirements. It will give us a brief explanation about what is meant by organic farming and what are its advantages. It will also discuss about what are the changes that t be bring in the new system of organic farming to increase its yield qualitatively and quantitative and also the approaches that has to be adapted by the farmers to see that organic products are reachable to everyone at an affordable price and also the advancements that have to be updated in organic farming.

It is the responsibility of every individual to protect their own health. But as the technology was advanced everything is becoming polluted and we are looking for the things which we can obtain in an easy manner. But one should remember that health is wealth to achieve better health the food we take in our daily life plays a major role. As the products which are obtained by the organic farming will have contain any chemicals and pests everyone can go for it to meet their long term health demands. This paper is about the organic farming and giving the details about advantages of organic farming. In this case study Ruth is the person who is interested in organic farming and she explains the details of organic farming and the new changes they want to bring in that farming. In the present scenario there is lot of importance to organic farming and the products which are grown by following the natural methods. The reasons for this are day by day the number of diseases are increasing and foe many diseases the reasons are unknown it may be due to the life style changes the food we take and the lack of physical work, because of all these reasons the health consciousness among the individuals has been increased and everyone are switching over to healthy diet and best products which can meet their all their health demands. One among them is the products that are attained by organic farming here in organic farming no chemicals and fertilizers are involved to support the growth of crops instead of chemicals manure which is produced naturally is used to favour the growth of plants. Because of all these reasons there is a lot more importance that everyone should know about organic farming and the steps or process involved in it. Finally it everyone responsibility to encourage the practices of organic farming as there are so many benefits regarding those practices and one can understand these all concepts from the present paper. The conclusion from my opinion is organic farming- The best farming.


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