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Evaluation Report : St Albans Folk Festival 2019 Assignment Help

- Briefly describe the event - name, date, location and venue, and attendance numbers and demographics

- Describe and critically analyse the positive and negative impacts of the event utilising the principles of sustainability and the triple bottom line approach.

- Describe and discuss how the event's program elements related to the aims and objectives identified in assignment two.

- Describe and discuss the marketing of the event and how the promoted experience related to the actualisation and attainment of its aims and objectives (include actual audience details - numbers, demographic composition)

- Provide recommendations for future activities which clearly identify issues relevant to event management.

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This evaluation report is based on the event St Albans Folk Festival of Sydney celebrated from 25th April 2019 to 28th April 2019. The report will be an in-depth description of the event and the analysis of it based on the prevalent theoretical aspects. The report will analyse the positive and negative impacts of the event based on the principles of sustainability and the triple bottom line approach. The report will also analyse the degree at which the event attained the aims and objectives and will discuss the heterogeneous impacts of the event and the issues related to the event management. The report will put forward some recommendations for dealing with future challenges.

The Event: St Albans Folk Festival

Description of the Event: St Albans Folk Festival 2019 was conducted from 25th April 2019 to 28th April 2019 organized by Hawkesbury City Council, Sydney. The event is annually conducted in the historic village of St Albans during the Anzac Day long weekend. It is conducted as a family-friendly festival and Settlers Arms Inn, one of the old pubs of Australia is the main gathering spot of the event. The event provides a fine platform for local and interstate musicians both with traditional and modern techniques of music. According to the Mayor of Hawkesbury, Councillor Barry Calvert, this festival is a great rendezvous for the families to relax and this atmosphere provides a way to connect the village community (Hawkesbury City Council, 2019). There is a tremendous blend of music, dance and folklore and people with families experience social interaction through art. There were workshops on singing, dancing and storytelling. This year's festival was the 40th Anniversary celebration and the tradition will move on.

Location: The festival is conducted in the historic village of St Albans, which is one hour away from Sydney. The ideal location for social gatherings in the village is the Settlers Arms Inn, one of the old pubs of Australia. The event is commenced with the grand opening at the river bank of Macdonald River. The event was conducted from 25th April to 28th April 2019 and the event was mixed with dancing, singing and storytelling around the fire, guided by the indigenous performers.

Demographics: The event was conducted by the Hawkesbury City Council and local and interstate musicians took part in the great platform. The families from the village and tourists visited the festival. The whole village participated in the event and get excited with the great performances from local and interstate talents. The program consisted of music and dance and incorporated the instruments like banjos, fiddlers, guitar etc. The program was enlightened this year with Bollywood music and dance. Along with the art showcase, the festival was a great shopping arena for the families. The main attraction for the music lovers was the presence of Chloe and Jason Roweth Band, Senor Cabrales, Enda Kenny, The Dead Maggies, Whisky Dram, Traditional Graffiti, The Trippy Hippy Band, Bluegrass, Celtic music along with Shane Howard Trio.

Assessment Process

As the assignment is a functional report, I visited the festival of four days starting from 25th April to 28th April 2019. The festival experience was a great one and the festival was a huge success with the participation of whole village people and musicians and artists from other places. I enjoyed the event, analysed the programs and discussed with the officials, performers and visitors. After the completion of the festival, I analysed the data collected and how much clarify the aims and objectives proposed by the village community. I prepared the evaluation report based on my experience, the data collected from the event venue and the analysis of the data collected.

Critical Analysis Of The Event

St Albans Festival was conducted annually and the festival is gaining more popularity every year. The festival is a family-oriented one and families especially children enjoyed the event greatly. As part of the folk festival, there were music, dance and storytelling performances, food stalls, street performances, platforms for kids' performances etc. The event was well organised and the general facilities for the visitors were arranged. The socio, economic and cultural levels of analysis of the event is important for a folk festival like St Albans.
Social Sustainability: The festival is a great platform for social interaction and the community is getting benefitted from the combined social living of the three or four days. The festival is intended for the families and the tradition is transferring through the generations. The riverside opening ceremony, ‘Welcome to Country' in the respect to the interaction of local Darkinjung and first peoples have with the land. The traditional and conventional methods are transferred to the next generations and combine the modern trend in art also. The festival provides a relaxing environment for the families and in this current world of technology and communication boom, getting away from the fast pace of life to get relaxed and rejuvenated is very crucial for the equilibrium of life. The festival is a great platform for that.
Economic Sustainability: The event is financed by the Hawkesbury City Council and according to the Mayor, the council is so happy that people are getting benefitted from the event organised by them. The governing body of the community is contributing to the relaxed life of their society and residents and outsiders getting benefitted from that. The event is successful economically also, they earn a good sum from the festival and provides a platform for business for small organisations and street vendors. There were food stalls and they had done fair business in the festival and the economic platform created by the festival for the governing body and for the local and interstate business firms and street vendors proves the economic sustainability of the festival. The artists also get fair remuneration and it is important that they are getting both financial and artistic opportunities.

