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Fusion food is considered to be the cuisines that combine elements of different culinary traditions that it actually originated in different places and belong to different countries, cultures and regions. This type of cuisines of food does not fall under one category. It is evaluated that the fusion food has played a vital part in innovations of various contemporary restaurant cuisines. The essay will focus on evaluating different forms of fusion food. It will also analyze the role of fusion food in the development of various restaurants in the global context. The causes and the effects of the invasion of the fusion food will be discussed in order to understand its implications.

Invasion of food is considered to be the influence of food of one region on another that makes the authenticity of the food of the place at stake. The invasion of food is also considered to be having both positive and negative effect on the region (McLean and Alice, 2015). For instance in India the authenticity of the Indian food got invaded with the mixture of the ingredients that belonged to the Chinese, Greek as well as Portuguese. The influences of the food are quite evident in various kinds of dishes that are considered to be a mixture of the Indian cuisine and cuisine of some other region. The Chinese influence on the Indian food is considered to be very high. However people prefer the combination of food rather than the authentic foreign cuisines. In this context it creates demand on the food industry to give preference on this type of food specifically (Youn et al. 2017).

In this context the restaurant like Chotto Matte are opening their branches in various parts of the world with their special menu of fusion food that is famous in various parts of the world. In the current context the company is opening its branch in Toronto, Canada. The restaurant is considered to be famous because of its unique menu that provides Japanese-Peruvian Nikkei cuisine as well as some Japanese whiskeys and creative cocktails ("CHOTTO MATTE | LONDON | MIAMI | TORONTO"). The fusion food provided by the restaurant is the reason people get attracted towards it. The sushi that is made with a twist of fusion is also a signature dish of the restaurant. The invasion of food has created the opportunity for the food industry to come up with something unique that is different from the usual. Like the Chotto Matte there are various chains of restaurant that focus on providing fusion food to the customers as it is highly demanded by them.

There are various types of fusion food categories and types. In order to understand the aspects related to invasion of food it is essential to evaluate the different categories of fusion food. Fusion food is considered to be a combination of various kinds of cookery as well as comes in several forms. For instance the regional form of fusion food combines different kinds of cuisines that belong to the same region or sub-region. Invasion of foods in particular region occurs when people start preparing food that belongs to one culture by using ingredients that has inheritance from another culture (Lopez and Lori Kido, 2016). For instance when pizza is made with the ingredients of taco that includes salsa as well as refried beans are considered as taco pizza and a fusion dish in Italy. This dish is considered to be a fusion food as it is a combination of Italian and Mexican food. Invasion of food is caused due to the migration of people from one country to another.

Another factor that causes incarnation of fusion cuisine is considered to be eclectic approach that includes varieties of ingredients from various regions and culture. For instance the food from Malaysia are determined to be a popular fusion cuisine that are combination of Japanese, Malay, Indian and Chinese food as well as has a light influence from the cuisines of Thai, British and Dutch cuisines. Causes of the invasion of food are also important to be evaluated in order to understand the factors behind it. One of the causes is analyzed to be colonization. The country invading another country always has huge influence on every sector of the invaded country. In this context food was one aspect that also got invaded with the aspects of colonization. For example Indian Culinary with the invasion from various sources has bought variety in the cuisine of India. It is also evaluated that the Indian Cuisines are amalgamation of different traditions and cultures as well as beliefs (Biancolillo, Alessandra, et al 2019). The invasion that was faced by the country that included Portuguese, Greek as well as British influenced the cuisines preparation in the country. Another cause of the invasion of food is evaluated to be globalization. With globalization the barriers are now reduced and people can easily get settled in other parts of the world with their individual reasons. The settling of the different types of people in regards to culture, tradition, customs and food habits influences the preparation of cuisines in the other country too. In this context the migration of people in search of job and livelihood is determined to be another reason that implicated invasion of food in almost all sectors of the world.

With the invasion of the food there are some kinds of impacts that the society or the region needs to face. The impacts of invasion of food are evaluated to be negative as well as positive. One of the positive impacts of the invasion of food is that people got to know about different kinds of food that exists in other parts of the world. The people found gain the experience of having the food and also to know about their culture. This is because the food preparation has different kinds of techniques, ingredients that are different in different parts of the world. It also provided the opportunity for opening a chain of restaurants that focus on providing fusion cuisines only. This helped them to attract customers as every individual wants to try something new and attractive (Katz et al. 2015). This helped in setting up a new kind of restaurants like the Chotto Matte in Canada. The negative impact of the invasion of food is evaluated to be the effect it has on the authentic food of any region or sub-region. People in the current context are slowly forgetting about the authenticity of the way the food was prepared or the taste. The ingredients that were used before are also getting things with a touch of new kind of ingredients that affect the authenticity of the dish altogether. In this context it is determined that invasion of food has different kind of implication on a particular region due to its impacts.


The essay focused on evaluating various aspects related to invasion of food in the global context. With the above discussion it can be analyzed there are various factors that led to the invasion of food in various parts of the world and it is still prevailing. With the food invasion new kinds of opportunities were also created that helped the hospitality industry to serve their customers in a better way. However with that the authenticity of various kinds of cuisines was also affected.


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