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HNRS 136 Modern and Contemporary History

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This HNRS 136 Modern and Contemporary History course explores the importance of Western civilization since the three modern revolutions of science, industry and France. It focuses on the social and cultural forces and ideas that have shaped Western society. In collaboration with other honors classes in literature, philosophy, and theology, this class will focus on the political, social, cultural, and economic risks and opportunities facing the Western world since the 17th century. The class will discuss the following topics: the invention, protection and transformation of "Western" and "Western civilization", and their dangers and opportunities; revolutionizing daily life through new science and technology; rapid industrialization and urbanization brought about by the global economic interaction The vision of dependence; the artistic and literary revolutions created and reflected new understandings of the world; the development of mass consumer culture; socialism and socialist humanism; the decolonization and collapse of feminist colonialism in European empires; sexuality and leisure The story of an understanding of society; the establishment and disintegration of socialist regimes in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe; the development, rise and fall of conflicts between social classes and interest groups; the struggle for cultural forms; freedom and democracy and their dissatisfaction.

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