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BICC202 - Immigration Law: Economic Classes, Humber College, Canada

Provincial Nominee Programs


William Jones

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

E/6 Down Street

Toronto - M4B1B6

Ms. Perini Scleroso

24, Parking Street

Paris, Ontario - M3B1B2

12th July 2019

Sub: Detailed Recommendation and information about the which Ontario's Immigrant Nominee Programs chosen by Ms. Perini Scleroso and Mr.Waldorf Salat

Dear Madam,

I am writing this letter to you as your Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, and in the letter, I will be advising her about different aspects of Ontario Immigrant Nominee Programs and also tell about the best procedure for you Ms. Perini Scleroso to proceed to in this immigration process to become a permanent resident of Canada. In below, the report about the same is given.

Part 1: Recommendation about the best suited Ontario Immigration Nominee Program.

Answer: From all the information collected about you and your husband, it is clear that both of you are very clear about how you want to settle in Canada. From all those information, it is also clear that both of Ms. Perini does not have any interest to live in Toronto and will prefer to live in a smaller rural community like Paris, Ontario and any other community like these near Paris, Ontario. Therefore, the best suited Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program for both of her and her husband will be In-demand Skill Stream as it can fulfill your needs and also the level of applicants under this program is lower than other general Ontario Nominee Program. In this In-demand foreign workers stream, the lack of skilled labour supply in the smaller critical areas of Canada market has been addressed, and through this Immigrant program, the Canadian government has tried to remove the gap in these Canadian Labour market and increase the economic growth of these communities. Under this immigrant program, the Canadian government tried to make these Canadian market more attractive for the skilled immigrant so that they think about to settle in Canada and does not look to immigrate or move back to some other country (, 2019). Under this program, the priority industry in the Canadian market has been addressed, and it has attempted in this program that skilled labour gets involved in these industries and better the level of these industries. As both of them have high skill sets, therefore, it will be easier more both of them to meet the criteria of the critical skill labour area of these industries under this program. Therefore, this program should be focused upon by both of them to get the permanent resident status in Canada will be much easier by focusing on making their skill set more aligned with the critical labour areas of the Canadian market for foreign workers.


Part 2: Describing the steps would be required by Perini and by me as her RCIC, in order to file an application or submit an expression of interest, to the Recommended ONIP.

Answer: There are many steps which you and your husband needed to take to get the desired permanent resident in Canada, and these steps will be discussed here. The first step which has to be taken by Perini and her husband is to fill up her pre-screen application. This application should tell all relevant detail of them accurately and efficiently as this application will be reviewed by the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration. One area in which, the applicant should more focus upon is to tell the labour skill areas which she has and which are needed by the small communities in Ontario under the in-demand skills program. The second step will start when Ms. Perini and her husband get pre-screening approval and also the joint verification form from the Ontario Nominee Program Office. After receiving these documents, Ms. Perini should tell their respective employee to submit a nominee application package, and the document which has been received by them in the starting of this step should be included in this package (Canada Express Entry, 2019). The forms which are needed to be filled up in this step are available in the opportunities Ontario website. The third step in this procedure is to wait for the nomination certificate under the rural immigration pilot scheme. Then Ms. Perini should apply for permanent residence in the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Ms. Perini will again be assessed under the criteria for giving citizenship under the In-demand skill stream. These criteria also include the medical checkups, background checkups, and also should get a police clearance certificate.

Part 3: Review of the requirements of each of the other nine (9) OINP's and explanation of why each one is not the preferred OINP for Ms. Perini.

Answer: The first ONIP which will be discussed in this section is the French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream under Human Capital category has requirements of the applicant should have CLB in French of Level 7 or better and CLB 6 or more in English. This ONIP stream was not chosen for Ms Perini is because although, Ms. Perini has a skill level of more than minimum requirement in English language as the CLB minimum requirement is level 6 and Ms. Perini has a level of 9 to 7 in it but in the French language MS Perini CLB level is far below than minimum required CLB criteria (Canada Visa, 2019). For this reason, this stream under ONIP is not chosen for Ms. Perini.

The second ONIP is international student stream, and under this stream, the applicant should be a graduate of the minimum 2-year program or minimum 1-year post-graduate diploma certificate from a Canadian Institute. As there is no indication that Ms. Perini has finished these courses from a Canadian Institute. Therefore, this stream is not preferred for her.

The third ONIP is entrepreneur stream, and there are many requirements which have to be fulfilled by the applicant to become a successful candidate under this stream. These requirements will be discussed here. The first requirement will be to invest the minimum capital of $200,000 (, 2019). The second requirement is that Ms. Perini should have a net worth of $400,000. The third requirement is to have a minimum business owner or senior executive experience for three years. The last requirement is that the applicants should be able to create at least two jobs. There is no indication that Ms. Perini has minimum net worth or can investment the suggested investment amount in the Canadian market. Also, there is no indication that Ms. Perini wanted to an entrepreneur. Therefore, due to the unsuitability of all requirements with Ms. Perini, this stream was not preferred for Ms. Perini.


The fourth ONIP is Mater Graduate under the human capital category, and this stream has a requirement that the applicant should have a master degree from public funded university in Ontario in the last two year as there is no indication that the client has done her master degree from the required university (Moving 2 Canada, 2019). Therefore, this stream has not been preferred for the client.

The fifth ONIP is the Ph.D. graduate under the human capital category, and the requirement under the applicant should have done her Ph.D. from any public funded Ontario university in the past two years and as also there is no indication that the application has done her Ph.D. from the suggested universities(Green Light Canada, 2019). Therefore, this stream is also not chosen for Ms. Perini.

The sixth ONIP which will be discussed is human Capital priorities stream under the human capital category, and the requirement under this is to Score 600 CRS point under the Express Entry profile where the maximum CRS point that can be earned is 1200 point and should have some very specific targeted skills. As this needed a particular level of CRS point and skills, there is a chance that Ms. Perini may not be able to achieve the required CRS (Just For Canada, 2019). Therefore, this stream has been deemed risky, and this is why it is not preferred for Ms. Perini.

The seventh ONIP is Skilled Trade and the requirement under this ONIP is to score 600 CRS point in Express Entry Profile and should hold one-year work experience in any of the four particular areas which include Butchers and Bakers or Maintenance and equipment operation trade. As there is no indication that the applicant is involved in these areas; therefore, this ONIP found to unsuitable for Ms. Perini and not preferred for her.

The eighth ONIP is Foreign worker stream under Employee Job Offer, and under this ONIP, there is requirements of fulltime job in NOC skill type and should have a salary more than medium wage level in the region. This requirement makes this ONIP very specific but difficult to calculate for a normal individual. Therefore, this ONIP is deemed highly risky, and this is why it is not preferred for Ms. Perini.
The ninth ONIP is Ontario Corporate Stream, and under this ONIP, there are some requirements which seem unsuitable with Ms. Perini financial position and professional experience as the minimum requirement of this ONIP does not seem to be achieved by the client. These requirements are to invest a minimum of $5 million in the Ontario business market and also should be able to create five jobs for permanent Canadian residents. Also, he should be employed in a role in her organization and also should gain minimum ability in the English language as required in this stream. Therefore, under this ONIP, high investment is required for which, this ONIP is not preferred for Ms. Perini. All these are the requirements and stated reasons for not choosing the other nine ONIP compared to In- Demand Skill stream.


This is all the required information and recommendation needed by Ms. Perini, and if there is any question, please contact me. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Williams Jones

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

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