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As a newcomer to Canada, how does this description of communication in Canada align with your own experiences with Canadians in the workplace or at school?

Specifically, consider: 1) Conflict, 2) Communication, 3) Conversations, 4) Relationship Building, and 5)Preferred Managerial Qualities. Choose three of these areas and explain how your personal experience for each of these has been consistent with, or different from the article?

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As a newcomer to Canada the description of communication in Canada align with my own experiences with Canadians in the workplace in terms of


Canadians prefer to guard their personal space that gives a reserved image to the4ir community. From my perspective they are less welcoming unlike other cities. But by nature the Canadians are polite and generous (, 2019). For instance during the initial meeting they usually does not prefer to disclose much of their personal belonging but gradually they open up themselves to others as more the relationship develops. This is somewhat a good approach I believe because there is no point of discussing privacy that involves salary, body weight and personal preferences with a stranger. Maintain a stubble body language to protect own space3 makes a person more dignified. Canadian people tend to avoid eye contact while speaking that is little gives an impression of lack of confidence. While communicating on a personal and professional level men generally shake hands and people hug each other after they reached a comfort zone.

Relationship building

Building rapport in Canada usually takes place over a meal. The person hosting the meeting covers the hospitality costs. Canadians believe in setting defined boundaries in order to prevent misunderstandings. The defined territory ensure men and women to be aware if any sort of harassments. In order to strengthen relationship in workplace people exchange cards or greetings during arrival or departure by maintaining a separation wall to value their privacy (, 2019).

Preferred managerial qualities

Canadians believe in hard work and developing quality skills at work. In the workplace it is observed that the managers are enriched with high education level and enormous experience of hard work. Credentials and charisma are key factors that have made Canada an industrialized country. In every workplace the managers possess a minimum of 2-3 university degrees that makes them more competitive according to the job requirement (, 2019). The Canadian workplace, manager follows a democratic decision making with their directedness and assertiveness.

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