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Answer 1:

Mr. Kalanick has been seen to display the lack of emotional intelligence with acting in a non-empathetic manner towards the consumers. They have been displaying carelessness for the practices that are done in business and norms which are considered to be followed as major CEO. The example has been about the case study involving Uber ignoring any Apple privacy guidelines that are set by identifying and then tagging iPhones that have been downloading the app even after the deletion and the erosion of the data from device (Scheiber, 2017).

Answer 2:

Apple CEO played the child role and the parent role was of Uber where the problems have been about the combating account fraud with unscrupulous drivers who tend to buy the stolen iPhones and then accept the rides from the phones for increased earnings. With this, to stop this, the Uber engineers have been tagging iPhones with code and a practice known as fingerprinting. This was against the Apple policy for not tracing any of the user identity. Kalanick has been working on the digital functioning where Apple team has been reviewing the software and obscuring the fingerprints of Uber and what it was doing (Wirtz et al., 2016). With this, Kalanick is taking the records of the risks which have disregarded the regulatory rules, with exploiting the legal loopholes and promoting the questionable competitive standards.

Answer 3:

I believe the major issue has been about leadership Travis Kalanick, which was offensive, aggressive and has done what could be done to succeed. To build Uber, he has been breaking the rules and the norms with capitalizing on the legalized loopholes with gray areas that are mainly for gaining advantage. Travis has been going beyond any of the privacy regulations which are in agreement to the Apple and then placed with the geofence around Apple headquarters in Cupertino (Rio, 2016). Apple could not also see the activity for Uber that has been breaking on the privacy agreement, where the broken laws had gone around government officials with the app itself. Hence, the specific people were seen to be faking version of app and then this could not also have any ability to match with company regulations. The scandal was about grabbing attention which was publicized by Susan Fowler who also wrote experience of working for Uber.

Answer 4:

Considering the case study, the conflict resolution style has been completely forcing for Kalanick. He has been always aggressive to make sure that the company works in a proper manner and do not deviation from the set goals and objectives. According to the analysis, he can do anything, to ensure that the company is able to achieve its best. He has been ousting from company, and his poor judgement seems to destroy both the image of his and his company. It involves the discussion on how much he is concerned about the objectives and losing the track of what has been happening in the company (Thelen, 2018). This shows his avoidance role with instances of sexism and co-workers involving in the sexual relationship during his time.

Answer 5:

Considering the case study, Kalanick bold personality and the independent management style has made it easy and liable for working on the global ride sharing Uber. The company has been working on handling the different business at age of 18 and then left the studies of computer to devote oneself for the entrepreneurial adventure. Here, the focus is on handling the planning with selling his file for the exchange of company. It was seen that he has been curious, and open with artistically sensitive attitude.


I have always been in the adult state and feels that being a large reputed company, Uber should have tackled the situation in that manner only. There is no point of fighting with the other companies and trying to do fraud with them. this will not only harm their living but also impact the customer retention as well. Mr. Kalanick needs to be little considerate about the plan and how the employees are working in a proper ride-hailing app from Apple engineers. Uber workforce should also try to enhance the speed, efficiency and the convenience with better value and planning.

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