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Cultural Experience Reflection Assignment Help

Choose a cultural event to attend, preferably from a culture that you know little or nothing about. Below is a list of places where you can find cultural events in Winnipeg:


Event Brite

1. Search the web for "cultural community events Winnipeg."

2. If there is no event available in the timeframe of completing the assignment, search for an online video of a cultural event. The video needs to encompass the same cultural aspects as a live event.

3. At the event, your role is to learn about the other culture and the meaning behind the event. Note any communication differences from mainstream Canadian culture that you observe.

4. Write a reflection paper on your experience. Your paper should include, but not be limited to the following:

a. Context (i.e., What was the event about? What is the culture that it represented? Who was the event for?);

b. Analysis of communication behavior (e.g., What languages did you hear? How did people interact? Did people speak loud or soft? Did they stand at arm's length distance or close to each other?);

c. What new things did you learn about the culture?;

d. According to Edward

T. Hall, is the culture a high or low context culture?; and

e. What advice would you give to a newcomer from this country on how to interact in Canadian workplace setting?

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The cultural event I have attended in Winnipeg was of the Manitoban culture. While seeing the representation, I was astonished to see a combination of the artistic values and also the representation of the elements which were different from the traditional culture. The Manitoban is a blend of the traditional (Aboriginal and Métis) along with including modern Canadian artistic values, includes certain aspects which reflect how there has been an immigrant population along with the American neighbours. The event held in Winnipeg was all about customs and the display of the traditions which center on the Manitoban culture and aspects. Firstly, I saw the flag outside Winnipeg, which indicates the representation of the Manitoba culture this week. The flag itself indicated that the Manitoba culture is a mix blend of both America and old Canda.


As it is the oldest religion, the communication used a combination of the oldest English-language and the artwork was the reflection of the deep, sound, mysterious and quite influencing. As I was seeing certain films and the pre-recorded television series, it was surprising to see, that all the movies, artworks held deep meaning and had real-life perspectives and views. It reflected the old traditions, accustoms, and the rich culture. The communication reflecting from it was deep, sound and held a true meaning.

Communication Behaviour

The communication behaviour was formal, ethically bounded and the people representing spoke few English sentences and words. People were soft, didn't have a high tone and often stand at an arms distance to each other, to convey their message. At no point, I could hear any rude words, harsh language or the loud pitch. I was amazed at how gently they convey their message and out across their part of the conversation (Heisterkamp, 2019). In my opinion, it had a high cultural quotient, as not only the body behavior obliged with the formal code of conduct, but also ensure they are speaking in a fluent, precise and the correct manner. Every time, it was observed, the Manitoban people were ethically sound and were always formal in the behaviour, tone and their discussions. At no point, I have experienced two Manitobans gossiping about something or three to four group being formed to discuss something.

Workplace Setting

In my opinion, to be part of the workplace setting, one has to be soft skilled in communication, cannot be harsh, rude and use the conflicting words diligently. The communication has to be of low tone and need to follow on a one to one basis. In the Canadian workplace setting, as we can see diverse culture, Manitoban, should be open to communicating with the open diverse people. To be adaptive, they have to understand using a "high tone" or "high pitch", would not sound harsh and it would be okay, to sometime break the formal code of communication (Hall, 2017).

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