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Interpreting Management Style Assignment Help

Identify and describe your management style in an interpretative report, using the CVF conceptual framework (Quinn et al. 2015). The steps involved let you situate yourself within the parameters of management mastery and draw out aspects of your style which are evident from the following exercise.

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Competing Values Framework (CVF) is a metric system used for self-assessment and determination of the strengths and weaknesses of any individual (Quinn, Bright, Faerman, Thompson, & McGrath, 2014). In the present report, interpretation with reference to self or personal management style as a tourism and hospitality manager by using CVF.


Based on self CVF analyss, ‘compete' (producer role 4.8 and director role 4.8) and ‘collaborate' (facilitator role 4.2 and mentor role 5.7) quadrants describe my core strength. On the other hand, the create (innovator role for 5.5 and broker role 3.2) and control (coordinator role 4.6 and monitor rule 3.7) quadrants depict my weakness (Quinn et al 2014). Having a professional career in the tourism and hospitality (in the managerial position), I have developed collaborative skills which are reflected in my mentoring, communication and conflict management skills. I have also a strong competitive skill, which makes me a productive and directive personality. On the contrary, my weakness can be depicted in terms of broking skills as well as lacks proper monitoring efficiency of the co-workers. Besides this, my innovation and monitoring skills in the workplace are highly praised by my senior staff. I am capable of creating innovative ideas to attract more customers and examine the same for further improvement (Spreitzer, 2017).

Concluding remarks

In summary, my personality is based on the Rational Goal Model and Human Relations Model. In order to improve the management style, there is a requirement for enhancing my broking and monitoring skills. It will further help me to effectively negotiate contracts and monitor employees.

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