Environmental Sustainability: Environmental sustainability is crucial in a big gathering like a folk festival. There can be issues related to the waste management and hygiene environment provided for the visitors. According to Graham Black, a festival committee member, there were provisions for improved toilet facilities and hygienic camp tents for the visitors (Falson, 2019). The St Albans village is a serene place with the presence of River MacDonald. The organising committee is successful to an extent to keep the environment untouched by the festival programs. The village has some issues related to transportation and the structuring of the traffic and the crowd was interrupted by some cases. The waste management of large population for three days was also a bit complex but the organisers succeeded in implementing proper methods and the visitors cooperated with the system nicely. There were no big issues related to environmental sustainability.

Cultural Sustainability: The whole village and the Hawkesbury City Council was very much interested in disseminating the traditional cultural aspects of the village and the folk festival. The festival included performances of local indigenous people and it helped to transfer the rich tradition to the visitors from other places and to the future generation. The city council and organising committee are incorporating modern communication technologies to disseminate and invite people from around the world. This results in the growing amount of foreign visitors to the festival.

Evaluation Of Aims And Objectives Of The Event

The event was intended to be family gathering for the village of St Albans and the purpose of the festival was to get relaxation for the village community through art and social interaction. The aims and objectives discussed in the assignment two were fulfilled the organisation of the festival. The families get relaxation from the festival and children enjoyed the fun element. The environment was family friendly one and the great place for communication for the community. The whole village participated in the festival and visitors from other places also commented that the event was providing relaxation for them from the hectic life. The festival aimed to showcase musicians and artists from the local domain and from other places and the festival succeeded in bringing local and interstate talents. The festival provided fun to the children and the workshops on dance, music and storytelling were a great opportunity for them. The festival was also successful in showcasing traditional indigenous artists and their performances.

Observation of Event's Marketing

The event was funded by Hawkesbury City Council and there was a festival organising committee. The managing committee was fair in disseminating the information through various sources. They utilised modern communication methods like Facebook, website, blog and other news channels and newspapers to inform the public about the event. The foreign visitors to the festival was the sign of fair marketing by the committee. But they lack some important things related to marketing as the creative element of these communications was missing. The information needs to be enveloped with a colourful and creative package so that more visitors from abroad also get interested in the festival. The communication through social networking should attract the young generation. The element of folk art and folk music can create vibes in foreign visitors. The marketing can be focused on this folk element to attract foreign visitors.


The event was more of the success part considering its organisation and public participation. The event got issues related to marketing and environmental sustainability. The event could be more successful if it was planned in better way. Some of my recommendation for a better future implementation include:

- The marketing team should be more creative. The website and Facebook page should be more in a creative output so that visitors from abroad will be attracted. In the long run, it will benefit the revenue of the festival and cultural interaction and dissemination of the rich tradition of the community to the world.

- Environmental sustainability also need proper care. The hygienic conditions and environment-friendly camps should be provided. Proper arrangements should be done for traffic control and crowd control during the festival.

- The festival showcases the indigenous art but it will not get the proper attraction. The communication related to the marketing and the festival itself also should get more concentration on these art forms. The young generation is interested in these performances and proper space along with music performances should be provided to the indigenous performers.

- The event needs proper planning from the part of the organising committee and incorporation of the young population of the community can contribute more to the organisation part.

- The community members should be more interested to disseminate their local and traditional art forms and folklore among foreign visitors.

- An opening ceremony is a grand event and it should be showcased more in marketing communications. This will attract popular attention and more revenue can be generated.


St Albans Folk Festival has a long tradition of forty years. The festival started in 1979 and gradually the event got popularity and now it has visitors from other places also. The festival is intended to the families of the St Albans village but it also a great platform for music lovers. It is a big meeting place for traditional indigenous music and modern music, for young and older generations, community interaction and personal relaxation. The folk festival of 2019 was visited by a whole village and people from outside the village. The impact either positive or negative, it is for a big population. The organising committee was successful in the event coordination for an extent and need corrections in some areas. The role of indigenous folk art is growing nowadays and the event coordinators can utilise this aspect to popularise the event more. The event should be a place for social interaction and development of the art forms. The folk element should be preserved and proper space should be provided for folk art to develop. According to both principles of sustainability and the triple bottom line approach, the event is successful and was a great opportunity for local and interstate artists and families for social interaction.

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