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How to Shatter Political Echo Chambers Assignment Help

How to Shatter Political Echo Chambers - A real-life case study.

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The article that has been chosen for this critique is titled: "How to shatter political echo chambers." It has been written by Bence Nanay, who states that the main issue with these "echo chambers" is that people tend to completely ignore what the opponents have to say even before hearing it. Most of us tend to simply dismiss those considerations simply because they are coming from the opposite end of the political spectrum, and hence there lies the possibility that those opinions might clash with our own.

John Stuart Mill, a British philosopher, had elucidated that when individuals are forced to hear the opinions from both sides, the hope for something good remains. However, it would be naïve to stick to that ideology in these times, as most people tend to be restricted within their political echo chambers. There is little tolerance for the opposition for any given party - be it the conservatives or the liberals. People now have way too many viewpoints, and it becomes increasingly difficult to deal with each and every one of them.


The author has written this article with the purpose to persuade his readers to develop an understanding towards the need for being open-minded, and to explain the futility of political echo chambers that many of us tend to build around ourselves.

The author's target audience is the youth of the world. The youth are the ones who are responsible for working towards ensuring a better tomorrow, and it is virtually impossible to have one without indulging in politics, no matter how much one may not want to.

The author supports his arguments with valid reasonings that he has gathered from various secondary sources. They lend support to the main idea of the article and are based on research instead of being his personal opinion. He supports his claim with the data as gathered from studies in Nature Human Behavior, which examined the editing patterns of Wikipedia articles that were related to politicians such as Hillary Clinton right before the elections. The edits made by politically rigid people are a lot more complex as compared to the information entered by those who do not have such steadfast political views.

The research methodology is a qualitative one, as the author has consulted several articles and studies for deducing his conclusions in this write-up.

Relevance and applicability

Yes, the author's article is effective to a certain extent, as it clearly outlines the manner in which individuals with conflicting political views must behave around each other. He concludes that just being exposed to different opinions is not enough, since echo chambers indicate that those views would be ignored or dismissed even before they are voiced effectively. It is hard to disagree with this statement, since his stated facts are true and very much applicable to the current political situation almost anywhere in the world.

The main points and conclusions of the article by Nanay can help in future understanding of how individuals tend to behave when it comes to politics and the views that might oppose their own beliefs.

These findings can be applied to our own lives quite easily. This is because a quick look around will reveal the dire situation of the world when it comes to politics. Intolerance has increased manifold, and the governments of many countries are almost on the brink of collapse.
This article can definitely be recommended to others, as the author has quite efficiently underlined the issues that arise with political echo chambers, and his explanations for why both the interacting parties must follow the same set of rules to maintain a civilized conversation are reasonable and justified.

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