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SEO Effects Communication and Performance in SMEs

Question : Write a literature Review: Topic: how SEO effects communication and improves performance in SMEs.

Solution :

Search engine optimisation (SEO) refers to the optimisation of posts, articles, and webpages to ensure that they are visible on search engines when the respective keywords or phrases are entered. As stated by Aul (2011), it has become widely popular in internet marketing and e-commerce. SMEs have the scope of strengthening their presence by enhancing their growth through the company websites. In this way, the search engines can become promising channels through which revenue can be generated.

Organic traffic, which is the term used to refer to unpaid search traffic, is an important SEO tool. An important reason behind this is the pricing advantage it has over the pay-per-click ads. Fiorini and Lipsky (2012) have stated that when SMEs can efficiently implement SEO principles and gain credibility, it helps to earn he trustworthiness of the target market, thereby giving them a competitive advantage over its rivals.


Individual page optimisation, often referred to as on-page SEO, has an intricate relationship with organic web traffic, and is important because it helps bring the targeted visitors to the required webpages (Dover and Dafforn, 2011). In order to maximise the results from individual page optimisation, it is necessary to understand, what keywords to use, the content of the pages, and the specific meta descriptions for each web page (Egri and Bayrak, 2014).

Many tools such as SEMrush and Optimizely are often said to be must-haves for any business that wishes to engage in optimising its website in order to attract visitors. This is because these tools help to offer important insights into the SEO tactics that are utilised by the rival companies (Drivas, et al., 2017), thereby helping the SMEs improve their search rankings.

Small and medium enterprises must pay attention to using SEO in a business to business (B2B) context as well. This is because the younger generation searches everything online, often implementing the use of voice search as well. The webpages must therefore be optimised with the required longtail keywords and snippets (Leake, Vaccarello and Ginty, 2012) to ensure that the right traffic gets redirected towards them.

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