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Issues in Healthcare Assignment Help

For this assignment, write a narrative presentation that you will deliver to the members of your organization&#39;s board of trustees on how the new reimbursement structure will impact the organization & revenue structure. In your presentation, address the following questions:

Why did CMS become more involved in the reimbursement component of health care? How does this involvement impact health care organizations? What tools can be implemented to ensure that an organization is meeting the policies and procedures set forth by CMS? Identify three tools from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website that are helpful to achieving the goals set forth by your organization.

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Issues in Healthcare

Public health social and organizational issues


The report includes the discussion about how the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have been able to take the visible role for the health care. It includes the changes which could be seen for improvement of the safety of patient and then implementing the other metrics of quality. The forms of organizational board need to understand the reimbursement measures with components defined for the healthcare. There are organizational revenue which involves the tools that are for CDCP.

Reimbursement Structure

The reimbursement structure of Medicare is about the payments that are for the hospitals and the physicians with receiving the return for the services. There are services which are less than the amount bills than that of the private insurance company would like to pay. This also includes the metrics to monitor the rate for the hospital acquired conditions with central venous catheter related bloodstream infection and postoperative hip fracture.

Impact of CMS on Healthcare

There are Medicare which is seen to be lesser than the amount which is billed. The monitoring is for the central venous bloodstream infection and it helps the healthcare to administer the Medicare programs and work with the State Government. The center is a part of U.S. Department of Health, where different federal health programs are included like use of the incentive programs for the electronic health records (Xu et al., 2015). The CMS has been important for the covering of different medical services effectively.

CMS involvement for policies

The tools are for tracking the patient outcomes like the hospital acquired infection (HAIs) which is for the monitoring of performance and upkeeping for the prepared standards. The tools and the scores include Quality Measure and Value Based Incentive Group for compliance. The other excellent tool is existing Survey and Certification criteria for preparedness guidelines which ensures that organization is able to meet the rules. One of the other tool is Online Monitoring tool for the results which are integrated through compliance.

Implementation of Tools

The tools require to focus on the monitoring and auditing in an effective manner, where the compliance activities are for the requirements and certain actions. It helps in minimizing the impact on the IT resources and help in giving the with access levels. The tool involves the emergency preparedness, with all-hazard approach to develop policies and procedures. It helps in providing the services or the care measures for the sustaining of life.

Discussion about the procedures

CMS has worked upon creating the policy which includes the department that do not have any direct supervisor but there are nursing assistance for contributing to the members. The planning is about including the measures to the event with the unforeseen emergency. The implementation of the tools include the electronic health records which consider about the rural and urban areas which directly have an effect on the facility and transfer agreements (Thompson et al., 2016). The procedures include the home health agencies to serve patients with the end-stage regal failure.

Tools for the CDCP

CDC Clear Communication Index Tool: This is for the development and the reviewing of the public health information. This is based on the science technology for communication and developing or reviewing the pubic communication material with encouraging and collaborating with the writers or the reviewers. One is able to ensure the accuracy with communication.

National Strategic Goals Tool: This is for providing the designing in the document about how the elements are working with the enhancement of plan. It is intended to work for achieving the targets and is set for the National HIV Strategy.

Tools for the CDCP

Social Media Tools for the CDC is designed for planning how the popular channels are reinforced with personalizing the messages. One is able to reach the new audiences and then build the communication infrastructure. The attributes are defined through personalization, presentation and participation.


CMS has been for the handling of the programs and the works in partnership which involves the people and the Children for working over the certification process. The discussion is about the Medicare and the Social habitation service where the responsibilities are built for enrolling the processes with premium payments which remained in Social security administration, CMS has been working on improving the quality with improvement in the quality of tools and how one is able to use them.


CMS has been effectively able to adapt to the risks based approach where the monitoring is to perceive the risks of non-compliance. Here, the organization need to share information with enabling the rapid identification through response for the potential risks. The enhancement of the risks includes management of framework and the ability to organize processes and procedures for the relevant staff which includes the end-users and the management set for the Board.

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