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Importance of Leadership and Teamwork in Nursing Professionals



Topic: Discuss the key aspects of teamwork and leadership in the role of the registered nurse working in healthcare teams; as described in the articles supplied below and from the additional two peer reviewed journal articles you have located from the nursing databases on the topic.

Article - 1. Clinical nurses' experiences and perceptions after the implementation of an interprofessional team intervention: A qualitative study By Dawon Baik and Brenda Zierler

Article - 2. Factors contributing to nursing team work in an acute care tertiary hospital By Suzanne Poils and Megan Higgs.



In this assignment here is a great discussion about the importance of teamwork and leadership in the nursing profession. Due to is important in practical life, this topic is reviewed and researched by different researchers at different times. In this period, there are reviews of different scholarly articles are selected for a comparative discussion purpose. Here are six discussions upon six different scholarly articles which are explained below.


According to Baik and Zierler, interprofessional team-based medical interventions are highly crucial for the nursing professionals and it plays a crucial role during delivering the care towards their patients. In this research there qualitative research was conducted through the interview procedures. All of these interviewees were experiences nurse in heart-related surgeries. In their entire research-based activities, there was the intervention that, interprofessional team building is creating safety in the working environment, along with a great cultural change.


I have also enhanced the efficiency of nurses during delivering their care to patients. It is observed by these researchers hat, maintenances of the interprofessional team-related activities help in the enhancement of job satisfaction of nursing professionals as well as it has enhanced their quality of care delivery also. Proper leadership of senior nursing professionals as well as maintenances of teamwork help the nursing professionals to improvise their workflow. In his way, nursing professionals will be developed in a sustainable manner. Effective teamwork and leadership were helped in the establishment of effective communication systems also.

Polis et al. have emphasized different kinds of factors which are playing key roles in the nursing teamwork and delivering prudent care facilities towards their patients. In this research paper, it is observed that in all efficient medical organizations effective teamwork among nursing professionals are highly crucial and it has a pivotal role in providing care and safety towards their patients. These factors are identified in this research which is fostering the efficiency of nursing works. Here the research was continued in Australian Acute care tertiary hospitals. In this research to get both of the qualitative and quantitative data, more than 501 surveys were done.

In this research, it was found to be present that, providing support to the nursing professionals and inspiring them for work together through an effective team building procedure, nursing professionals are improving their activities. On the other hand, there is a decreasing amount of desire for taking unintentional leaves. In this aspect, training was another thing which was discussed by authors. Through training, there was a great difference observed in the psychologic department where nurses are trained with compatible mental model implementation. Through effective teamwork, there was a great improvement in communication also through the establishment of the verbal and non-verbal communication system. In the final round of the research, it was concluded that a communication building and effective leadership related activities are highly recommended for all the nursing professionals. Nursing professionals are requested here to improvise their personal skills through the identification of their weak points. Repairing these points along with training, communication, and effective teamwork will definitely help these nursing professionals to deliver effective nursing care to their patients with health and safety.

According to Gilday et al., (2018), there three basic requirements which need to be implemented in a quality patient caring systems is the establishment of a nursing community where leadership-p will be a prime thing, organizations along with the quality of care to deliver patient safety mainly in their children care related pediatric services. In this research, it is emphasized that the nursing community based cares including their attitudes towards their patients, the impact of their leadership and teamwork upon the quality of care given towards the patients. It is observed here that, along with teamwork and leadership, proper systematic approach of them, medical organizations are highly needed which are mostly creating barriers in the way of implementation of quality cares towards the patients and their recovery.


Jakobsen et al (2018), has opined that high quality oriented medical caring needs a simulation undergraduate level simulation course to the nursing students., In this research purpose, 310 students and 16 facilitators participated with their view that, after going through the entire course, they will be able to provide an effective leadership to their patients., It will be a helpful course to provide effective leadership through making the nursing communications. It is observed that after completion of these courses, there is a great improvement of emotional activities of nursing students through the completion of the learning outcomes. It is also observed after some years. Such nursing students are effectively leading their team and delivering quality medical cares to their patients in different medical organizations of the world.

Morse & Wong, (2019), propounded that, to maintain patient safety and its culture proper leadership is highly important. In this aspect, researchers have emphasized the structure based empowerment and the four crucial dimensions of the leader and member-based exchange theory. In this theory, there is a great emphasis over the contribution, affect, loyal relationship maintenances and professional; respects of the nursing professionals. Through making the emphasis over the leadership in nursing communities authors have provided an analytical framework to the medical organizations regarding their care giving activities to their patients. Loyal relationship with team members will help them in effective learning. In this way, nursing professionals will come to know about the establishment of effective learning as well as communicate with patients to share their all kinds of feelings and woos.

Scully (2014) stated that in the present era, the environment of Health care is being changed day and day and its demand has been increased a lot. In this kind of situations identifying and advancing the leaders in the nursing profession is a very essential thing. Leadership phenomenon is a complicated one involving several dimensions, though this is a known phenomenon to everyone there is no universally adopted theory which explains how a leader should be to make his leadership efficient. Leaders in nursing are important in the profession as they continue adapting to the profession and simultaneously develop the competitiveness regarding the technical advancements and academic concepts.

For continuous improvement in the nursing, profession leadership plays the main role as they inspire and motivate others in achieving their goals. Most of the people treat leadership and management as a similar one but there involves a difference between the management is nothing but the legal power towards the work. Leadership needs a free environment from management restrictions this is not to give total freedom to the leaders but as they know the managerial powers and as they are capable it is suggested not to restrict them regarding their duties. There are several definitions and several theories which explains about leadership but the earliest one among them is The ‘great man’’ leadership theory which is an outdated one. This theory explains that leadership will come inherited from the characteristics of family or sometimes it may be getting developed due to the situations they face in life. The two factors which mainly influence the nursing leadership are sociopolitical and health policy factors. To attain a society with a proper health care ideal nursing leaders are important for the profession as they are more very much essential to safeguard the health of patients.


From the entire discussion, it can be concluded that in the nursing profession there is high importance of effective leadership and team works. Implementation of both of these things will enable nursing professionals to communicate in an effective manner. Some barriers are also identified here where removal of these is very important. Important training and related theories are discussed here which will provide a new dimension to the nursing communities to materialize effective patient services along with quality.


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